25 Self Love Affirmations To Live By

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Start the new year right, with these 25 self love affirmations will have you feeling better about yourself every single day. 

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self love affirmations

25 Self Love Affirmations To Live By

Body acceptance. Paired together these are very big words that ironically, carry an awful lot of weight.

Whenever I started Project Motherhood, this quite possibly was the main focus of mine, since it was something I struggled with tremendously. I knew with every cell in my body that women of all shapes and sizes, pre and post baby, were feeling the same way. To this day, I still struggle with body acceptance. I have good days and bad days – we all do. So starting out the new year, I wanted to try to cleanse myself and think about body acceptance, my body acceptance, in a different light. These self love affirmations will do the trick.


Not everyday is going to be perfect, but join me in these body acceptance resolutions and make a difference in your life.

25 Self Love Affirmations

  1. I will not let my mind bully my body.
  2. I will not forget that I gave life with this body.
  3. I will do something positive every day for my body.
  4. I will not let others negative body image effect mine.
  5. I will stop thinking about what I should be doing for my body and do only what I am able and willing to do.
  6. I will be proud of the skin I’m in.
  7. Just because I’m not a model, doesn’t mean that I’m not beautiful.
  8. I am a work in progress, and not seeking perfection.
  9. My imperfections make me perfect in my own way.
  10. My self-worth has nothing to do with how my body looks.
  11. 11. My body is changing, and that’s okay.
  12. It’s okay to love myself as I continue to evolve.
  13. I promise to focus less on the number on the scale and more on how I feel.
  14. Food is meant to nourish my body and not my enemy.
  15. It’s okay for me to feel confident.
  16. I am stronger than I think.
  17. I can be healthy, no matter what my pant size is.
  18. My body can do amazing things.
  19. I am still beautiful, even if I’m having a “fat” day.
  20. I promise not to punish myself.
  21. I will stay out of my head too much and focus on just being.
  22. I am worth it.
  23. I trust myself.
  24. I choose happiness.
  25. I choose to love myself.

You can also PRINT THESE HERE, as it’s great to put these self love affirmations somewhere visible to remember and reflect on every single day. What are your biggest body acceptance challenges?

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  1. This is great! I have struggled with body inage my whole life! Choosing to love ourselves every day is the best way! Thanks for the post! I will totally share on my Twitter and Facebook:)

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