10 Beauty Commandments to Live By

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These 10 beauty commandments that will make a difference in your everyday beauty regimen and are smart promises to make to yourself.

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10 Beauty Commandments to Live By

Earlier this week, my husband turned 29, and has been whining about it like a big baby. While I keep telling him as nicely as I can to “STOP IT,” I can’t help but think about how I will also be turning 29 soon – then one more year before the big 3-0. I’m not nervous about it like my husband is, in fact – I’m looking at my 20’s as the years I’m laying the groundwork for my family and my career, and working towards things to flourish in my 30’s.

But, its has me thinking a bit about my beauty regimen. I’ve learned more and more growing up into adulthood about the products we use on our skin, how to apply makeup, and what really works for me overall that I want to carry with me into my next decade of life and beyond.

So, here are my 10 beauty commandments that I’m following:

 1. Thou shall moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Being an oily skin girl, I never understood how important this was until a few years ago. Not only is it great to combat wrinkles from a young age, but it helps to calm down those oil glands and actually make your face less oily. Facial oils also do the trick!

2. Thou shall understand the importance of sunscreen.

Yup, I tanned when I was younger in a tanning bed. Never. Again. I never had any major problems, but after becoming a mom and essentially in charge of someone else’s skin, I keep sunscreen and lotions with sunscreen in it everywhere. I’m crazy about it with my family everyday, and especially during the summer months. And honestly, applying sunscreen and drinking loads of water might just be the two biggest beauty commandments of them all. To learn more about the impact this little bit of lotion can make, check out our post: Summer Days, Harmful Rays …Protecting Your Skin With Sunscreen.

3. Thou shall keep a nail file and and my best hand cream on my night stand at all times.

I pick at my nails – I’ll admit it! So having a really awesome hand cream and nail file by my bedside at night helps smooth out any rough edges and keeps my hands in decent condition day to day, even if I don’t have time to get a manicure.

4. Thou shall not be cheap when buying beauty products.

Do you read beauty product labels and all those nasty chemicals going inside them? Be careful of what you are buying and putting on your skin because it gets absorbed right into your bloodstream. I’m not cheap when buying beauty products, or food for that matter.

5. Thou shall never, ever mess with a zit before “it’s time.”

I mean, do I really need to elaborate here?

6. Thou shall change my pillowcase every few days.

Perhaps you are a clean freak and change your sheets everyday, but if you are like me and don’t, make sure the pillowcase is changed every few days. You will see a difference in your skin – promise!

7. Thou shall drink at least 8 glasses of water per day – for real.

The healing powers of water are really wonderful. Beyond water helping you stay full and hydrated, it does wonders for your skin.

8. Thou shall never underestimate the powers of an at home exfoliating/face mask session.

Can’t get to the spa? Who has time anyways? Keep your favorite exfoliator and mask handy and do it in your own home once a week. Your. Skin. Will. Glow.

9. Thou shall always keep concealer and mascara handy.

I’m the girl who always gets asked “are you tired?” when I’m not. I naturally have dark circles under my eyes that are a true pain in the ass. So for this reason, I make sure that even if I run out of everything else, I have mascara and concealer handy to help make me look like I had a good night’s sleep. It pays to search for the right concealer, too…you’ll know it when you find it!

10. Thou shall smile more.

It’s amazing what a little smile can do, and how often we think we might be smiling, but aren’t.

Looking for more beauty articles? I’ve got some great ones!

What are your beauty commandments? I know that they aren’t always easy to stick through, but being mindful of these beauty commandments has helped me focus a bit more on my own self care and realize just how important that is for my mental well being.

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Ha ha I am doing most of them, as I’m getting really close to 30 I just want to make sure that I don’t look 30 🙂


  2. Great tips! As someone who has oily skin, and HATES to moisturize, I know it is really important to do so.

  3. LOVE this post!!!

  4. Totally agree with these commandments, especially thou shall moisturize and thou shall drink 8 ounces of water a day . Those two are the key to a healthy and youthful skin.

  5. I finally understand how much better skin feels and looks with plenty of water. It only took me half a lifetime.

  6. Oh my gosh. #5 is such a hard one for me. I can’t stand to let a zit go!

  7. lorraine says:

    I would only add to be sure to clean your face before going to bed. Get all that makeup off and of course mosturize.

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