2016 – Bring It On!

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For quite a bit of time now, my husband and I have felt an inkling for the word “change” to wash over us. We’re ready for newness in our lives and have been ready to make some alterations. We’re wanting to expand our family and feel ready for all the challenges and happiness that will bring. We’re toying with the idea of leaving the city (gasp!), as we are both yearning for more space and most importantly, a space of our own. Living here, there’s not much worth looking at real estate wise that’s under $1.5 million, and at just under 30, we’re not ready for a million dollar purchase.

Those are the things we are working towards in 2016. But as I mentioned whenever I was reflecting on 2015 and sharing my top posts of the year – it’s the in between moments that I often overlook. These are the moments that I think I need to focus on, the day to day stuff, that will help lead us in a direction to achieve our big goals.

Happy 2016 New Year Balloons


I need to be more productive.

I’m not going to lie – Facebook is killing me. I schedule things daily for Project Motherhood and then I find myself spending way too much time scrolling through all of these great blogging groups that I’m a part of to get my daily fill of information, tips, and industry changes. It’s getting to be too much and is proving to be more of a time suck than anything. I’m making a daily goals plan for myself and sticking to it! I will also be limiting my Facebook time and closing out of it in my browser whenever I need to get important work done. No more excuses!

I need to start cleaning 1 thing everyday.

I don’t have a big space to take care of at all by any means, but I tend to neglect cleaning…until it’s too late. Having my regular cleaning lady hasn’t been in the budget for a few months, so then I become overwhelmed with trying to add a whole apartment deep cleaning to my to-do list. Why, oh why am I doing that to myself? My mom has a huge 5 bedroom house to manage and has always said to me, “do one chore everyday.” In 2016, I’m going to finally take her advice.

I need to keep up with my fitness routine during the cold months.

I’m typically pretty good about this, but I always keep it on my list as an affirmation. Since I run pretty regularly whenever weather permits, I always stop when it gets cold and snowy. I use regular workout videos and weights to keep healthy during this time, and since I got a FitBit for Christmas, I will be coming up with some new and creative ways to keep those steps up when I’m not out and about as much. If you want to join in on the fun, this FitBit Flex is only $102 from Overstock and comes in lots of fun colors! Follow me as Allison Cooper and we can stay fit together!

I need to take on more projects.

I’ve realized that in the past couple months that I’ve had more down time, and in that down time I become increasingly unproductive. I absolutely hate feeling like that. Since B gets on the bus at 7am and off the bus at 5pm, my whole day exists between those hours and if I’m not doing something every minute, I feel lazy. So, I’m opening the doors to more projects, both with Project Motherhood and the freelance work that I do. I’m just the kinda person that has a need to be busy, and downtime stresses me out!

I need to show more gratitude to those around me.

I read from someone on social media recently that they were setting time aside once a month to write simple thank you notes of gratitude to the important people in their life, and I absolutely love this idea! While I may not be able to commit to this all year long, it’s something I want to just start doing more of in my daily life. Because without the important people around me, I wouldn’t be who or where I am today.

What are your 2016 goals?

Fashionably Yours,



  1. I love that last idea – writing notes to those who mean so much to you. Heck, I’m proud that at least I wrote thank you notes this holiday season. It felt good, too! All the best for 2016.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      You, too Katy! And to be completely honest, I didn’t even write thank you notes for the holiday season – so you are ahead of me!

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