Pour Moi Beauty – For the Girl on the Go {Giveaway}

  Being the girl who is always, always on the prowl for the latest in beauty products, I was completely blown away being introduced to Pour Moi Beauty products, and for more reasons than you probably think. This innovative brand is delicate enough for the most sensitive skin (aka my pregnant skin right now), but is also doing big things in the beauty industry, setting them apart from every other brand on the market. I know you are curious now! Whether you are big on traveling or not, there is no doubt that the difference in climate from season to season or destination to destination affects us. We can easily feel more sluggish in the heat and feel our skin get dry in the cold - but what are we doing to change that? Pour Moi Beauty has recognized the impact that those changes have on our skin and have created a system that allows you to change your beauty routine based on the climate for wherever you are at. Pour Moi Beauty products make the travel transition so much easier on your skin and travel in general. Each product is TSA approved so that you can slip it into your carry on and bring it into the plane with you. Speaking of this topic, did you know that if you pack beauty products into your luggage that is stored under the plane, the air pressure is actually different and will ruin your products? I had no idea until speaking with the ladies at Pour Moi Beauty, so even more reasons to try out their collection. All of those things that we use our … [Read more...]

How to Build the Ultimate Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

  Have you noticed that in many different areas of life, less truly is more? It's kinda "the thing" lately and many people are finding themselves to be happier living a much more minimal lifestyle. Well, this notion works in the fashion department, too. In the past I have talked about fashion storage and organizing your closet and going shopping in your own closet, so today I'm going to help all you preggo mamas learn how to build the ultimate maternity capsule wardrobe! Don't worry, I'm working on another post that will help pare down your regular, non-maternity closet, too. It's just that I'm living the maternity life right now and it's a completely different machine.) What is a maternity capsule wardrobe? Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe. It includes pieces that pair well with one another and make it easy for you to mix and match, and grab and go. These pieces are super versatile and are meant to be the ONLY pieces hanging in your wardrobe. (Because of this I do recommend making sure these are high quality items and not cheap pieces.) Maternity capsule wardrobes and capsule wardrobes in general are benefiting many and have become so popular because they make our lives easier. (And that's what we all want at the end of the day, right?) The goal is to simplify our lives so that we have more time for the things that matter most and spend less time choosing what to wear. If you are already a mama, imagine losing that stress of finding … [Read more...]

RAGÚ® Homestyle Pasta Sauce For a Healthy Life

***This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own. *** Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a great event at The Bowery Hotel in honor of the new RAGÚ® Homestyle Pasta Sauce, and it was honestly one of the most beautiful venues with truly amazing food. Of course, the Italian girl in me was skeptical, but the mama in me was dying to test the new sauce out because, heck, it will make my life easier. I'm happy to say that both parts of me were satisfied and I'm so happy for all the ways this sauce will help my family and I continue to live a healthy life. As I know from growing up and watching both my Dad and grandmother make sauce on Sundays, a great sauce starts with great ingredients.  RAGÚ® only uses the best - with the red sauces having no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no high-fructose corn syrup, I can be one happy mama about adding this sauce to the family classics that I now make at home for my boys. Even though this line is new, the fact that RAGÚ® has a long, rich Italian history deepened my connection with the brand (and of course, made me want to jump right in!). After emigrating from Naples Italy, RAGÚ’s founder, Assunta Cantisano, started selling pasta sauce made from her family’s recipe from her front porch in Rochester, NY, during the Great Depression. The sauce’s ingredients were grown in her own backyard garden and prepared right in her kitchen. I also got the scoop from someone who has been with the company for a … [Read more...]

Aden + Anais Favorites For Newborns {Giveaway}

  There have been a lot of changes in the world of parenting since we brought baby Branden home from the hospital, and I have made sure to take note over the years since I knew we wanted to have another baby eventually. One of those names that were so new to me many moons ago was aden + anais, which has now grown into a household name for new parents. I loved them so much that I even found myself buying favorite swaddles over the year of their and storing them in my closet for the next Cooper. So here we are, ready to welcome a new one into this world and I have some aden + anais must-haves for newborns that are both cute additions to your nursery and functional baby items that will become household favorites. Aden + Anais Favorites For Newborns 1. aden + anais nursing pillow and cover Breast feeding is a whole new world for me (more on that later), and I know that the one essential that I will want to start out with is a comfy nursing pillow. I'm not gonna lie - both of my boys have been sneaking cuddle time with the pillow already as it's super comfortable and comes with many different pillow covers to choose from for easy cleaning. 2. aden + anais strap covers I have to admit, I never even thought of strap covers before for car seat and stroller, but they make everything so much for cozy for baby! These strap covers are super soft and really brighten up little miss C's car seat already. 3. aden + anais flip side swaddle blankets aden + anais swaddle … [Read more...]

20 Thoughts I Had While Waiting to Find Out My Baby’s Gender

  It all comes down to this moment when you are pregnant—the moment that we find out the gender of our baby. After that moment, we get to plan and become obsessive about decorating the nursery, buying clothes, and deciding how we are going to creatively share our news with the world. (Read our gender reveal story here!) But when you are sitting in that ultrasound room, warm jelly smeared all over your belly, and lights dimmed, it seems like an eternity passes before your sonographer finally shares the news with you. If you are anything like me, this is what was crossing your mind: 1. Okay, lights are going off. Now turn on that machine and let’s get this show on the road. 2. Gosh that jelly is cold! 3. Okay, now let’s see that baby! 4. What’s taking so long and why she/he making all those sighing noises? 5. Sonographer: Are you hoping for a girl or boy? Me: Just a healthy baby. (I’m sick of people asking me this question.) 6. I wish my husband would stop squeezing my hand so tight. 7. I wish the sonographer would stop making small talk and get to the point. 8. Yes, the baby is so cute on the big screen, but I really just want to know what colors I should start buying. 9. Okay, now why is it so quiet? Is there something wrong? 10. Panic! All I can feel is panic! There must be something wrong, she’s taking forever. 11. Why is my husband so quiet? 12. Sonographer: I’m just waiting for the baby to move into the right position. Oh … [Read more...]

Say #ThankYouNurses With Pampers

  Whenever I first learned of the Pampers Swaddlers #ThankYouNurses campaign, it was a no brainer for me to jump right in. I have a very special nurse in my life, my mom. Growing up, I knew that my mom worked in the hospital with the newborn babies (in fact, she just told me over the phone that they exclusively used Pampers in the nursery), but didn't learn until I was older how crucial her role really was. My mom worked in what was called a Level 2 nursery, where sick babies were taken that were born to moms with drug and alcohol addictions and were mostly premature. As I have grown up and had a son of my own, plus one on the way, I realized just how important it is to have a nurse who truly cares about you, baby, and the job that they are doing in the Labor & Delivery unit. For me, I had all the help that I needed even when I came home from the hospital because my mom was right by my side, but for those who don't have that, a great nurse is so important to provide care plus teach you how to continue the right care at home. To celebrate National Nurse Appreciation Week this month, Pampers is kicking of their first annual #ThankYouNurse campaign, in partnership with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), honors nurses across three award categories: Labor & delivery, NICU and Postpartum. Check out this beautiful video dedicated to Pamper's Grand Prize #ThankYouNurses winner, Labor & Delivery nurse, Anne … [Read more...]

Doctor On Demand For Mamas on the Go

  This post was sponsored by Doctor On Demand as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Allergy season hit the Cooper household hard this year. The thing about allergies though is that you know you need to suffer through them because its being caused by the influx of allergens in the air...or do you? We would all like to be able to call up our doctors whenever we'd like and have a little chat, but that's not always possible, so we are stuck with taking time out of our day to lug the kids to the doctor, right? Wrong! There is now a better alternative with Doctor On Demand. Doctor On Demand is an extraordinary App available to families everywhere (keep scrolling for a code to try for $10 off!) that are busy, on the go, but get sick from time to time - ahem...all of us! Notice how I am sitting and relaxing during a quick break that I took in between writing and working and was able to participate in an easy breezy doctor's appointment for my special need, right from my smartphone. It is super convenient and you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Since allergies and the common cold can easily get mixed up, I wanted to speak to an actual doctor (buh-bye Dr. Google), and get my facts straight about what my family and I have been going through. It always hits us at the same time each year as we transition into spring, but especially since I'm pregnant and that I didn't really want to take Branden out of school for another pediatrician visit, … [Read more...]

Black and White + Skip Hop City Style

  As this baby bump is getting bigger each week, I've had other things on my mind lately other than maternity clothes, but finding a diaper bag that is conducive to our city life. since I plan on baby wearing as much as possible, especially whenever subway steps are involved, I knew that I wanted a backpack that could double as our diaper bag. Then, I found the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Diaper Backpack and fell in love! I had so much fun shooting these pictures with my girl Daniela of Photos By Daniela, who specializes in maternity photos. She has captured some pretty awesome moments from this pregnancy during different stages and I'm so happy to have these photos to look back on forever. If you are preggo and in the NYC area (or visiting), seriously look her up! I remember whenever I was prepping for Baby Branden and I had so much stuff that needed to be shoved into my over-sized diaper bag that I actually carried with my everywhere - now I know better! This time around, I'm all about the essentials that we will need and being minimalistic - I'm even planning on throwing my wallet into this backpack and going on my merry way, no need to bring more bags with me. This Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Diaper Backpack is just the right size to hold everything I need, plus pockets for things like bottles and diaper cream, and a changing pad, too! The expandable drawstring opening makes it super easy to access everything (even if you might be doing it one … [Read more...]

Second Trimester Necessities For Mamas

  I know, I kinda just glassed over the first trimester, but let's be real - it's all kinda a blur anyways! I feel like the first trimester is spent staring at the toilet and just eating what you can, when you can and getting extra sleep to survive. I am approaching the end of my second trimester here (I seriously can't believe it!), and have found that these 5 second trimester necessities make the whole experience much easier for mamas! (And enter to win them all below!) What You Need Now - Second Trimester Necessities 1. The Preggo Tank by Belly Bandit has been a life saver for multiple reasons in my life! First, for the main reasons, as it truly does help with belly support and I wear it almost daily underneath my clothes (so buy a few of them!). It also helps prevent stretch marks without having to apply extra prevention lotion - score! It has also been my saving grace since I'm still doing the hair tie method with a pair of jeans I have and it lays perfectly over the zipper area. 2. I've realized lately just how important having a great maternity bra really is, and my favorite is the Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga & Pumping Bra! Not only is this seamless and super comfy, but its great for your active daily life and perfect for all of you fitness needs, too! Lastly, there is an opening at the under layer to make pumping easier, so it will take you through beyond pregnancy. 3. I've shared Bump Water on my Instagram feed before and I have used it while … [Read more...]

Preparing For Baby With Dreft

  There is so much to think about whenever you are planning for a new baby that it can quickly get overwhelming. I swear, I keep a notepad next to me at all times to jot down things that pop into my head so that I don't then forget them (hellooo pregnancy brain!). But one product that has always been used in our home when Branden was up until toddler age and is helping me prepare for Mini Cooper #2 is Dreft. If you are anything like me, whenever you are preparing for a new little in the home you are having packages delivered constantly. Some are filled with baby gear, but most are filled with clothes. We're so excited to get to dress a little girl this time around and every time a package is delivered, even Branden is excited to go through it with us. Whenever the Dreft arrived, it was a completely different conversation, but important to educate him on what it is, how it works, and how we used it for him too before he was born! Dreft comes in 3 different types: Newborn, Active Baby, and Blissfuls (enter to win them all below!), and each are super important. Everything that touches baby's skin must pre-washed in these formulas and continue to use as they get older to avoid any type of reactions. Dreft is hypoallergenic and super gentle on baby's skin! Since spring means warmer weather, and ultimately families will be spending more time outside, Dr. Dyan Hes (Dreft's newest partner), recommends to stay hydrated, shield baby's skin from the sun … [Read more...]