Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids


**This is a sponsored story. As always, opinions are my own.** First and foremost, I'm SO excited to announce that for the remainder of 2015, I will be a SoCozy Brand Ambassador! I absolutely love the SoCozy hair care products for kids and am over the moon with glee that I get so share the best of the best with you all on a regular basis, especially some great products to help ease your mornings as back to school approaches! Why SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids? While I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post, my opinions are my own and not edited by SoCozy, for more info, check out my disclosure policy. So, who has taken a good look at my little man's curls lately? It can be a struggle to find products that work on his hair that is a true mixture of both his and my husbands. For this reason alone, I love all of their products because they work, smell amazing,  are completely non-toxic, and so cool. has everything a Mama needs to tame her kiddos tresses without worrying about whats in the products - only how well her kid's hair is looking! SoCozy is truly a resource for moms, salon owners, kids, and beyond - as they focus on each individual hair type, aiming to build confidence and inspire originality. All of these products help to streamline bath time and busy mornings, to make life simpler for everyone. Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids! While has so many amazing products for all hair … [Read more...]

6 Life Lessons I’m Learning from My Six-Year-Old


Is it just me, or are kids totally profound sometimes? I find myself joking with my husband about how our son is such a “little man” because of how wise and observant he can be about the world. Age six has been a particularly insightful year. I'm often taken aback by Branden’s perspective on the world, while also experiencing life lessons through his eyes. I get so focused on my day-to-day, which mostly consist of writing, that I don't always open my eyes to the lessons around me. Here are six things he's taught me this year. 1. Just say "yes" I find myself saying “no, you can’t do that” to my son quite frequently because, quite frankly, his requests are often a little crazy. But I find that I’m also saying it to myself when it comes to things that I really want to do or risks that I’m scared to take. Branden has taught me that I need to start listening to my heart and saying “yes” more frequently to live a fulfilled life. 2. Take note of the beauty around us, every day On many mornings, as we walk to school, Branden will say to me, “Mom, look at those beautiful flowers!” He notices beauty in the world and is always able to find it. (And, believe me...our surroundings aren't always beautiful!) As adults, we need to open our eyes and learn how to do the same. 3. Hug more I recently spotted Branden hugging a little girl in his class goodbye at the end of the school day. I got nervous and immediately started my whole “no” thing because I didn’t know how the teacher … [Read more...]

#MomSurvival With ABC Arbonne Baby Care {Giveaway}


Our baby story with Branden started out much like everyone else's. We delicately brought him home from the hospital, promptly tending to every coo and whimper that we heard coming from the back seat. We did everything, everyday in our power to protect him from anything bad that could ever happen in the world. When you are small, and spending most of your time in a crib or bouncy seat in your living room, one of the major predators are the chemicals and toxins found in the products used against your soft, baby skin. Which is why we used ABC Arbonne Baby Care from the beginning, and still use it at age 6. I wasn't always the savvy mommy who knew what was important whenever it came to skincare, it took some learning - but there is nothing like a dose of motherhood to kick your butt in gear and force you to learn what's up. Why ABC Arbonne Baby Care? First and foremost, the ABC Arbonne Baby Care Set has absolutely everything a new moms needs handy in the nursery. I remember being a new mom and receiving all kinds of baby skincare products to have by the changing table and just wishing that I had a few great ones that I absolutely loved - instead of a mixture of everything under the sun! It was my mother-in-law that introduced us to Abronne whenever B was about 2 and I have loved their products since. They offer everything that you can feel good about using, no stress, no fuss, just botanically based ingredients that are earth friendly. This kit is perfect because it … [Read more...]

Xbox is Ruining My Life and How I’m Changing That


I can pretty much feel your judgement as you silently read the title to my article. Yes, we’re the a**hole parents that bought our son an Xbox One for Christmas. We saved for a few months prior (those things are expensive!), bought it, had it shipped, and as it sat in our closet for about three weeks prior to Christmas, my husband and I could feel our excitement grow with each passing day. Now, a half a year later, I am despising my decision and starting to question all of the decisions I've ever made. I guess in my mind I thought that it would be this fun little addition to his life, not the center of it. He would only want to play kid-friendly games and abide by the time limits we set for him, and everything would be peachy keen. Instead, he only wants to play war games, has gotten emotionally attached to the games, and I’ve been introduced to his angry side. I get it. When I was six I didn’t want to do six-year-old “things” either, but this has gotten out of control. At first, we really wanted him to enjoy his new toy and the couple of hours he spent playing with it were fine because it was intertwined with other activities. But as time passed, I noticed a shift. Our walks to and from school became consumed with conversations about Xbox instead of what he learned that day or how much he loved the song they were performing for the spring concert. His teacher even told me that he acted out his favorite game during class! Things needed to change. I’m not an … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Make a City Mom’s Life Easier {Giveaway}


City mom life is no easy feat. Period. It might look glamorous on the outside, but I promise you, there is an extra step to everything that we do. For instance, the next two week have had me asking EVERY PR rep "can I please bring my son to your holiday preview with me?" Most are accommodating, but summer has been a bit hectic dragging B places with me, and not to mention - public transportation sucks. And while it might sound cool that we send our laundry out to be washed, it sucks not being able to run downstairs and wash something quickly, or worse - having items missing from time to time and know that you will never see them again because they were packed with someone else's stuff. Then, there is the parking issue. If you are lucky enough to have a car in the city, finding free street parking or garage parking is tricky and expensive. (HINT: I have a solution for this in the giveaway below!) So, here are some tips with featured products that have made my city mom life easier over the years. 5 Ways to Make City Mom Life Easier 1. When in doubt, wear a backpack! Let's face it - sometimes you just need 2 hands. Whenever I'm out with my son, especially when I'm alone, I often opt for something like this Longchamp backpack (currently on sale at Nordstrom for under $100!) that is both stylish but not overly bulky. It's the "mini backpack" from our childhood reinvented! 2. Order those groceries. Anyone who knows me well is very aware of my obsession with Fresh … [Read more...]

Time to Shift Your Focus – College Ave Student Loans


I hear the words "student loans" and I shudder. We're only approaching 2nd grade, but so many questions fill my mind about college savings. So, when given the opportunity to get some answers from Joe DePaulo, CEO and Co-Founder of College Ave Student Loans, a student loan marketplace lender focused on funding higher education costs - I jumped on it! What are your thoughts on 529 plans in general? Are they worth it? A 529 plan is a good option to save for college. Even if you’re not sure what path your child will take, a 529 plan can be used for almost any post-high school education. It’s not just for traditional four-year universities. What are key things to keep in mind if your child needs to take out student loans?  First, encourage your child to think about their career goals. When deciding where to go to college or how much to borrow to pay for college, consider the goal - what type of career do they see in their future? It’s okay if they are not exactly sure yet, but having an idea of their future earning potential will help them plot the best way to get there. It’s a general rule of thumb not to borrow more for school than they expect to make in the first year of their professional career. Second, help them fill out the FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is always the best place to start. You'll make sure your child doesn’t miss out on any federal aid, and it will help schools prepare your financial aid packages. Third, if you … [Read more...]

Summer Weekend Style With Cindy + Johnny {Giveaway}


My summer style is very different than any other time of the year - because it's just so damn hot in the city! Gone are the days of layering up for a breezy chill in the air, as I instead say hello to scrambling moments of me questioning how I can stay the coolest without exposing myself. Oh, the struggle! Lucky, I have come across the beautiful in every way - the Cindy + Johnny Juno Dress! Cindy + Johnny focuses on catering to women who live an active lifestyle and want to look chic as they go about their day, no matter what they are doing. Everything revolves around confidence and color - just what every Mama needs in her life! What I absolutely love about this vibrant Juno Dress is that there is no need to worry about accessorizing, something I don't want to think about whenever the sun is pouring down on me. Personally, I want to throw on a great summer dress everyday that stands on its own. I also love to get a little dressed up for my husband whenever we go out on the weekends, even if we are just walking around the city, since he doesn't get to see much of me during the week. For all those reasons, and more, this dress is the perfect weekend attire! // Juno Dress // The Giveaway We have partnered with the wonderful Cindy + Johnny and are giving away a Juno Dress to one lucky readers! This dress is simply GORG, beyond perfect for this time of year, and valued at $248! The giveaway will start today and 1 winner will be chosen on Tuesday July 21st. a … [Read more...]

5 Cool Mom Apps That Are Saving My Summer


It's been EXACTLY one (1) week since school has been out, and my days now include some extras: play dates, mommy & me time, park visits, and today - packing for vacation. I'm trying not to wish it all away but truly take it all in, the way I said I would in my 5 Wishes For Summer Break, but I have an inkling that after the vacation is over, it might get a little rough. But working in digital media often has me turning towards technology for the answers - hey, its the modern way! These are 5 really cool mom apps that will make a difference in your summer and beyond! 5 Mom Apps To Help You Keep Your Cool It wouldn't be summer without a little technology added into the mix, right? Let's face it - we love it as adults and the kids do, too. These awesome mom apps are the perfect addition to your summer, giving you peace of mind in all avenues of your cool mom life. 1. TextMuse TextMuse is a pretty cool app for the Mamas who like to stay connected and love those text buttons! It allows you to share and discover content with your social circle via text, essentially allowing you to stay in touch with people you may not see everyday. Instead of it pulling from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Textmuse takes it back to where it all started - your actual contacts! I love that this helps me stay connected with the people I love and share things such as recipes, inspirational quotes, and even shopping deals! Learn more here or click to download for iTunes … [Read more...]

Quin Organics – Cool Mom Beauty Products


When was the last time you said, "Pass me the elixir?" Probably never. So, I'm going to share a little secret: 'elixir' is the new cool mom beauty word on the block, and Quin Organics is setting the record straight with their wide range of Emu oil-based beauty elixirs to solve everyday beauty problems and make our lives more...beautiful. Why Use Emu Oil? Quin Organics uses this oil that is literally derived from the fatty deposits of the Emu bird (I know...sounds so...Upper East Side, huh?), which was was traditionally incorporated by the Aborigines as part of their traditional medicine practices. This amazing substance has countless cosmetic, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties to leave you looking gorg, naturally. My Favorite Quin Organics Products First and foremost, these products stand out to me because of their very specific uses and the fact that Quin Organics literally has something for everyone - from acne prone, to campers who want organic insect repellent, pain relief, nail care, and more. Here are some of my faves: 1. scarHeal - emu oil blemish spot elixir, $8.50 I'm always preaching to you guys about how I have super acne prone skin, and quite frankly - it sucks! But, this product won't clog your pores and instead helps combat my problem from both angles, both serving to prevent break outs as well as assisting in lightening those pesky scars. It will easily heal inflamed skin and can be used on all skin types. 2. psoGone … [Read more...]

Kickin’ Off Summer With Hey Mama Teas


As I get older and learn more and more about the world around me, nutrition has become a HUGE factor in my life. I will cut into my wardrobe budget (GASP!), if it means that I can spend more on choosing the right foods and nourishment for my family and me. It has also become increasingly important to me that we are all obtaining our essential vitamins from what we eat and drink, versus taking vitamins everyday. And, nutrition becomes even more important whenever a woman is trying to conceive or is pregnant or breast feeding. Since we plan on expanding our family soon, I can't tell you how excited I am to have found Hey Mama Teas! While this is definitely NOT a pregnancy announcement, I am absolutely in love with the idea that these refreshing teas can be enjoyed before pregnancy (during the time you are trying to get pregnant), during, and after! It has been great having a refrigerator filled with these, especially with summer in full swing. And in all honestly, my little Branden has been guzzling them down, too and I 100% prefer him to be drinking these naturally caffeine free, USDA Organic, Non Gmo, Kosher teas that 100% of the RDA of Folic Acid - it's perfection in my eyes! They have everything that a Mama needs to be drinking throughout the day. With there being so many different types of drinks on that market, it's refreshing to see Hey Mama Teas create a product for the demographic that was clearly being left out of the picture - the Mamas (and Mamas-to-be!), … [Read more...]