Turn Heads This Mother’s Day With Amrita Singh Jewelry {Giveaway}


I've said it before, and I will say it again - jewelry is powerful and has the ability to instantly take a boring outfit to the next level! I love adding new pieces of jewelry to my wardrobe, especially Amrita Singh jewelry - because every piece is so unique and fun that my personality shines through. It's a very simple way to take a piece of clothing that is otherwise basic, and transform it to something new. Amrita Singh Jewelry was founded in 2003, inspired by the Mughal Dynasty, creating the foundation of what this incredibly inspiring company is today. They have since expanded into fashion, accessories, scarves, and more, each piece being highly fashion forward and fusing together Old and New World styles. Based right here in NoHo, her pieces have won prestigious awards, have been featured in the industry's most highly acclaimed magazines (Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, and more!), and have been worn by top celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lopez. My absolute favorite piece of Amrita Singh jewelry is their Eze Bangle Set - talk about some amazing arm candy! (Pictured above.) I wore them to an event that I hosted this weekend, with my other company, INTRO NYC, and it took my floral dress to new heights! If you scroll down further, you will see that we are GIVING AWAY this wonderful statement piece along with some other goodies - so please read on. They offer so many exotic and fascinating jewelry collections that it's really hard … [Read more...]

#DrinkEden Naturally Different Juice For Health Conscious Mamas


Since the beginning of his time here on Earth, Branden has always known that he can turn to his Daddy for rough play and treats, while Mommy will be the one for reading books, museum visits, and healthy habits. But because being healthy while living an on-the-go city life isn't always easy, I as Branden's Mama am so thankful to have been introduced to Eden Juices, a naturally different juice for health conscious Mamas and their offspring. As soon as we bring these little babies of ours into the world, we want to protect them from everything, and it starts with making sure they are healthy and have a strong immune system to fight off anything bad that could harm them. At my house, we juice often on the weekend to fill our bodies with the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, but only because the weekends bring extra time to deal with the prep and cleanup of making your own (along with time for shopping for those fresh ingredients!) With Earth Day approaching this week, and April being Earth Month, I'm happy so share this environmentally friendly company that uses their line of juices to fight aspects of our culture that threaten diversity, conservation, and overall health. Eden Juices is revolutionizing the way that we look at juice, making better choices accessible and providing the perfect juice for health conscious Mamas. So what makes Eden Juices different? Welp...get ready for some cold hard facts that just might make you think differently the next … [Read more...]

Jumping Into Spring Pajama Trends With The Company Store {Giveaway}


There is just something so yummy and sweet about kiddos in their pajamas. Could it be the fact that it is a very bold signal that bedtime is approaching? Perhaps. But still, it's cuteness overload at its finest! This season in spring pajama trends, we are seeing animals play a big role, as well as bright colors for girls and vintage inspirations in boys. I'm so excited to share with you all today a company that has inspired me personally to up what I'm wearing to sleep, as well as that of my entire family - The Company Store. This amazing company is about comfort, and if you haven't heard of them before, well ....beware that you just might want to order it all. Every single thing. They literally carry everything for your home and family that you can think of. Today, we are showcasing the beautiful spring pajama trends they have for kids - of all ages! // Hooded Bathrobes // These fluffy Hooded Bathrobes come in a wide array of colors and are so playfully cozy for kids to lounge in around the house. And can we just take note of how cool it would be as a kid to have a robe with a hood? Simply the coolest.  Boys Snug Fit Lion PJs // Boys Snug Fit Fox PJs // Girls Flutterby Bloomer // Girls Bee Snug Fit PJs These kids had an absolute blast jumping around and showing off the spring pajama trends! There is just something so fun (and wild!) about jumping on a freshly made bed as a child that makes them go nuts! Each of these beautiful images was taken at … [Read more...]

#NYisWild at the Bronx Zoo!


As embarrassing as it is to admit, I had never taken our son to the Bronx Zoo - until this past weekend! I know. Gasp! I get the bad mom award. We live in this amazing city with so many wonderful experiences at our fingertips, and though I try my hardest for our little guy to experience it all, sometimes things get overlooked. We always seem to gravitate towards Prospect Park Zoo, since my husband grew up going there. But last weekend, we finally ventured to the Bronx Zoo! It's not a day out without a family zoo selfie! But I digress... The Wildlife Conservation Society is currently running a special campaign called #NYisWild to celebrate their 120th birthday. The program outlines 120 different ways that NY is wild and features many different attractions that are super fun for exploring as a family. You can easily get involved as a family by going to nyiswild.com, log in through Instagram or twitter and start tracking your family's progress as you experience all the fun things that the different zoos in the city have to offer! CLICK HERE to download their page of activities and see all the fun that is ahead of you! We literally spent 5 hours on Saturday exploring all of the amazing exhibits that are practically in our back yard. It was amazing to me that we were actually in New York City because there was so much space for exploring and adventure! In addition to getting your family out of your regular routine, the #NYisWild campaign can award your family … [Read more...]

Mommy and Me Fun With Agnes and Dora {Giveaway}


I have memories - not necessarily "fond," but perhaps "humorous" best describes them - of all of my family growing up wearing those hideous Mommy & Me sweaters. I would say these mostly came out around the holidays and maybe didn't quite bear the true tag of "mommy & me," but nonetheless they were all very "matchy - matchy" and funny to think about now. They consisted of sweatshirts or sweaters that were typically worn with what used to be called "stretch pants." Yes, I feel a hint of age weighing upon me as I write this, but also feel cool too, because I'm about to share with all of you the coolest brand that is the epitome of what I'd like to call "modern day mommy & me" for moms and kids (even boys, as you will see if you "read more"). And I am totally, completely in love with everything from Agnes & Dora's Collections! I have expressed in the past my love for pencil skirts and, if you can believe it, my love for the versions from Agnes & Dora has made my passion for pencil skirts grow exponentially! Not only are these skirts super slimming (my favorite little bonus) but they are beyond comfortable. Because they fold over at the waist in yoga pants fashion, they pretty much feel like you are cuddled up in your favorite yoga pants -  while looking totally dressed up! // Agnes & Dora Pencil Skirts //   This kid certainly does play hard, and doesn't always listen whenever our photographer says "stop playing around!" But, this is typical … [Read more...]

Tired of being tired? 10 Ways for Moms to Maximize Energy

happy female friends dancing and jumping on beach

Is there any battle we face as mothers more challenging than fighting fatigue? We Mamas tend to give in to what we see as a fact -  that once we have a baby, we are going to be exhausted every single morning, noon, and night. And what about trying to actually DO something about how tired we are? Well, that's just laughable - we can barely keep it together with the insane demands of being a mom anyway, without adding something else to our plates.  But therein lies our biggest and most common Mom mistake - giving in to fatigue. But sometimes, in order to turn something around you have to let yourself deeply feel the frustration. So let your feelings out and get down and dirty with how totally tired you are of being tired, and voila! You will have the boost you need to actually do something...and try some ways for moms to maximize energy. We know that fatigue is a tough adversary!  But today we want to encourage all you exhausted Mamas to soldier on. To that end, we are providing 10 workable ways for moms to maximize energy. (Warning: some of these may change your life!) Tired of Being Tired? 10 Ways for Moms to Maximize Energy  1. Get up earlier. Yes, I said that. Get up earlier to feel less tired??? WTF! But ya know, getting up twenty minutes earlier each and every day to do some meditation to ease you into your day with clarity, affirmation, and peace - well it just may be exactly what you need. Or if meditation isn't your thing, start your morning with prayer. Or … [Read more...]

Give Yourself a Springtime Facial – 8 Steps to Glowing Skin, Body, and Mind


Ahhhh, it's almost here...birds are nesting and chirping, and soon we will be peeling off some layers of clothing and preening our own springtime feathers. But wait...what about our dull, stressed winter skin - are we really ready to put that on display? Now is when I yearn for a trip to the spa for a thorough skincare treatment, but if you are anything like me, it's hard to find the time. Today, I saw that April was National Facial Protection Month, and it made me think about caring for my skin again. So I decided to try to replicate the much needed glow experience I've received at spas - a DIY springtime facial for glowing skin, body, and mind after the long winter months. So first thing in the morning (after my wake up mug of coffee, of course) I set out to perform for myself all the steps of having a facial at the spa, beginning with wrapping up in a cozy terry robe. So grab your coziest robe and join me in the rest of these lovely steps, dear Mamas, and you too will feel refreshed and glowing, inside and out! 8 Steps For a Springtime Facial 1. Remove remnants of yesterday. Even though I know how important it is to cleanse every night, sometimes there are still lingering traces of make-up. So I took out my make-up removal pads from tarte and made sure there was no residue, especially focusing on any remaining mascara. 2. Assess your skin. I turned on my bright bathroom lights and looked in the mirror to evaluate my skin issues at the moment. Over the winter … [Read more...]

Dear Coffee, How I Love You


I wake up every morning like most of you do and begin what I call the "morning scramble." Get the kids to school. Get my hubby off to work. Get the day's schedule sorted. But, the day doesn't actually begin until I am holding that beautiful, caffeinated, bold cup of coffee in my hands. It helps me come alive, and I can physically feel the awakening of my body within that treasured first sip. My love for coffee is powerful. My love for coffee has grown over the years and really started as a love story, as I met my husband in a local NYC Starbucks back in the day when I was going to college - just a week and a half before he shipped off to basic training. (You can read more about that here.) I had always loved coffee, but more of the flavored variety, so Chris taught me what a great cup really consisted of. I will say that since I have met him, I have become a coffee snob of sorts. But it wasn't until I became a mother that my love for coffee turned into a fiery romance. I mean, growing up, I always overheard my parents talking abut how they couldn't start their day until they had coffee, but I didn't really get the impact until I became a mother myself. We often (ahem - always) need that extra little caffeinated boost in our step to help us pull it together everyday, and I think that's just fine! But it's more to me than just the caffeine - but a moment. It is that purely joyful moment, whenever I am all by myself, taking those luxurious sips that I can embrace in my … [Read more...]

#JCPstyle Easter Style For Moms in Madison Square Park

easter style main

So, my Easter planning this year went a little something like this while laying in bed Sunday night, "Hmmm I wonder if Sarabeth's has any open reservations for Sunday brunch? {pulls out phone} Nope! I guess I'm cooking brunch again this year!" Woops. Sometimes it's hard to plan things in advance for me, and sometimes it's really easy. But one thing is always for certain, I've got a pretty good idea about what I will be wearing! Today, I'm showing you my Easter style for moms that is too fun and springy not to copy! // Liz Claiborne® Sleeveless Belted Floral Print Shantung Dress // This very Oscar de le Renta-esque floral dress from Liz Claiborne is the perfect dress for this upcoming holiday and photographs beautifully, as you can readily see! It's currently on sale for only $47.99 at JCPenney and is definitely a fun piece that you will re-wear for future events. We photographed this week at one of my favorite city parks - Madison Square Park - which has a fun playground that Branden is starting to outgrow, but always has various artistic exhibits displayed throughout its grounds. I love the way this dress is belted, helping to tame my tummy and make it appear that I have a smaller waist than I actually do - every woman's dream! Easter style for moms is available all over the Liz Claiborne website and in select stores, featuring awesome deals to help you and your family look perfect for the holiday! And if you are looking for some new beauty products to covet, … [Read more...]

In Like a Lion


Editor’s Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese It’s late friggin March.  It’s still freezing. I grab my coat, a scarf and hopefully some gloves, if I still have any pairs that match! Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing underneath, all anyone is gonna see is my coat anyway. And where oh where is the "out like a lamb" part of this "in like a lion" business?! It’s that time of year when we Northeast Mamas can hardly wait to wear Spring clothing and Spring colors again. But it’s also that time of year when we can most appreciate having a variety of choices in outerwear to break the monotony.  Sometimes during winter it's so easy to get in coat or jacket ruts, while grabbing the same old, same old's every day. But after five plus months of wearing coats, (did I mention that snow is still floating around in the grey-hued sky?!) it's essential to start getting creative and dig a little deeper into our closets. Or, if you are really feeling the fashion drabs and have a mood to match the dreary weather (Roarrrr!), don’t forget that this is a great time to add some pizzazz to your look right now by grabbing a deal on some fabulous Clearance Outerwear.  Coats, jackets, and all outerwear are so dirt cheap right about now. A colorful coat is the mood-brightening transition item purchase that will help you keep your fashion sanity through what absolutely HAS to be winter's last blast. Or if you just can't get warm enough, buy a warm yet fashion friendly down jacket that you'll snuggle … [Read more...]