21 Books To Read To Kids That Will Empower Them {All Ages}

  Kids these days need more encouragement that we think. These 21 books to read to kids will empower, motivate and inspire them at all age levels. This post contains affiliate links.  21 Books To Read To Kids That Will Empower Them I feel like just as much as we all could use some encouragement from time to time as adults, so can kids. I try my best to give them these words of encouragement everyday, but probably more often than not, I fall short. We read as much as we can and admittedly probably did more with Branden than Blake (poor second child), but we still have our favorites and love exploring books to read to kids that will empower, motivate and inspire them. So if you've been wondering what books to read to kids that can give your littles that same encouragement, here's our favorites broken down by age range. What books to read to kids There are so many wonderful authors and books out there that it can truly be difficult to narrow what books to read to kids down, but today I'm giving it my best short and hoping you enjoy my list. Books to read to kids: ages 0-3 1. Dr. Seuss - Oh, The Places You'll Go!  2. Emily Winfield Martin - The Wonderful Things You Will Be 3. I Can Handle It  4. Jilly's Terrible Temper Tantrums And How She Outgrew Them  5. When I Feel Angry 6. The Pout-Pout Fish  7. From Head To Toe Book Books to read to kids: age 4-7 8. Super Emotions! A Book for Children with Powerful Feelings 9. Giraffe's Can't ... Read More

How To Make Busy Boxes For Toddlers

  Trying to keep your active toddler busy during the day? Here's how to make busy boxes for toddlers that they will absolutely love playing with everyday. This post contains affiliate links.  How To Make Busy Boxes For Toddlers So all those gifts that Blake just got for Christmas have been organized here in our living room and though she does play with a select few for short periods of time, one thing is still very, very clear: my toddler would rather just get into shit instead of play with the things that we actually purchased to keep her busy. If you have a toddler at home, I'm sure you're feeling my words pretty hard right now. It couldn't be more true though. These toddlers always find a way to get into things that we want to keep them out of, the second that we turn our heads. Being a WAHM I need a break during the day from redirecting her from what she shouldn't be playing with to the things that are actually meant for her. I've searched for toys for active toddlers as well as ideas for fun activities for a toddler and nothing (I repeat NOTHING) has even come close to my idea of busy boxes for toddler. What are busy boxes for toddlers? A busy box is basically any box that you can find at home, filled with cheap items that you can get online or at the dollar store that will keep them occupied. Toddlers love to tear shit apart, so I figured why not just create something that gives her the option to do just that? The main difference being that ... Read More

Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee

  Bom Bom Rum is the creamy way to upgrade your evening cup of coffee (or other endless recipe options!). It's vegan, made with almond milk and delicious! Before you know it, you'll be asking everyone to pass you the Bom Bom! This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee Okay friends, I'm all for trying new things, especially at the beginning of a new year when we're implementing so many resolutions and goals into our daily lives - so I want to share one of those things with you today. You all know about my total and complete love affair with coffee, right? So I wanted to share my new favorite, healthy drink, made with Caribbean Rum and almond milk, that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It's called Bom Bom, and it's a name you're going to want to remember. There are two different options (pictured above), but the newest is the Nilli Vanilli flavor that is creamy, delicious and can replace your coffee creamer as the lighter and healthier way for you to enjoy an evening cocktail. One of the gifts that I got Chris were these fun his and hers coffee mugs (since we're coffee obsessed in the Cooper household) and we've been enjoying some Bom Bom mixed with our favorite brew. Why you'll love Bom Bom Rum Beyond the sweet, creamy, vanilla cookie like flavor, you will love that the Bom Bom Rum Nilli Vanilli flavor is gluten-free, all natural, vegan, and under 100 ... Read More

How to Work From Home With a Baby or Toddler

  Being a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) and struggling to find balance, I wanted to pass on my wisdom for how to work from home with a baby or toddler to help you. This post contains affiliate links.  How to Work From Home With a Baby or Toddler TBH, I feel like this post has been living inside me for a long time. I've gone back and forth with writing it because every few months our routine changes and then I need to adapt again - so keep that in mind. Whether you work from home like me or just need to get things done and are having a hell of a time doing that and found yourself googling "how to work from home with a baby or toddler," I've got some helpful tips that have been the absolute, only way I can get shit done. First, I've shared on social media just how much of a challenge this has been for me lately. When Blake was born, I never really took any time off and just jumped right back into work because I'm self-employed and my family relies on my income. Things were so much easier whenever she was a baby and slept more and now that she's 17-month-old and into everything, each day has a different challenge for me to tackle. I'm not an expert, but if you've found yourself wondering how to work from home with a baby or toddler, this will help alleviate some stress. 1. Get as much done as you can in the morning. In our home, morning are still a little bit quieter than the rest of the day. We all get up with my alarm at 6:15am and get things moving. Chris ... Read More

My Simple Morning Detox Drink Recipe

  This simple detox drink recipe is a great way to start your day while cleaning out all the toxins and helping you be the healthiest version of you! This post contains affiliate links.  My Simple Morning Detox Drink Recipe I've shared with you all how switching things up to the keto diet has really changed things for my in the weight loss department. (If you're looking to re-set your food intake, I also recommend getting stated with a Whole30 in January.) It has allowed me to finally lose the baby weight I put on while pregnant with Blake and get back into the clothing that's hanging in my closet. But I will be honest with you all that I've taken a step back from it lately because it's been hard to attain with our busy family life and I think that so much dairy (from all the cheese and heavy cream) was starting to mess with my digestive system. So at the beginning of December, I cut back to just low card (about 30-40 grams per day), almost zero sugar and added this morning detox drink recipe to the start of each new day. First, you all know about my obsession with probiotics for both me and my babies and think they are so important for keeping me regular (yes, I went there) and my bloating to a minimum. But I've needed more lately, and a new routine was calling my name. Why do you need to detox? Well first things first, our bodies actually detox on their own, naturally. But I tend to experience bloat from so many different foods, and really love ... Read More

5 Strategies For Crushing Your New Year Goals List

  We all have a new year goals list at the start of a fresh year - here's how to crush them with 5 tips that you might never have considered before. This post contains affiliate links.  5 Strategies For Crushing Your New Year Goals List I shared the above picture over on my Instagram stories when I first got this planner and it just seemed so fitting for everything that I've been feeling. I start every week by planning out my to-do lists and strategizing for how the eff I'm going to get everything done with a toddler running around, but I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately and down. Maybe it's the weather or maybe I'm just bored being stuck indoors, but this planner has given me some words of wisdom and inspiration within each page. I'm old fashioned and still think that writing things down helps to make my new year goals list easier to achieve, because it's tangible. Anyways, this post isn't about the planner. And the planner isn't even part of my strategies for crushing your new year goals list - but I wanted to start with it because it's helping to guide me down the right path and create some mental organization so I'm able to restore some order back into my life. Now, onto some epic strategies - because we could all use a little guidance for making those goals become a reality, no matter what they are! Strategy 1: Understand why. To me, my new year goals list is always a big deal. If you follow along here, I'm always writing new years post ... Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

  If you're a busy mom with a lot going on and found yourself wondering "how to get the most out of your workout" with kids chasing you around all day - I've got you covered.  This post contains affiliate links. How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout Mom truth: getting a workout in is tough shit. In fact, it's almost unbearable to scroll through Facebook sometimes and see super fit moms posing in bikinis, holding signs that say things like "no excuses" - you all know who I'm talking about. It's heart wrenching. We give up our bodies basically to bare children and while it's the most amazing thing in the world, it's also hard to get back to where we were before. I've opened up about how difficult it was for me to run for the first time postpartum, and making fitness a priority every week is just as difficult. Despite the way my Instagram feed might flow, I am a very average mom. As of right now, I don't have a babysitter to help me out during the day, we don't have family close by and I work a lot. If my day was super packed, my fitness routine was always the thing that got put on the back burner and I needed to find a way to make the most of my time and I want to share how to get the most out of your workout so that you all can add more into your weekly routine, too. But first, a little self-love reminder for you all: Before I share my tips, I wanted to lay out that I first had to quit trying to run out the door to get to classes. While I LOVE working ... Read More

Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget

  Mom to mom: being a parent is expensive! We want what's best in our families bodies, so here's my tips for eating healthy on a tight budget. This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget Most days, it completely blows my mind how much these kids cost, right? In the beginning you have a baby shower where so much is given to you, but then they are born and start to grow (and they grow so fast!) and they go through everything so quickly. And of course, we don't even bat an eyelash spending what we do because...well...they're our babies and we want the best for them. Because of this, I have become a master budgetter, which I feel like I owe to my mom. She kept a family of 6 clothed and fed while eating healthy on a tight budget and I've learned to do the same. Even though I might look like I always have it pulled together on the outside, behind closed doors I'm totally the mom who checks our bank account on a daily basis and puts us on a budget each week so that we're able to survive in this expensive world. Both my husband and I work viciously to support our family and making sure that what goes into our bodies is clean and nutritious (I'm no sanctimommy though as this is within reason - treats are certainly allowed, too!) is where a lot of our funds are allocated - eating healthy on a tight budget is important to us. One major takeaway that I've learned over the years is that real, experienced ... Read More

Hot Chocolate Ornaments – 3 Different Ways

  These hot chocolate ornaments are so much fun (and easy!) to craft that you can make them look beautiful even if the crafting gene wasn't passed down to you (like me). The kids will want to help, too.  This post contains affiliate links.  Hot Chocolate Ornaments - 3 Different Ways As you all know, I've set out to share some really easy crafting ideas this holiday season that are perfect for moms who just need simple ideas. I wish that I could create beautiful things like I see all over the internet, but I just don't have it in me, or the patience sometimes. These hot chocolate ornaments can be completely customizable to things that you already have around your home and the kids will have so much fun making and giving them this holiday season! What you need to make the hot chocolate ornaments: Plastic round ornaments Hot chocolate mix Various hot chocolate add-ins (my favorite are: chocolate chips, candy cane pieces, sprinkles, etc.) Holiday ribbon Twine Scissors How to make the hot chocolate ornaments: First, you want to start by washing out your ornaments and drying them completely. Use a funnel or rolled piece of paper to add the hot chocolate to your ornament. Make sure the bulb is completely dry before doing this. Fill the bulb about halfway with the hot cocoa mixture (like pictured). This is a great way for kids to work on those small motor skills! Gently shake the hot chocolate to level it out in the ornament ... Read More

23andme Genetic Testing – A Unique Gift For All

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx.com on behalf of 23andme. When I start thinking about holiday gifts, I always try to find unique items that stand out to my friends and family. 23andme genetic testing is exactly that and a fantastic learning experience, too. 23andme Genetic Testing -A Unique Gift For All I received the 23andme genetic testing to try out for this post, but to be completely honest, it's something that's been on my mind for a long time. I feel like my family is always saying things like "you're 62.2% Italian and the rest Polish," but who really knows? I've always wanted to take a concrete trip into my past and learn more about my ancestry and 23andme genetic testing is honestly the easiest way to do that for the entire family. And honestly, this family of mine is so inquisitive, it will satisfy so many questions I've been asked over the years! This year, when it came to holiday gifting, I did things a wee bit differently for the people who are closest to me. I really focused on inspiration or learning gifts or experiences rather than the whole "more is more" approach. Our lives are filled with so many things that we don't really need and I think it's amazing to start off the new year knowing something new about yourself. 23andme genetic testing is a gift that's truly personal and can give you a newfound appreciation and connection to those around you. After I tried my kit out (I will get the results at the end of this month!), my husband was ... Read More