Saving My Skin While Traveling – Charcoal Beauty Products From Derma e®


If you have been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you can see that B and I have been quite the travelers lately! Chris was away for two weeks for Army training and is finally coming home today! While he was gone, Branden and I visited my family in Pittsburgh and Ohio, then returned to the city to meet up with friends for a trip to Mystic Beach in Connecticut and Plymouth, Massachusetts, and ended our journey at the super cool Edaville USA where we got a peak at their newly added Thomas Land! What a whirlwind it has been, but I was determined to give B some end of summer fun before going back to school and take my mind off of missing my husband for 2 whole weeks! Sticking with a beauty routine can be hard while traveling because you never know what's on your agenda, what time you're getting to sleep, and - if you are anything like me - possibly falling asleep with your makeup still on. It happens, because life is full of unexpected things. While we were away, I began experimenting with charcoal beauty products, the latest trend in the beauty industry. I've been so intrigued by this concept that I had to try it out and share my findings - and my new favorite products with you all. Why use charcoal beauty products? The theory behind these charcoal beauty products is that they act like a magnet and pull out any dirt, blackheads, or impurities in your skin. It detoxifies the skin and has natural antibacterial properties, leaving your face super clean and … [Read more...]

25 Signs You’re Ready for the Kids to Go Back to School


Here we are again. It’s that time of year when bathing suits and sunscreen start going on sale, you are welcomed into every store with a huge “Back to School” sale sign, all the while your kids start to say “I’m bored” almost as much as they tell you they are hungry. Yes, summer is coming to a close, and we will soon be face to face with yellow buses, lunch boxes, and homework once more. While you may have started the summer with total excitement, in complete anticipation of what the break would hold, here are some clear cut signs that you’re ready for the kids to go back to school. 1. You are completely done with planning activities for your family. No more researching, no more scheduling, nada. 2. Your back to school shopping was done in July. 3. Your kids have their first day of school outfits cleaned, ironed and hanging in their closets. 4. You have already sharpied your last name into every new backpack and lunchbox that you newly purchased. 5. You get a nervous twitch every time you heard the words “back to school.” 6. You find yourself getting lost in all the plans you are making for yourself, with all that free time you’re going to have. 7. You have your morning routine planned, mapped out and have even done a few trial runs. 8. You’re starting to put on weight from all the evening trips to the ice cream truck. 9. If you hear the theme song to your child's favorite show one more time, you will scream so loud the neighbors just might … [Read more...]

Parent Approved: Pittsburgh Travels With Dino Tales Game


If you follow me on Facebook, you saw that B and I were traveling yesterday to spend some time with my parents in Pittsburgh while my husband is away for 2 weeks of Army training - and the experiences we had so far! We took the Megabus from NYC to Pittsburgh because its cheap and easy, but I knew we had a long ride ahead of us. I wanted to make it as fun as possible, so I packed things to keep Branden busy, which included our new favorite - Dino Tales Game. While we are visiting, B doesn't have any access to his usual xbox games or YouTube videos that he's obsessed with, which is fine by me! I'm beyond happy to replace these with something that will strengthen his literacy, reasoning and inquiry skills, and help get him ready for back to school in a few weeks! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Dino Tales and Safari Tales and can honestly say the benefits are fantastic, and the interest factor would instantly draw any child and parent into the game. One of our favorite places to spend our time in NYC is The Museum of Natural History, as the dinosaurs have completely caught my little guy's attention, and the idea of learning about how these creatures lived captivates him just as much as modern technology. Because of that, I love this game for my little guy for travel and beyond, because it's age appropriate and fun at the same time.And, as the parent of a boy who is about to turn 7, I find that, when choosing new apps for his age group, we often come … [Read more...]

End of Summer Favorites (& a HUGE Giveaway}


With summer coming to a close, and all of our Littles getting ready to head back to school, I thought it was only appropriate to put together a fun giveaway for all of you who support Project Motherhood, day in and day out. Being a representative of the media, I get pitched constantly about the newest and coolest products to share - and I only share the best! So below, I'm outlining some of my current faves, items ready to hit store shelves everywhere or services that I'm obsessed with, so you can all be aware of the cool mom products making a splash (and enter to WIN THEM ALL below)! 1. Hey Mama Teas Bundle You all read about my love for Hey Mama Teas earlier this summer, but if you missed it - click here to learn why they are Ah-MAZING for pregnant Mamas and beyond! This is one of our favorite products because they taste amazing and give a pregnant and nursing Mama everything that her body needs without needing to down ginormous horse pills on the daily. They also offer great subscription services for their teas, in case you have "mom brain" and forget to reorder! Learn more about these products and purchase HERE! We're giving away a 4-pack bundle and a maternity shirt! 2. The Children's Place Who doesn't love The Children's Place? I mean they seriously have it all for our kiddos and think of every accessory you could ever imagine! We worked with them recently to showcase their 4th of July collection and it was too cute for words. HINT: Their Back to School … [Read more...]

#BeautyTalk Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Top Coat


So...I have a new beauty obsession in my life that is worth more than just a social media shout out! I love a manicure, as I know we all do. But, I don't always have the time to get one done, especially right now while B is home on summer break. Then when I do get a manicure, it often chips right away - especially if I go for the $12 option. Enter Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Top Coat for a life changing experience! This seriously miracle gel takes 2 seconds to apply and locks everything in place for 14 day, FOURTEEN DAYS!  There is no need for any crazy contraptions or UV lights - natural light does everything that you need for this seriously flawless at-home manicure. And the special surprise? It removes easily with regular nail polish remover! The color that I'm wearing - my current favorite- is Beatnik, which is part of the Boho Collection.  My advice to you is to run to your nearest drugstore and pick up this awesome duo! Lastly, if you are anything like me, the day you get a manicure, you give your husband a heads up so he knows that he needs to do dishes for a few days to keep that precious mani in tact. SO - don't tell you husband your secret discovery because he will take away your mani time and be putting you right back into your dish washing rotation! Are you ready to try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Top Coat or have a new beauty obsession to share? Holla at me in the comments below! Fashionably Yours, Allison … [Read more...]

No, I’m Not The Nanny


THIS has been one of the dilemmas in my life right now. I GET that I am a young mother and that I'm the odd mom out who isn't your typically NYC Mom with a Nanny on each arm at all times. But for goodness sakes, why can't people just keep these comments to themselves? I have to say that I pride myself on a being a pretty hands on mom. We don't have much help here in the city and very rarely have a babysitter handy. During the school year, all of my business meetings, all of my writing, events, important phone calls, etc. happen during school hours. If I attend something in the evening, my husband comes home and is with Branden whenever I run out - it's just the way it is in our household. So on recent days whenever I'm running around with B, since he's on summer break, and I get asked if I'm the nanny, it stings. But, the nanny talk went to a whole new level last week... You see, B attends karate class in the notorious neighborhood of The Upper East Side (think Odd Mom Out, in Caps), and yes - many of the kids are brought to class by nanny's, not their moms. I walk in every Thursday night with my little guy in tow and sit and watch class and enjoy seeing him progress. I'm involved, unlike a lot of the other moms - not to judge, but it's the truth. For some reason, Branden's karate teacher cannot remember that I am NOT the nanny. Every week I get slammed with a new question that makes me want to ring his neck, but last week I was simply asked, "Oh, are you a … [Read more...]

6 Fall 2015 Runway Trends (And Where to Get Them For Less)


I'm not trying to wish summer away - promise. BUT, whenever you don't have a Hampton's summer home and you are spending your days sweating your ass off beside every NYC splash pad while your kiddo jumps around gleefully, it gets old fast. So today's post is all about the newness that comes with September, the awesome trends that fall brings, and where to purchase some look alike designer pieces for less! While we see many very eccentric looks go down the runway at Fashion Week's all over the world, I'm focusing on trends that can actually be worn in our real lives, without worrying we look like a clown. Yes ladies, its time for some real mom style! 6 Fall 2015 Runway Trends...And Where to Get Them For Less We all love designer pieces - who wouldn't? They are well made, fashion forward, and - in most cases - will last you a lifetime. But, in learning the difference between style and trends, we can quickly see that some of these new fashions might not be around for long. So, don't pour your whole bank account or paycheck into these coveted trends and instead shop smart! There are so many great websites to utilize to shop cheap yet still look like you dropped the big bucks (check out my favorites in the scroll bars below each trend description)!  1. Bling! Jewelry trends change just as much as clothing and can in fact, make or break an entire outfit. This season, bling is in and going a little bit overboard with chunky jewelry will turn heads in your direction - in a … [Read more...]

5 Foolproof Ways To Beat The Monday Blues


Monday can be tough, there is no doubt about it. After all, it is the first day back at it after a weekend of relaxation and fun. There are some Mondays where I rise with my alarm clock ready to take on the world, and others where I wake up in a rushed panic because I completely forgot to even set the alarm. Sound familiar? As the new school year approaches, there will be a whole new set of Monday morning adventures: like making it to the bus stop in time. So I thought with "motivation" being on my mind in all areas of my life lately, I would tackle the notorious "Monday Blues" and give you some foolproof ways to beat those cursed Monday blues and come out on top of your game. Ways to Beat the Monday Blues Whether you are heading to the office, or getting the kids off to school and running home to complete household chores and do computer work, the vigor that we feel inside when we approach the new week isn't always there. Here are some key ways to get yourself excited about Monday! (And don't forget - a new week means a fresh slate for starting anew!) 1.  Get up and get moving! I realize that in general, the days that I feel most down in the dumps are the ways where I don't start my morning with some type of exercise. Even if I plan on doing yoga at 11am, a late start drags my morning and I find myself quickly rushed and overwhelmed. Stop that. Get up, get the kids to school and then get moving right away! 2. Dress for success. No, I don't mean that you need to … [Read more...]

10 Beauty Commandments to Live By


Earlier this week, my husband turned 29, and has been whining about it like a big baby. While I keep telling him as nicely as I can to "STOP IT," I can't help but think about how I will also be turning 29 soon - then one more year before the big 3-0. I'm not nervous about it like my husband is, in fact - I'm looking at my 20's as the years I'm laying the groundwork for my family and my career, and working towards things to flourish in my 30's. But, its has me thinking a bit about my beauty regimen. I've learned more and more growing up into adulthood about the products we use on our skin, how to apply makeup, and what really works for me overall that I want to carry with me into my next decade of life and beyond.  So, here are my 10 beauty commandments that I'm following:  1. Thou shall moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Being an oily skin girl, I never understood how important this was until a few years ago. Not only is it great to combat wrinkles from a young age, but it helps to calm down those oil glands and actually make your face less oily. Facial oils also do the trick! 2. Thou shall understand the importance of sunscreen. Yup, I tanned when I was younger in a tanning bed. Never. Again. I never had any major problems, but after becoming a mom and essentially in charge of someone else's skin, I keep sunscreen and lotions with sunscreen in it everywhere. I'm crazy about it with my family everyday, and especially during the summer months. To learn more about … [Read more...]

Finding My Spark Again With Rifle Paper Co


Perhaps it's because I thrive in a structured environment where my personal success revolves around lists and a schedule that not having that kind of structure in my life right now has been making everything a bit foggy. Being a writer by trade, every great piece of content is built upon inspiration - a spark of sorts that ignites deep within and flows through our fingers, to the keyboard, eventually forming words that people can feel when they read them. Right now, I'm missing that spark and I feel like the walls are falling down around me. A gift from the amazing paper company, Rifle Paper Co., is helping to get me organized and back on track. Each super cute, feminine, and very retro themed notepad obviously had this Mama thinking about one thing: back to school. But I'm going to be real with you - I'm kinda sick of hearing about it already, and quite frankly, sometimes we need to think about ourselves aside from our kids, too. So my message today is for the Mamas, about the Mamas, and to [hopefully] inspire the Mamas to find your spark and get out there do whatever it is that makes you happy. Since B has been out of school, my schedule has been completely off. I'm used to waking up each day with a very clear cut plan. I kiss Chris as he walks out the door for work, pack Branden's lunch and walk him to school, do my morning run, then come back to prep my french press and get the day started. Don't get me wrong - I'm truly loving my daily adventures with my little … [Read more...]