Feel Beautiful Everyday With Vera Wang Embrace Collection

This post was sponsored by Vera Wang Fragrances as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. There is just SOMETHING about a great fragrance that can truly change my outlook on everything. Think about how magical it is to grab a great glass of wine and light your favorite candle - that scent can elevate your mood and just put things into perspective. I feel the same way about the fragrances that I choose - they MUST be able to do the same thing. This is what I love about the Vera Wang Embrace Collection and its newest addition - Marigold & Gardenia. Both light and floral, this fragrance offers up fruity notes that are strong enough to smell, but not bold enough to overtake your own confidence. Being pregnant, I had been on the prowl for something that made me feel confident again, yet was chic enough to wear everyday. The new Marigold & Gardenia has certainly provided me with that and then some! The Marigold and Gardenia fragrance is the newest member of the Vera Wang Embrace Collection and if you are a Vera Wang fan, you know how important it is to her that her customers feel confident and beautiful, and this fragrance is no different. If you have followed along from the beginning, you know how important that is to me. We are all mamas who feel a certain way about our bodies before, during and after pregnancy and there is nothing that really compares to finding something that makes you feel wonderful … [Read more...]

Summer Survival For Busy Mamas

This post was sponsored by P&G as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. It's no secret that we have a new baby due in August and I would say that it has been...ohh...about a good month since the nesting has really set in and I have been on a cleaning rampage in the Cooper home. My boys are silently (and sometimes not so silently) dealing with my madness, but it is in these moments that I am even more grateful that I have Procter & Gamble cleaning products at Costco as my secret weapon. So here's the thing - school is out TODAY! Yes, New York City schools get out a bit late, so our summer vacation officially begins. With Baby C being due on August 18th, that gives us about 6 good weeks of summer vacation before the newborn fun begins. I anticipate in those weeks to have 7 year old boys in and out of our apartment, trips to the park, zoo and beach, which all boils down to messes and smells that are going to mess with my nesting frenzy. Don't worry, this mama has it under control. Check out my video of what I'm predicting will go down, plus my favorite Procter and Gamble products from Costco that are mommy's little helpers. (And how awesome is Costco by the way? We are planning a HUGE stock up trip before this little one's arrival!) 3 Procter and Gamble Products to Help You Survive Summer Being a work-from-home-mama means that summers are extra busy because I have to add all of these … [Read more...]

Defy Aging With Luzern Laboratories

  Defy aging. Definitely two words that we say an awful lot as women. It's on our minds as we look in the mirror, as our kids get older, and most certainly around our birthday. As I mentioned before, this big 3-0 is coming this year for me, so working towards preventing wrinkles and keeping my skin detoxified and hydrated are up there on my beauty to do list. Luzern Laboratories products have come into my life and are becoming a part of my daily defying process. Being pregnant and knowing that I'm turning 30 this year leaves me examining my body an awful lot. What is changing? What's staying the same - so far? And most important - how can I combat anything that I see that I'm not liking? Luzern Laboratories offers a full line of skincare, but I have been testing out their renowned serums, which are highly concentrated, custumizable, and will target your very specific needs. They totally get that skincare isn't a one size fits all situation. I have been using the Serum Aboslut Control to help battle breakouts. I generally have breakout prone skin, but being pregant I have been getting all that not-so-lovely hormonal acne, so this has truly been helping. Then, their Serum Absolut Luminious has been a life saver for getting rid of my dark circles. Mine aren't really triggered by anything, I've just had them all my life and they are a pain in the butt to get rid of - this really helps! I mentioned last week on Facebook (read about it here + my funny … [Read more...]

32 Week Bumpdate + Hippie Maternity Style

  Well, 32 weeks has proven to be very, very different than my 24 week bumpdate. It's truly amazing how quickly things can change. It has also solidified my feelings of temptation with storing a little porta-potty right next to my bed - even though our bathroom is a mere 5 feet away. Am I right? To say that this pregnancy has been a challenge is an understatement - and I'm ready to give Baby C her eviction notice any day now! I have a group of friends of mine from high school and we are/were all due one month apart and they have all been feeling wonderful. Me? Lets just say it's been a lot to handle for someone who is used to going non stop. I'm not typically one to complain, just trying to keep it real! My husband says that I always look grumpy since I've been pregnant and as much as I try to be my normal self, it's been tough. So for this fun little shoot, I turned that frown upside down and put on one of my favorite dresses from Pink Blush Maternity and channeled one of my favorites - hippie style! As I've mentioned in previous posts, we're dealing with quite the conundrum whenever it comes to how her birth is going to go. My husband has to go away in August for two week of Army Reserve training right around her due date and even though he will only be a 5 hour drive from home, there's a chance that his superiors may not allow him to leave whenever I go into labor. If they do, he needs to find his own way home - unless they allow him to drive himself … [Read more...]

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

  Whenever it comes to planning for a new baby and your baby gear list starts to evolve, your monitor is definitely at the top. Gone are the days of crappy baby monitors that get their signals crossed with phone lines (remember when snooping on your neighbor was unintentional and oh so easy because of this?), the modern day monitors are so advanced and truly made for the lifestyle that we all live. I recently tested out the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor that has easily topped all of the baby gear "must-have" list for all major outlets, and I can say wholeheartedly that my findings are no different. While pan, zoom and tilt definitely aren't words that I find myself using in the day to day, I have to admit that I kinda felt like a pro when I pulled this Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor out of it's box and started rattling off new phrases about the camera and overall super cool capabilities. With the options to choose one or two cameras, which really depends on how big of a space you have or how many angles you are looking to capture, the capabilities of this innovative tool really seem endless. So here's the techy lowdown on this device: 2 Cameras with Pan, Zoom & Tilt from the parent unit 2.4Ghz FHSS wireless technology with up to 590 ft. range. 5 Lullabies, Infrared Night Vision Sound Level Indicator; 2 Way Communication; Monitor with 3.5" Color Screen High Sensitivity Microphone, Out-Of-Range Alert, Volume Control, Low Battery … [Read more...]

Shaking Up My Summer Routine With Aixallia

  This post was sponsored by Aixallia as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Ahhh beautiful summer. Sunshine, clear skies and time with our littles as they toddle around, home from school for summer break. It might be the pregnancy or it might be the fact that I've gotten wiser as I've gotten older, but I want to be able to turn to products that are pure. When my husband or son as for hand cream while were out at the playground, I was to rummage through my mom bag and hand them something that I feel good about them using, which is why I love Aixallia. I'll be super honest with you all, my current beauty regimen includes an awful lot of drugstore brand products that probably aren't the best for my skin with some higher price-point items thrown into the mix. I'm not always consistent and that definitely needs to change. Aixallia skincare and cleansing products come straight from the South of France and offer an organic alternative that smells fresh and feels even better. They have such a wide array of products and all of them are go-tos in all of our daily lives. There really isn't a single product here that you could live without such as exfoliating shower gel, lotion, hand cream, and my absolute favorite - their stellar makeup remover! I've been searching for something like this that not only makes my life easier, but leaves me with a deep down clean that I can actually feel. The cool … [Read more...]

My Pregnancy Journey With Bump Water

  So many moons ago, way back in December, my pregnancy journey started with Bump Water. If you have been following along on Instagram, you can check out a fun family day that we had at The Met, where my beloved drink was right by my side. Now here we are, 9 short weeks (hopefully sooner) away from meeting our baby girl that is already so very, very loved, and it's right here still, by my side. Through city adventures, business meetings, and days behind the computer at home (mostly my norm), you can bet that Bump Water is within an arm's reach. Our pregnancy this time around seemed worlds apart from the first time. I've shared before how Branden was our little (very pleasant)  surprise and Chris and I got married whenever I was 7 months pregnant. This time, everything was pretty much planned as much as it could possible be, which is why I feel accurate referring to it as our little journey. Bump Water has been a part of my life through conception and beyond. It isn't even comparable to taking the horrible, huge prenatal vitamins each day because its so easy to guzzle down while on the go! It is packed full of 10 necessary prenatal vitamins and chock full of all the folic acid that you need each and everyday for your growing baby. This baby bump gets bigger and bigger everyday, and I truly can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Yes, I'm exhausted pretty much all the time and have had some super rough days that have kept me as … [Read more...]

Share The Love With Giving Assistant

  I absolutely love giving back whenever, wherever we can in our life. It is a truly rewarding experience whenever we take the time to make toy and clothing donations to those in need - nothing in our home that is in good condition ends up in the trash if it is not needed. At this point in life, Branden knows that if he outgrows something or has a toy he no longer wants, that there is always a bag or crate set up somewhere in our home to collect it, just like there was when I was growing up. But now, with Giving Assistant, I have the ability to not only give back to charities that I love, but also earn cash back with regular purchases I make online. Mom score! Honestly, let's take a cold hard look around us. Just this week there have been so many nightmarish things happening in the world that it can be chilling to talk or think about. So when I come across a company that is actually putting the needs of others into their business plan right from the beginning, it fills my heart with joy. And I'm not a millionaire at all by any means, so as much as I wish that I was able to write big checks and help out in a major way, I can't always do that - so Giving Assistant is special to me. Okay, enough of my sappiness. The breakdown and offerings in this program are great, and I just really wanted to share it all with you. If you are a big online shopper like me, you are often looking for promo codes, combining deals - basically doing whatever you can to save some … [Read more...]

Mommy and Me Loungewear {Giveaway}

  Things are about to change in our little families life - there is simply no denying it! If you started following me on Snapchat (projmotherhood), you saw that we finally put our crib together this past weekend and have really been working on getting the mountain of baby stuff organized and ready to go, especially in case she comes a little bit early. A little update that's happening behind the scenes in our life that is pretty much my biggest stress right now is that my husband has to go away for 2 weeks of military training during the week that I'm due. Originally, we were told that he could come right back home - no problem, but now we are getting a different story. So after speaking with my Midwife together, we are doing our best to move things along and try get this baby out at the very beginning of August so that I have my husband, my support, my everything - right by my side. While we are overjoyed at the thought of holding our new little one sooner, we are also feeling a little bit rushed to cram in as much summer as we can and having memorable moments with our little man. So what is better than being cozy together? Absolutely nothing! Today, loungewear, especially when you are color coordinated is a super hot trend. Since I'm pregnant and uncomfortable MOST of the time, I opt for pieces like this anyways, but I just love how cool the latest loungewear trends are for little dudes. // Top: Appaman Cardinal Points Tee // Bottoms: … [Read more...]

How to Protect The Clothes You Love

  This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G Doing laundry while living in New York City is a completely different beast than having a washer and dryer in your home and accessible for your every want or need. If you are lucky enough to have laundry in your building, then I am very jealous, but we do not. So, our options are either walk to the cleaners on the corner with all of our stuff or have it sent out. Since it costs pretty much the same, we have always opted for the latter. And while yes, we sometimes get sent back some things that we didn't send out, one thing is always consistent - I send our bottle of Downy Fabric conditioner with it. We have been Downy Fabric Conditioner users for as long as I can remember because if I'm going to be spending a lot of money on clothing that I love, I want to make sure that I am protecting them. Back whenever Chris was stationed in Virginia and Branden was a wee one helping my load and unload loads of laundry each week - many of which included military uniforms - I had a really funny thing happen to me. I have for years called this my "Downy Amelia Bedelia Moment." (Remember those books from your childhood?) Watch my video as I share my story: So, how do you actually protect your clothes with Downy? The difference between Downy is that it goes many, many steps further than just keeping your clothes soft. You want to use Downy whether you are washing something that you spent a ton of money on or pieces on the … [Read more...]