5 Life Changing Mom Moments That Define Who You Are Today

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Right now, we are living year number 6 in our sweet Branden’s life. Though not every moment has been as heavenly as he is during bedtime cuddles, they have all helped to shape and define the mom that I am today. While we have many years in life ahead, and I’m thinking the teenage ones might be the toughest, today I’m pinpointing the most impactful, life-changing events that have struck me to my core to mold me as a Mama and be the best version of myself.


1. The day you give birth.

I’m not talking about that moment whenever your precious new baby is placed in your arms for the first time and you warmly welcome them into your life. Nope. I’m talking about the process of birthing that beautiful baby – the pain, the mess, the emotions – all of it. This is where it all begins. This is as raw and passionate and pure as motherhood gets and the [most likely] one time you will fully let yourself be vulnerable to it all. This life changing moment starts your motherhood journey. In this moment when you are feeling intense torment and happiness all at the same time, your eyes will be open to the immense strength inside you, and it will truly carry you through each day as you move forward.

2. The first time your baby smiles at you.

Well, there’s not much explaining that’s needed here. This moment fills us with pure bliss and tugs really hard at our heart strings. Take a mental screenshot Mamas, because this is the place that you will need to go back to whenever that little pile of goodness enters the toddler years and does something that truly tests your patience and infuriates you beyond what you think you are capable of handling. The moment your sweet baby first smiles at you will impact the way that you are able to rationally handle those trying moments to come. Good luck.

3. The first time you let your child down.

This is a heartbreaking moment because we never want to let our children down, but it’s going to happen sooner or later. This is a defining moment because it will toughen your skin and reveal how you can push through the tough stuff and come out on top as a parent.

4. The moment you tell the first white lie.

This is different for everyone, but for us it was Branden’s finding of our Elf on the Shelf, Marshall, in a suitcase during the summertime, whenever that darn elf was very clearly supposed to be hanging with Santa in the The North Pole. It was a complete “Oh shit” moment where my husband and I both instantaneously locked eyes, looking for the other to telepathically send the right answer. There unfortunately was not one. This is one of those trying moments where you must come up with a response while thinking on your toes that won’t hurt them and might possibly diffuse the situation. This is known as the white lie. More moments like these will come, I promise you – and this quick thinking will help sharpen your brain and help you navigate many mom as well as non-mom situations that lay ahead.

5. The day you first send your child to school.

Dealing with parting ways with your child, this little person that you have nurtured and loved since the day they were born, is rough. Very rough. I remember feeling such mixed emotions on the first day of all day kindergarten – so excited for him but sad for me at the same time. This is the moment we all realize that they won’t need us forever; in fact – it’s better for them that they acquire this new-found independence. These are the moments that we learn to deal with change, and most importantly – learn that we are doing good for our children by letting go and allowing them to learn things on their own.

What have been the most life-changing moments so far in your motherhood experience? Comment below or tweet at me – I would absolutely LOVE to hear your feedback!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I cried like a baby the day I sent my first son off to Kindergarten. He’s going into the middle school next year and I Might just cry again…..

  2. When I read #3 it hit me and the memory of the first time I let my oldest child down came back to haunt me. Lesson learned with the following 3 kids.. Do NOT miss their 6th grade graduation. I will forever feel bad that I missed his over work! So not worth it.

  3. These are definitely some big moments. I remember the days they first went to school and the days they graduated.

  4. definitely the very first day of school! They are still SO tiny and they look so sad in that classroom!!! Oh my goodness I could not handle it when I sent my son and daughter!

  5. These are definitely big moments! I think the next big one for me is the first day I see my child drive away (while he’s driving). I really think these moments expand and you can add to the list as your kids get older.

  6. Oh man those really are major milestones. I remember all of those next will be giving them the keys to the car ahhhhhh!

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