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Hot Looks For Spring to Buy NOW!

I’m certainty starting to feel that itch to put my boots in the very back of my closet and let my sandals come out to play! Yes, spring fashion trends are haunting us everywhere we go, but here in New York City, temperatures just haven’t crept up high enough to let us even begin to […]

Seeing Is Believing: Retouched Photos vs. The Real You

Seeing is Believing: Retouched photos vs. the Real You

Editor’s Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese Seeing is believing. Or is it?  Not if they retouched photos with photoshop! How do retouched photos affect your image of yourself?  Do you compare yourself to impossible standards?  Or do you let the lovely images you see in ads and fashion magazines inspire you to greater standards? Does […]

Fashion Week Spring 2014: The Glitz and Glamor

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 has started with a bang! Being one of the most fashionable and glamorous times of the year here in New York City, you can notice an extra little hop in everyone’s step. The newbies are busy choosing their outfits for the shows and after parties, making very delicate decisions, […]

Keepy Launch Party!

This past Wednesday, my family and I were invited to attend a launch party for the most innovative children’s App that I have seen in a very long time, called Keepy. The event was at The Children’s Museum of that Arts, which we had never been to before, and boy was it a great time! […]

BabyBeau + $80 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Being a stylish Mama is obviously something that we all have in mind whenever we first see that positive pregnancy test laying before us. We want to make sure that everyone always knows just by looking at us that we haven’t lost our sense of style, confidence, or self. Unfortunately, due to the lack of […]

Back to School For The First Time

Up until this point in my life, back to school had a completely different meaning and butterfly sort of feeling inside me when the words were mentioned. When it was me going back to school, there was of course all the excitement that revolved around the shopping. But there was also a sense of how […]

DIY: Lingerie Sachets

Obviously, our first Project Motherhood Book Club read had quite an impact on me, and it hasn’t ended! As I read Patricia Volk’s descriptions of the way that her mother Audrey did everything from planning dinner parties to her beauty regimen, I was in complete awe. Most women just don’t take care of themselves and […]

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Being Fashion Conscious: Dressing For Your Body Shape

Dear Diary, While turning my apartment completely upside down yesterday to find a matching shoe to one that I had lost, I came across some pictures of myself from high school. I couldn’t help but cringe whenever I looked at what I was wearing. Obviously fashion has gone through quite a transition since then, but […]

let me introduce myself

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Dear Diary, I think it may have all started on that wonderful moment when I spotted my first pair of Christian Louboutin pumps in a store window, their shiny red bottoms screaming out my name. Or perhaps it went back even further to when I was a very young girl and my grandmother first introduced me to the magic […]

Best Buddies

Boys, Boys, Boys

In order to get a better understanding of the person that I am, you must be introduced to “my boys” (aka my husband and son). They keep my life exciting, full of endless surprises, and have helped mold me into the person I am today. My husband, my Christopher, is a very strong individual who […]

The day Branden was born!

More Than a Mamanista…

I had the rare chance the other night to watch one of my favorite shows of all time, Project Runway, without any interruptions from child, husband, or phone. What I really love about this show is how the contestants have to respond to situations and obstacles at a moment’s notice,  creating beauty and elegance at […]

Me, Natalie, and Annelise

Fashion History 101: The Tale of the Little Black Dress

The only letters that I need to mention are “L.B.D.” and almost every woman knows exactly what I am talking about. For those of you feeling out of the loop, L.B.D. is fashion lingo for “Little Black Dress.” This wardrobe essential is such a classic piece that most women have multiples hanging in their closet. Every […]

Snip, snip!

Size Matters?

  It’s no secret that women in our society obsess over the number that appears on every tag in every piece of clothing that we own. How could we not? Our society puts pressure on us to make sure that the numbers on the scale are down, our cholesterol count is down, our daily calorie […]

Look Amazing on a $100-a-Month Shopping Budget!

Look Amazing on a $100-a-Month Shopping Budget

  As of lately, my fashion obsession has been taking a toll on my bank account.  When the newest designer lookbook arrives in my mailbox every month, it is difficult to not run out to the mall and charge EVERYTHING to my credit card.  The reality is, it’s hard on my bank account, shopping budget, and lifestyle […]

My sister Natalie, and her my nephew Shane.

The Tale of the Teen Mama

Every Mama has heroes in their life. Not every one is lucky enough to call one of them her sister, and her best friend. My sister Natalie, at 17,  gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy, Shane David.  Being a teen mother is not glamorous or easy by any means, but with lots of […]

Leggings at Branden's 2nd birthday party in Pittsburgh, Pa at my parents house!

Wardrobe Staples for Every Woman

  I know that I do an awful lot of talking about my love for designer labels. The truth is, my obsession with designers is only really pertinent when it comes to having high quality staple items hanging in your closet.  These important wardrobe builders are the items that are worth splurging on, since they are your workhorses […]