My Thoughts on Blogger Transparency

  Navigating this digital landscape of blogging and influencing can be a tricky thing. Here's my thoughts on blogger/influencer transparency. Ok friends, I've been meaning to write a response to the big article in the Washington Post that caused quite a lot of conversation in the blogger and influencer community these past few weeks, for a while - but alas, we got hit with the flu, so it slowed me down. The thing is: this isn't just a conversation for bloggers and influencers, it's important for all of us, anyone that's reading content online, because it impacts us all. So that's why I'm addressing it again here. I did do a quick chat on my Instagram stories a couple weeks ago (let me know if you caught it), but I want to dig a little deeper. (And I've also shared many unedited, pictures from inside our tiny, messy, NYC apartment from over the years.) First, this isn't the first time that transparency about what we're sharing online made headlines. Almost three years ago, there was an article about these double lives that some live in the New York Post, that I wrote a full response to here. The short of it is that we tend to show what is beautiful and happy in our lives on our social media profiles instead of what's real, and only showing these spotless perfections has a very harmful impact on everyone around us - because we all start playing the compare game. This then happens ten fold in the blogger/influencer community, which brings us to the Washington ... Read More

An Easy Healthy Dinner For Even The Busiest Nights

  With weeknights being so busy, every mom is always in search for an easy healthy dinner recipe that can bring everyone together. So excited to share my favorite quick easy healthy dinner ideas as well as my secret short cut! This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of PERDUE®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. An Easy Healthy Dinner For Even The Busiest Nights If your days are anything like mine, you pretty much blink your eyes and its 4pm and you need to figure out what you're making for dinner. Time moves so fast whenever you have work and life and kids running around and the struggle is real to get a meal on the table that's not only picky eater approved, but healthy, too. One of my resolutions this year was to try not to obsess so much about meal time, and utilize recipes that create easy healthy dinner options for us all. But, before I get into these easy healthy dinner recipes, I wanted to clear something up that you're probably wondering, since this clearly isn't a keto-friendly meal. I stepped away from keto because it got so difficult around the holidays and realized just how annoying my eating habit had become to my whole family. I also realized how the main goal of dinner time is really to bring the whole fam together at the end of the day, and keto wasn't doing that for me anymore. So I've found a new balance and these easy healthy dinner recipes for families are refreshing, balanced and can be altered to ... Read More

Winter Stroller Accessories {Giveaway}

  When the temperature starts to drop, you want to keep your baby bundled while you're out and about. These are the must-have winter stroller accessories every mom must have that work on all types of strollers. This post contains affiliate links.  Winter Stroller Accessories So last winter, when Blake was ity, bity, I was baby wearing her all over the place because it's just SO much easier in the city. But this winter, there was absolutely no way that was going to happen. We are home most cold days, but there are times whenever I either need to run into the city for meetings or we're waiting for Branden at the bus stop each day and she needs this extra warmth in addition to her winter coat and hat. As soon as the first snow came, I started doing my research and quickly found out that 7am enfant makes the absolute best winter stroller accessories and that every mom needs to get her hands on some. And psssttt: keep scrolling because I'm giving a set away to one lucky reader! // c/o 7AM enfant // These winter stroller accessories are not only just cozy for mom and baby, but they work for all the different stroller types out there, (ours in the GB Qbit) are really easy to strap on your stroller and you can color coordinate, too. What makes these the best winter stroller accessories? I really could ramble on and on about what makes these the best winter stroller accessories forever, but I'm going to share the key points with you all and quite ... Read More

Healthy Game Day Appetizers For The Whole Family

  Game Day is nearing and if you're like me, you're on the hunt for healthy game day appetizers to serve that won't undue your day! I've got the best game day appetizers to choose from that work in an air fryer or oven. This post is sponsored by on behalf of RAGÚ® Healthy Game Day Appetizers For The Whole Family Whether you're a football loving family or counting down the minutes until the half time show (raises hand), there's one thing for sure: everyones looking for the best game day appetizers to chow down on. You all know how important living a healthy lifestyle is to me and game day doesn't bring on any exceptions - in fact the decisions about what to eat get even more difficult. I am ALL about easy game day appetizers and even using these delish recipes to replace dinner on that special night, but I gotta keep things balanced with these 2, healthy game day appetizers that won't leave you with any regrets the next day. And my whole family loved them both - which says a lot because it's picky eater central over here. And both recipes are made even more mouth watering when they get dipped into our house hold favorites, RAGÚ® Double Cheddar cheese sauce and RAGÚ® Old World Style Traditional Sauce. Yum.  Easy game day appetizers Ok friends! First things first: I love to eat. I mean if calories didn't mean much of anything, I would be stuffing my face all day. I also am not the best when it comes to coming up with creative meals. I rely ... Read More

Our Morning Routine With BEE And You Royal Jelly and Propolis

  Have you started incorporating royal jelly and propolis into your daily routine? Here's how we've been starting our day with it and the royal jelly health benefits are endless for your whole family. This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Our Morning Routine With BEE And You Royal Jelly and Propolis Morning is that sweet, sweet time for me and Blake. Chris takes Branden to the bus stop and comes home to get ready for work and Blake and I spend some low key moments together before her complete toddler busyness sets in. It's the time that really sets the tone for our whole day and some of the moments that I cherish most. But, you also know that if you have been following me from the beginning, that I'm a stickler for a perfect morning routine and incorporating healthy habits that help get our day off to the best start possible, which is why we've been incorporating BEE & YOU royal jelly and propolis products into the mix. You may have never heard of either royal jelly or propolis , which is why I want to shed some light on what I'm calling super foods, as their benefits go so deep when it comes to your health - and your kids health as they naturally protect you and your loved ones, and BEE & YOU offers quite a few different varieties of royal jelly that are delicious, healthy, biologically active, and produced with the utmost respect to the bee world.  You will honestly find every excuse to sneak it into your food or ... Read More

5 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution The Whole Year

  When health goals are on your mind, it can be tough to stay motivated. Here's my tips for keeping your new years resolution that have helped me stick with it - and even kick things up a notch! This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! 5 Tips For Keeping Your New Years Resolution Okay friends! January is almost over and here's the big question: where do you stand with all of your health goals? I made sure that we talked about new years goal lists as soon as 2018 poured in, but I want to challenge you all to shift your mindset a little bit today and let's talk about the longevity of these goals. How are you making it happen? Do you have a plan? I know it's a lot to think about, especially when you're busy with kids everyday, so I wanted to share my tips for keeping your new years resolution the entire year through - because I KNOW we can all do this together! But first, I want to say how much I get it: keeping your new years resolution is tough, especially when you're trying to dedicate time to your health. Why is this always so much trickier than other goals? It's simple: life is busy. And what happens when things get busy? We put our health goals on the back burner because they are the easiest to put off. So not only do I want to share my tips for keeping your new year resolution and really (like...for real sticking with it) but one of my favorite products from Walmart, where resolutions are made easy,  that's honestly helping ... Read More

21 Books To Read To Kids That Will Empower Them {All Ages}

  Kids these days need more encouragement that we think. These 21 books to read to kids will empower, motivate and inspire them at all age levels. This post contains affiliate links.  21 Books To Read To Kids That Will Empower Them I feel like just as much as we all could use some encouragement from time to time as adults, so can kids. I try my best to give them these words of encouragement everyday, but probably more often than not, I fall short. We read as much as we can and admittedly probably did more with Branden than Blake (poor second child), but we still have our favorites and love exploring books to read to kids that will empower, motivate and inspire them. So if you've been wondering what books to read to kids that can give your littles that same encouragement, here's our favorites broken down by age range. What books to read to kids There are so many wonderful authors and books out there that it can truly be difficult to narrow what books to read to kids down, but today I'm giving it my best short and hoping you enjoy my list. Books to read to kids: ages 0-3 1. Dr. Seuss - Oh, The Places You'll Go!  2. Emily Winfield Martin - The Wonderful Things You Will Be 3. I Can Handle It  4. Jilly's Terrible Temper Tantrums And How She Outgrew Them  5. When I Feel Angry 6. The Pout-Pout Fish  7. From Head To Toe Book Books to read to kids: age 4-7 8. Super Emotions! A Book for Children with Powerful Feelings 9. Giraffe's Can't ... Read More

How To Make Busy Boxes For Toddlers

  Trying to keep your active toddler busy during the day? Here's how to make busy boxes for toddlers that they will absolutely love playing with everyday. This post contains affiliate links.  How To Make Busy Boxes For Toddlers So all those gifts that Blake just got for Christmas have been organized here in our living room and though she does play with a select few for short periods of time, one thing is still very, very clear: my toddler would rather just get into shit instead of play with the things that we actually purchased to keep her busy. If you have a toddler at home, I'm sure you're feeling my words pretty hard right now. It couldn't be more true though. These toddlers always find a way to get into things that we want to keep them out of, the second that we turn our heads. Being a WAHM I need a break during the day from redirecting her from what she shouldn't be playing with to the things that are actually meant for her. I've searched for toys for active toddlers as well as ideas for fun activities for a toddler and nothing (I repeat NOTHING) has even come close to my idea of busy boxes for toddler. What are busy boxes for toddlers? A busy box is basically any box that you can find at home, filled with cheap items that you can get online or at the dollar store that will keep them occupied. Toddlers love to tear shit apart, so I figured why not just create something that gives her the option to do just that? The main difference being that ... Read More

Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee

  Bom Bom Rum is the creamy way to upgrade your evening cup of coffee (or other endless recipe options!). It's vegan, made with almond milk and delicious! Before you know it, you'll be asking everyone to pass you the Bom Bom! This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee Okay friends, I'm all for trying new things, especially at the beginning of a new year when we're implementing so many resolutions and goals into our daily lives - so I want to share one of those things with you today. You all know about my total and complete love affair with coffee, right? So I wanted to share my new favorite, healthy drink, made with Caribbean Rum and almond milk, that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It's called Bom Bom, and it's a name you're going to want to remember. There are two different options (pictured above), but the newest is the Nilli Vanilli flavor that is creamy, delicious and can replace your coffee creamer as the lighter and healthier way for you to enjoy an evening cocktail. One of the gifts that I got Chris were these fun his and hers coffee mugs (since we're coffee obsessed in the Cooper household) and we've been enjoying some Bom Bom mixed with our favorite brew. Why you'll love Bom Bom Rum Beyond the sweet, creamy, vanilla cookie like flavor, you will love that the Bom Bom Rum Nilli Vanilli flavor is gluten-free, all natural, vegan, and under 100 ... Read More

How to Work From Home With a Baby or Toddler

  Being a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) and struggling to find balance, I wanted to pass on my wisdom for how to work from home with a baby or toddler to help you. This post contains affiliate links.  How to Work From Home With a Baby or Toddler TBH, I feel like this post has been living inside me for a long time. I've gone back and forth with writing it because every few months our routine changes and then I need to adapt again - so keep that in mind. Whether you work from home like me or just need to get things done and are having a hell of a time doing that and found yourself googling "how to work from home with a baby or toddler," I've got some helpful tips that have been the absolute, only way I can get shit done. First, I've shared on social media just how much of a challenge this has been for me lately. When Blake was born, I never really took any time off and just jumped right back into work because I'm self-employed and my family relies on my income. Things were so much easier whenever she was a baby and slept more and now that she's 17-month-old and into everything, each day has a different challenge for me to tackle. I'm not an expert, but if you've found yourself wondering how to work from home with a baby or toddler, this will help alleviate some stress. 1. Get as much done as you can in the morning. In our home, morning are still a little bit quieter than the rest of the day. We all get up with my alarm at 6:15am and get things moving. Chris ... Read More