5 Beach Bag Beauty Essentials For Staying Gorgeous at the Shore

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It’s been a year since we have done a family beach day, and we have never done a family beach trip yet, so needless to say, I’m super psyched for our vacation this year! So excited, that it topped my list of 5 Wishes For Summer. We’re not doing anything crazy because taking off work is tough, but we are meeting my sister and her family and possibly my parents for some fun in the sun at Ocean City, Maryland – where I grew up vacationing. It’s going to be filled with nostalgia, and of course – I’m thinking about my beach bag beauty essentials.

Being at the beach to me is magical. There is something so soothing that it can lull you into a happier state, no matter what. I know that it can be busy whenever you have littles to chase, but even if you get a few minutes to soak it all in, the moment is priceless.


I also know that whenever you head to the beach, especially as a family, you are camping out for the day – no turning back! So, the beach bag beauty essentials that you pack become even more important to keep you feeling good all day through. The thing about the beach is that you don’t need much in terms of makeup to glow, but there are other beach bag essentials that will make your day easier – and we could use some of that, huh?

Beach Bag Beauty Essentials That Will Rock Your Summer


1. These Apivita Express Beauty Face and Eye Cleansing Wipes are perfection! They are great to wipe your whole body down whenever you need to freshen up at the beach and are lightly scented with natural chamomile. They are especially perfect if you’ve got sand or salt water in your eye and gentle enough for kiddos, too!

2. These DERMAdoctor MED e TATE antiperspirant wipes are a lifesaver after you have been going from ocean to sand all day, especially if you are heading straight to an outdoor dinner. They are single use, so they take up no space and you can just throw a couple new ones in your beach bag each day.

3.Of course sunscreen is a beauty beach bag essential, but this Coola Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 is extra special! Its perfect to spray down your whole crew and is lightly scented with cucumber, so its extra refreshing!

4. Next to sunscreen, lip balm is probably my next must-have at the beach because my lips get so dry so quickly. This Honest Organic Lip Balm Trio is a gentle and sweet smelling option, perfect for you and your family. Hint – throw it in the cooler to keep it from melting.

5. This light tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer is perfect for beach days where you want to add a little extra glamor to your beach glow. It will cover any blemishes, plus has SPF 20 to keep you from burning.

What are your go-to beach bag beauty essentials? For more summer beauty tips the whole summer through, subscribe here, to our newsletter where we will feature deals, tips, and the insider Mama scoop!

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  1. Definitely! All of this and a few bottles of water, you’ll be good to go.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh yes, lip balm is a must. I always forget it and then I end up burning my lips at the beach.

  3. These suggestions are awesome! We’re heading to the beach in just a few weeks and this will help me make sure my beach bag is well stocked!

  4. Number 5 is something that has been recommended to me multiple times. I think now I will order it!

  5. Love all of these suggestions! I always have to have my lip balm with me wherever I go!

  6. I love these suggestions. I like anything that will help with keeping me looking good wherever I am. Lip balm is a must have at the beach for sure.

  7. Great ideas. My lips stay so dry and I always forget to grab a Burt’s Bees tube before we leave. I’m packing a beach bag right now, it’ll be ready to go for the weekend!

  8. I’m such a beauty addict. I am in total envy of your trendy beach bag essentials. I especially want the Coola SPF 30.

  9. These are awesome beach ideas. Both the lip balm and the sunscreen would be on my list.

  10. Add in a bottle of water, and you’ve got my perfect beach bag! I need to keep everything, from my lips to my skin, hydrated.

  11. Awesome list! I need to try those Honest Lip Balms. All their products rock!

  12. Love these ideas! I’ll definitely have to check out the wipes. With my thick hair I tend to sweat around my face a lot in the summer so I think these would help me feel fresher.

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