Why You Won’t Catch Me Joining the PTA

  When we first registered Branden for kindergarten, I anticipated the ambush of the “PTA Moms,” knowing that there was no way to avoid it. No, I’m not an uninvolved parent, a slacker, or someone who doesn’t like to take charge—in fact, I’m all of those things. While I know there are some awesome PTA’s in existence, this isn’t the experience I've had at my son's school. While I’m very involved in everything that has to do with his school experience, there were a few things about the PTA that didn’t sit well with me. Here's why I'm deciding to "say no" and stay clear of this organization. 1. The “queen-bee” mom Yes, we all have one of these in our lives at our child’s school. This is the woman who takes charge, is overly opinionated, and most times, doesn’t really care what you have to say. This was the woman who, of course, approached me. I could see her coming from a mile away. I get it—in most cases the school PTA wouldn’t thrive without someone taking charge, but I don’t appreciate someone who has everything figured out, then calls a meeting to get others' opinions on the matter. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Quite frankly, I have enough stress in my life to deal with this added stressor in the form of a perfectly polished woman in high heels snarling at me. No thanks. 2. I’m busy Yes, I’m busy, you’re busy—we’re all busy! I can make time for a meeting per semester, no problem. But when you are juggling activities for your kids, school, work, and … [Read more...]

Mama Approved Smashbox Spring Beauty Products

  I'm always preaching about simplifying our mama lives and get pretty exstatic whenever I come across beauty products (especially two-in-ones!) that help us achieve that. These are two mama approved Smashbox beauty products that will have you wishing the snow away and ready for the chance to bring out the bright colors! First, because I was so curious about playing with our new GoPro, I wanted to just chat with you all a bit face to face about these products. I know there is still a lot that I must learn (I know you can hear me a wee bit through my phone), but it was fun to chit chat beauty today anyways! As you can see, I'm didn't take any time to put on eyeliner and I'm literally just wearing a light powder and concealer under my eyes, so these Smashbox spring beauty products really do help me look more awake (I always look tired because I was born with dark, purple circles under my eyes grrr.), and gives me a little glow.   Okay, here are the details: Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder is $25 per shade and comes in 4 colors and is so easy to use. It gives your brows a little bit of shape and volume and is honestly fun to play with. The Smashbox Blendable Lip and Cheek Color is $29 per shade and comes in 3 shades. After I filmed the video, I realized that you can pop the bottoms off and there is a little sponge for easy blending.   I had so much fun testing out and playing with these product today! They will seriously help cut … [Read more...]

Modern Day Valentine’s Day Looks

  Who can believe that Valentine's Day is almost here? Not me! It seems like the days just fly by, and here we are again, seeing red, pink, and hearts everywhere. After becoming parents over 7 years ago, our Valentine's Days have changed a wee bit. Not that we don't make time for date nights, but we try to focus a bit more on family time to celebrate the day of love. I also adore more modern looks and comfortable style like this outfit from one of my favorites, Pink Slate Boutique. These Amazing Fleece Lined Leggings - wow -they are my new go-to. Since I personally search for leggings that sit up a little higher on my stomach to hide THAT problem area, these are perfection. And as an added bonus, the fleece lining actually will keep you warm if it is chilly where you live. Since I do so much walking living in the city, I steer away from choosing shoes with anything more than a wedge, unless I know car service is being involved in my day (and let's be honest - that doesn't always happen). So, these Clarks Taylor Shine Booties in Black Leather are always calling my name! This Magic Moment tunic is everything for Valentine's Day! I love how it features simple pops of pink, but isn't overwhelmed by it - meaning that I can wear it again after the holiday is over! This print just pops and is so much fun to wear! It is beyond comfortable and the perfect piece for us busy Mamas as it appears that we put effort into styling our look, but is just an … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Black Cherry and Coconut Parfait

  Raise your hands if you are seeing Valentine's Day recipes everywhere that look delicious but are completely loaded with chocolate, sugar, and more sugar! ME! Don't get me wrong, I completely agree that the holidays are a great time to indulge a little bit, but at the same time, not to go overboard. It gets to be too much. And there are so many cute ones that we I want to try them all. So  if you want to go back to basics and treat your family to healthy guilt-free Valentine's Day desserts this year, this black cherry and coconut parfait is the way to go. Start with some beautiful black cherries that are naturally super sweet and bursting with flavor! These 4 simple ingredients (organic honey, coconut flakes, greek yogurt and black cherries), keep you completely in control over what your family is eating. The cherries give it a festive color and this parfait seriously tastes like ice cream. My grocery store was out of regular coconut flakes so I have to use the baker's sweetened kind. If this happens to you, you can opt to skip the honey since that makes it a little bit too sweet. I also highly recommend just buying plain, full fat Greek yogurt so you know that you are getting about 4 grams of sugar from that and no added crap that your body doesn't need, like we talked about in my post 5 Not So Obvious Eating Habits to Avoid. Layer your cherries, coconut and honey on top of your Greek yogurt and you are ready for your sweet treat! Save Print Valentine's … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Morning Routine For a Guaranteed Productive Day

  I feel like I have been allover and nowhere all at the same time. Ever feel like that? Almost like things are rushing all around me, yet I'm standing still in time. It's been an "off month" to say the least with the blizzard hitting NYC, almost daily issues with Branden's bus driver (if you follow me on Facebook, you know of my rants), and just trying overall to get back on a better routine after the holidays came to an end. Motivation has been something that has been missing, but I can honestly say that I am able to achieve more and actually get enthusiastic about what I'm getting done whenever a routine is implemented. Like I mentioned in my 2016 goals, one of my resolutions was being more productive, so I set out to develop the ultimate morning routine for a guaranteed productive day that is helping me keep myself on track and kick productivity in the ass! Yes, there are those out-of-whack mornings that you just can't control, but having this structure ingrained in your mind will help and leave you feeling a lot less mommy guilt. My Ultimate Morning Routine There is nothing like getting into the perfect morning routine to kick start your day! 1. Wake up early. I'm sure that most of you have kiddos, so this is something that already happens naturally in your home. But if not, or if you don't have early risers, I can't recommend enough getting up a little bit earlier than you actually need to be and taking a moment to connect with yourself and your … [Read more...]

Why Millennial Moms Are Stressed The Eff Out

  I literally just rolled over from taking a quick, mid-afternoon cat nap as I write this, because the thought of and process of getting taxes together for my household and employees, updating our health insurance, scheduling social media, and writing 2 freelance articles has completely and utterly overwhelmed me today. I'm chowing down on some skittles (aka non-healthy food that makes me happy when I'm stressed), counting down the hours until I need to get B from the bus stop, wash dishes, make dinner, and then try to have some adult time with my husband. Sound familiar? Truth: I'm stressed the eff out. It all boils down to this: us Millennial Moms are expected by society to do it all. I wrote a post about 2 years ago called "A Day In The Life of a Millennial Mom," where I chronicled a similar feeling. I guess you could say that this has always been a topic of interest to me. Being a Millennial puts us in this category of having a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to be creative and form our own path, without a boss looking over our shoulders. I fit perfectly into this stereotypical mold and am proud of that. But, add the "mother" title to the mix, and everything is taken to a completely different level. Being a mom is tough all on it's own, but whenever the expectation is to be the "perfect" mom, boss lady, quintessential wife, and many more hats that we wear during the day, well....it gets overwhelming. I meet my fellow Millennial friends … [Read more...]

No Bake Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites

  I'm not going to lie, we go to Rite Aid an awful lot. It's on our walk home from the bus stop, and it's like our fun little place to stop in and grab chap-stick and toiletries and sometimes treats we are craving. Lately, there have been a ton of energy boosters hanging out in the checkout line - 5 hour energy, candies, essential oils, you name it, it's there. B is always trying to get me to buy them so that I can have more energy, which leaves me to believe that he's trying to hint at something. So I try to explain to him that we get our energy from the healthy foods we eat, and for me - my coffee. I'm not big on baking (mostly because Chris and Branden are not sweet eaters so I end up eating everything myself), but these No Bake Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites are a great alternative that somewhat mimics a granola bar but healthier, since you are in control of the ingredients. Since these No Bake Oatmeal Energy Bites are small enough to basically pop in your mouth, it's easy to make a double batch to have them handy for those "need to snack" moments. I recommend keeping your serving size to just two, even though they are so delicious you will want to eat more! Save Print No Bake Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites Recipe type: Snack Prep time:  10 mins Total time:  10 mins Serves: 10 servings   These yummy energy bites will help you naturally fuel your day! Ingredients 1 cup Oatmeal ½ cup Peanut Butter ¼ cup … [Read more...]

5 Not So Obvious Eating Habits to Avoid

  At the turn of the New Year, we are always looking for ways to cut back on food, increase our metabolism, and lose the weight we gained over the holiday season. I personally try not to get too caught up in it all and be mindful about what I'm eating on a daily basis. I strongly feel that this helps me maintain my weight the whole year through. But I will say this, I have made a strong commitment to a focus on developing more healthy habits, and these are my 5 eating habits to avoid in your daily life. Looking back to my high school and college years, I can easily pinpoint eating habits that were good and some that were bad, but there was much to be improved upon. It wasn't until after I had B that I started developing healthier habits that I still live by today (and they are always being improved upon with each passing year.) 5 Eating Habits to Avoid We all think or would like to believe that our healthy choices are well thought out or that we have been well advised by our personal experts. In reality, there are quite a few eating habits to avoid that aren't so obvious - habits that most of us have become accustomed to over the years. 1. Eating fat-free or low-fat foods. Throughout high school and college, I turned towards foods that were labels "low fat" and "fat free" like it was my job. I thought that was best, and many of us honestly do. In reality, whenever companies take fat out of something, they must replace it with something else to make up for … [Read more...]

25 Body Acceptance Resolutions To Live By

  Body acceptance. Paired together these are very big words that ironically, carry an awful lot of weight. Whenever I started Project Motherhood, this quite possibly was the main focus of mine, since it was something I struggled with tremendously. I knew with every cell in my body that women of all shapes and sizes, pre and post baby, were feeling the same way. To this day, I still struggle with body acceptance. I have good days and bad days - we all do. So starting out the new year, I wanted to try to cleanse myself and think about body acceptance, my body acceptance, in a different light. Not everyday is going to be perfect, but join me in these body acceptance resolutions and make a difference in your life. 25 Body Acceptance Resolutions I will not let my mind bully my body. I will not forget that I gave life with this body. I will do something positive every day for my body. I will not let others negative body image effect mine. I will stop thinking about what I should be doing for my body and do only what I am able and willing to do. I will be proud of the skin I'm in. Just because I'm not a model, doesn't mean that I'm not beautiful. I am a work in progress, and not seeking perfection. My imperfections make me perfect in my own way. My self-worth has nothing to do with how my body looks. My body is changing, and that's okay. It's okay to love myself as I continue to evolve. I promise to focus less on the number on the scale … [Read more...]

Today, I’m Letting Go

  This past weekend, I sat and I worked - which really isn't typical of me during the 3 non-Army Reserve weekends that my husband is home. Our norm is to plan one active day out of the house and one lounge day/family movie day in the house. So on the very first weekend of 2016, my butt sat behind the computer so that I could finish up a looming project for my other company INTRO NYC (If you are a blogger, hop over and join now!). I just couldn't start the first Monday of the new year without getting that done. I kept glancing over and looking at my phone. Then, picking up my phone and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through every social network - it was almost a treat that I awarded myself with each time I finished a page of work. And I watched what everyone else was doing. And because I was sitting on my butt working and my boys' butts were sitting in front of the TV in the other room, it made me feel pretty shitty about myself. I know that I outlined that I want to be more productive in 2016, which includes less Facebook time, but I'm starting to feel like the issue is bigger than Facebook. I discussed in a recent post the need to bridge the gap between reality and the Internet, how there is always more than what meets the eye. I do still believe that, but I haven't yet stopped to really think about the way the photos affect me at times. We're a busy family, we really are, and I'm truly thankful for the fun moments we get to have both personally and … [Read more...]