5 Fashion Rules Meant to be Broken

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Fashion can be such a fickle thing sometimes. We grow up having these “fashion rules” drilled in our heads, always feeling as if we must abide by them or else we will be instantly out-casted. Then, you grow up and open your first copy of Vogue magazine and realize that the true trend setters and fashion innovators are the ones that break these fashion rules.

I remember reading an article in Vogue as an adult that featured details of the new Mrs. Trump (now Melania Trump) to-be gushing about her wedding details. She shared intimate moments, like when she got to take a stroll with Mr. Manolo Blahnik himself (who designed her wedding shoes), and he informed that world that he did not believe in the “never wear white after labor day” rule. It then became clear to me that there were many fashion rules meant to be broken in order to actually be a trend setter.

1. Don’t wear white after labor day.



I’ve always hated this rule, so I felt so relieved when one of my biggest fashion influencers proved my feelings right! I never really understood why this all started, but I strongly feel that every woman can wear all white or pops of white all year long. In fact, my feelings are so strong on this subject that I wrote an entire article dedicated to showing you all how to wear white after Labor day. Read more about that here.

2. Don’t mix black and brown.


I feel like this was a rule that started whenever a woman spent too many hours helping her husband get dressed in the morning. I get that this applies more to men’s suits, but it somehow seeped over into women’s wear. I don’t have any problems with mixing black, brown, and navy, for that matter. Step outside the box!

3. Always match your shoes with your bag.

No matching necessary!

No matching necessary!

This rule had to have been developed by some stuffy woman that never colored outside the lines. What’s the point of putting together a killer outfit if you can’t have fun with it? I say mix and match away – the more pops of color and patterns, the better (in most cases).

4. As you get older, your hemlines must get longer.

short dress

No way hose! Rule #1 in dressing your body shape is know what your assets are and flaunting them. If you have great legs, and they are that part of your body that makes you feel good to show off, while you strategically hide the not so great parts – do it! Yes, hot pants are a no-no, – let’s be realistic here. But, short or longer hemlines shouldn’t ever have age restrictions.

5. Never pair open-toed shoes with hosiery or tights.

I just had this conversation with a friend last weekend! I know that whenever we see this rule that we all picture an old lady with horrible looking open toed shoes with thin stockings in the wrong color – but that’s not you! I have absolutely no problem with an open-toed shoe and some hosiery peeking through in the winter months. If it’s cold out, you must be covering your legs, end of discussion.

Did we miss any fashion rules that you regularly break? We want to hear about it -comment below!

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