Must-Have Products For New Mom and Baby

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. I have VERY vivid memories from when we were pregnant with Branden of buying pretty much every baby product around. We had no clue what was best. Yes, we had countless recommendations from family, but you don't really know until the baby is actually there what is right for your baby. So you buy everything in hopes that something works out. Then, there are products that are just great across the board. Sensitive skin? No problem! Boy or girl? Doesn't matter! These are some of my must-have all across the board items for new baby AND new mom. My must-have products for new mom and baby You seriously can't go wrong with having these items waiting for you at home when you get home from the hospital. Everything else will fall into place. Promise! 1. Rainbow Light 35+ Mom and Baby I used Rainbow Light religiously during my pregnancy for my prenatal vitamins (I started with the gummies and then went to the mini gems) and am carrying that through to my new mom life. You only need one of these a day and they are made special for moms prenatal and postnatal. It's a complete multivitamin and super great for mom and developing baby. My three favorite things about this: it helps to prevent nausea (amen!), helps with natural energy production (amen again!) and contains probiotics - which I would otherwise need to buy separate (I need this daily in my life for my many digestive issues). Discount code: … [Read more...]

Pumping Tips For Busy Moms

  Pumping and I, we go pretty much hand in hand lately. If you have read my previous breastfeeding posts, you know that I'm on quite the journey here to make sure that I have a big enough supply to feed this little (and always very hungry) girl, and pumping is a huge part of that. My routine goes as follows: breastfeed, pump, formula if she's not getting enough food, squeeze in some work and repeat. All. day. long. It's a work in progress - a time consuming, every single day work in progress. So, for all you busy mamas like me, there's Simple Wishes and their amazing hand's free pumping solutions. I'm completely exhausted to be quite honest with you all. AND - I give all you full time breastfeeding mamas the biggest props, I bow to you. Things have been a bit shaky for me with establishing my supply and my breast pump has become something that I see pretty much as often as I change a diaper (which is often). It's an experience, and I encourage you all to power on because I have a pretty awesome pumping tip that involved HANDS FREE PUMPING (yes!), to make your experience that much easier. Hand's free pumping? Yes! This is for real! Believe me - I spent my first week or so of pumping spending so much time holding the darn pumps and counting the minutes until I was able to get back to what I needed to do. Moms need their hands after all. Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra is pretty much the only pumping tip that you will ever need. It allows … [Read more...]

5 Things I Don’t Want to Pass On to My Baby Girl

  I never thought that I would be a girl mom. Don't get me wrong - I yearned to have a girl, but just thought it would never happen since I exude so much female energy (haha) that I had enough for the whole family. I thought I was destined to be a boy mom forever. And I love being a boy mom, but I definitely wanted to experience both. Then, that wonderful day whenever I found out from my ultrasound that we were expecting little Blake, I could barely believe it. Girls are different than boys, there is no denying this, and you must cater to them in different ways. My husband first started out expressing how he was nervous to have a girl because he knew how to handle boys - not a girl. He was worried about how to discipline her as she gets older and dealing with boys - normal stuff. But it got me thinking. What are the things that I want to teach her? What kind of person do I want to help shape her to be? My mind swirled. And then there it was. That "oh crap" moment where everything shifted and I started thinking about all the negative things she might pick up from me. Or the things that I didn't realize about myself until adulthood. I want her to face the world with confidence and a positive role model to mimic. I don't want to pass on my insecurities. I've dealt with more insecurities over the years then I would care to admit. From worrying about my body, wearing the "right" clothes to the way that I was speaking - I've been through it all. It hasn't … [Read more...]

The Breastfeeding Solution For New Moms {Giveaway}

  Breastfeeding is truly a journey and different for every single mama out there. For some, it is the easiest and most natural thing in the world, while for others it's something that is desperately shrived for each day to achieve. Then, add multiple children to the mix - since we all know that we think we have it all figured out with one child and then another comes along that shakes up everything we thought we knew. This motherhood thing is difficult, huh? I'm right there with all you struggling mamas, as each day is a new journey. But then I found the Boppy® Best Latch™ Breastfeeding pillow and so much changed for the better. If you are anything like me, you are working new motherhood into an already packed schedule. But at the same time it's so important to take in all those sweet moments and not miss a thing. So then how do you balance? Well, you gotta make every single moment count! Upon coming home from the hospital with our new bundle just a few short weeks ago, I struggled a bit with getting Blake to latch. After a frantic phone call with my awesome lactation consultant, she immediately suggested that I get a Boppy® Best Latch™ Breastfeeding pillow. Here's a great video with more information: How has this amazing breastfeeding solution changed things for us? Well first and foremost, it helps place us in the right position for a successful breastfeeding session - not to mention helps give me perfect arm support! I noticed very early on that these were … [Read more...]

Getting My Beauty Groove Back {Giveaway}

This post was developed in partnership with Clairol Nice’n Easy, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. So here I am, three and a half weeks post-baby. Sure, I planned for downtime and days filled with comfy clothes and indoor baby snuggles to keep both her safe from the outdoors (for a short while), and me to recover from giving birth. But I'll tell you what - it's getting old. I'm getting sick of being in between maternity clothes and regular clothes, I miss putting on makeup and feeling pretty and for goodness sakes - I'm OVER the granny panties. I know that I need to take baby steps though, so my first plan of action to get my groove back after having Blake is with an updated, fall hair color from Clairol Nice’n Easy. I often dye my hair, especially as a new season approaches. I typically go darker (like a deep, deep red) in the fall and a bit lighter for the summer months. It's fun to shake things up from time to time and try something new, and I have always had an obsession with trying out different hair colors throughout my life, a drive that has carried with me into adulthood. Having a newborn to take care of now though means that I am home most days, holding her in my arms, and making a little color update definitely helps me to feel like a normal human being again. When hoping over to my local drugstore to choose a hair dye, Clairol Nice’n Easy has always been my go-to because of how silky-soft it always make my hair feel (ahem - a secret CC … [Read more...]

For The Sweetest Of Dreams

  Finding out that you are pregnant means many, many things: deciding which hospital to give birth at, finding an OBGYN or Midwife that you trust with not only your life but your babies as well, and of course - completely immersing yourself in everything crib related. After all, this is the epicenter of parenthood, the piece of baby gear that you need more than anything. After we finally deciding on one, my quest wasn't quite over, because I needed to fill it with something, right? After searching high and low for the right mattress to complete the piece of furniture where our baby would spend most of her time, we decided on the organic Naturalmat. I'm going to be real honest with you all. Whenever we were expecting Branden, we got an awful lot of hand-me-downs because everyone in my family was pretty much always pregnant (aunts, sister, mom, best friends of the family - we even had a traveling bag of maternity clothes!). After getting our crib from a family friend, which came with the mattress, I kinda assumed that the mattress came with the crib. Wrong. It does not, and there are an overwhelming amount of options out there to sort from. First, you have to decide what is most important to you when choosing a mattress before you hit the store or the internet, or else the task might give you anxiety. We knew that we wanted an organic mattress this time around and fell in love with all the features that the organic Quilted Coco Mat from Naturalmat offered … [Read more...]

Overcoming My Breastfeeding Challenges With Bamboobies

  Breastfeeding. This can be a loaded word, depending on who you are talking to. Whether you are reading this coming from a place of struggling, having the best breastfeeding experience ever, or somewhere in between - I'm here to say that I'm right there with you. Every single mother has a different story - or maybe journey is a better word - when it comes to breastfeeding.  While each is unique and includes all types of challenges, bonding, love, nourishment and so many mixtures of emotions, they should all include bamboobies.  Whenever I was pregnant with Branden, breastfeeding wasn't even on my radar. I had him two weeks before my twenty-second birthday and due to having a breast reduction when I was seventeen - every doctor told me not even to bother trying. So without much encouragement, I didn't bother. I had no colostrum come in and I got a small supply suddenly when our sweet little boy was nine days old - a supply that I sadly got rid of because we were deep into our formula routine and set in our ways at that time. But, it was that supply that gave me hope this time around. Being much more educated with this pregnancy and knowing that breastfeeding was the path that I wanted to take, I immersed myself in everything breastfeeding to have a firm grasp on how to make it happen this time around. Not to mention that I had a super encouraging midwife and lactation consultant who were my biggest cheerleaders. About a month before Blake arrived, I … [Read more...]

My New Night Light For My New Nightlife

This post is sponsored by Munchkin. As always, opinions are my own.  Mmmmhmmm. The title says it all. As soon as we brought baby Blake home from the hospital just a couple short weeks ago, my nightlife has been popping in ways that I haven't experienced for quite some time. Our little diva totally runs the show, and even though her sleep habits resemble that of nocturnal animals - I'm getting used to running on less sleep and more caffeine. Thankfully, we've installed the Munchkin Luna Gate that illuminates our hallway as I'm doing my nightly runs to the kitchen. We used so many Munchkin products whenever B was little and I love that as we welcomed Blake into the world, one of our favorite brands has even more products in their line-up for us to love. While you may think it's soon for us to have installed a gate, I promise that this is a must-have baby item for many, many reasons. First and foremost, because we are able to use it now. Branden still isn't 100% rid of his fear of the dark and with my husband and I scrambling around in the wee hours of the night, their motion activated LED lights really help us find our way when we are half asleep. The Munchkin Luna Gate comes fully assembled and the Turnkey Mounts make instillation even easier. This is a huge bonus if you aren't really handy (or your husband doesn't really like installing things). The overall design is very modern and fits in with our decor - an added bonus that you really don't get with many gates on … [Read more...]

Snuggle Time

  There is absolutely nothing in the world that compares to bringing the whole family together for some snuggle time. Am I right? Don't get me wrong, we do our fair share of running around this crazy city we call home, but whenever we have a moment that is just me, Chris and the kids (omgosh I think that's the first time I typed the word "kids") - it's just the best ever. Whether we are sipping coffee in the living room in the morning or all piled into our bed for a movie night, our Snuggle Me Organic is with us with little Blake inside. This little girl of ours has a serious case of FOMO every single day and is such a social little baby, so as we travel from room to room throughout the day, she wants to be where we are. A great way to have her always join us - sleeping or awake - is in our Snuggle Me Organic. Whether you are a co-sleeping family or not, it really doesn't matter - this is a must-have piece of baby gear that you will start to use and enjoy as soon as your little bundle comes home from the hospital. The Snuggle Me Organic is the original co-sleeping bed for babies, created 10 years ago. But, it's not just for co-sleeping, as it is a multi-functional lounger that was made to recreate the feeling babies had inside the womb. It's portable and for me - especially perfect for her to snooze in so that I can get some work done on the computer. So what drew me in? I love the support that this product creates for moms postpartum. I mean, I'm … [Read more...]

My Midwife Vs. OBGYN Birthing Experience

  I shared during the very beginning of my pregnancy how I was using a midwife this time around, and it has definitely been one amazing experience, and completely opposite of the OBGYN experience that I had while delivering Branden. As soon as I shared that I had made this decision and why I made this decision (full details here), I was instantly flooded with inbox messages of readers asking me to sort of compare the two and share the differences, so I wanted to make sure to give that feedback to you all. Using a Midwife Vs. OBGYN My journey of wanting to work with a midwife definitely started after watching The Business of Being Born years ago, and became sort of an obsession of mine as I set our to have a different birthing experience when I knew we were trying to get pregnant. It was the main thing that I wanted to do different during my second pregnancy. While everyone's experience is different, for me, these are my standout points: More support from a midwife. I clicked with my midwife from my very first appointment and was so happy to have been assigned to her when I made my first prenatal appointment. (If I didn't have that experience then I would have totally requested a different one because that connection is SO important.) And from that moment on, I had her full support with everything during my pregnancy from her texting me back at random times because I had an important question to simply going above and beyond to make sure that all my crazy … [Read more...]