5 Not So Obvious Foods To Avoid Eating

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Knowing these foods to avoid eating will help you get back on track and be more mindful about establish healthy eating habits to lose weight.

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foods to avoid eating

5 Not So Obvious Foods To Avoid Eating

At the turn of the New Year, we are always looking for ways to cut back on food, increase our metabolism, and lose the weight we gained over the holiday season. I personally try not to get too caught up in it all and be mindful about what I’m eating on a daily basis. I strongly feel that this helps me maintain my weight the whole year through. But I will say this, I have made a strong commitment to  focus on developing more healthy habits, and keep the foods to avoid eating out of my life.

Looking back to my high school and college years, I can easily pinpoint eating habits that were good and some that were bad, but there was much to be improved upon. It wasn’t until after I had B that I started developing healthier habits that I still live by today (and they are always being improved upon with each passing year.) Plus, fittingin yoga a few times a week helps, too! (These are my favorite Reebok yoga tights and you can read a full review + how I’m trying to be more kind to myself about getting back into shape HERE.) 

Thinking about these foods to avoid eating will help you get back on track and establish better healthy eating habit to lose weight. Promise

Try These Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight

We all think or would like to believe that our healthy choices are well thought out or that we have been well advised by our personal experts. In reality, sometimes it’s just easier to focus on a few foods to avoid eating than a laundry list of things we should be eating. I say: keep things simple. In order to make smart choices everyday and establish healthy eating habits to lose weight, I keep these in mind as I go about my day and it just helps to simplify my healthy life.

1. Eating fat-free or low-fat foods.

Throughout high school and college, I turned towards foods that were labels “low fat” and “fat free” like it was my job. I thought that was best, and many of us honestly do. In reality, whenever companies take fat out of something, they must replace it with something else to make up for the flavor and action of the fat. In most cases, it’s processed crap, disgusting filler, and sugar that is added in. Add this to your list of foods to avoid eating and instead choose whole foods when you have the option, because it’s much easier to burn off that fat than the extra sugar that’s now in your body unnecessarily and becoming an addiction in its own right.

2. Overdoing it with vitamin supplements.

This is something that I really started cutting back on a year ago. No more vitamins in our home because if you are eating a well balanced diet, there is no need for them. In fact, your body just flushes out the extra that it doesn’t need. In extreme cases, the overuse of vitamins can actually be harmful, so make sure you discuss with your doctor before starting any type of vitamin regimen.

3. Choosing bottled water or flavor enhanced water.

First and foremost, we don’t always realize it, but bottled water can contain harmful or unwanted bacteria in it that our bodies most definitely don’t need. Instead, pack your own filtered water in your own water bottle – it’s also great for the environment.

Second, flavored water has unnecessary sugar and sugar substitutes in it that we just don’t need in our bodies. If you want to enhance your water, simply add some fresh fruit and you are good to go!

4. Reaching for granola or protein bars.

Both granola bars and protein bars have loads of unwanted sugars, preservatives, and carbohydrates in them that you don’t want whenever you are reaching for a quick snack. Instead, opt for a clean high protein or grain alternative or even make your own bars so that you know what’s going in them. (I have a fun recipe coming up next week – get excited!)

5. Leaving dessert behind.

This is my favorite tip on the whole list! If you are skipping dessert, something that you really, really want, then you are depriving yourself. This ultimately has a snowball effect and will result in you overeating later at some point. Have that dessert so it doesn’t become a big obsession, but don’t forget to plan for it, too.

Bonus – Eating for two during pregnancy!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this topic lately, and this little saying that every pregnant woman is constantly taunted with just couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, a pregnant woman should aim to maintain her pre-pregnancy calorie intake during the first trimester, increase it only by 300 calories per day the second trimester, and go up by 500 calories per day the third trimester.

My last tip for foods to avoid eating is to make sure that you’re pantry is always filled with foods that are good for you! My recommendation? Try Amazon Prime Pantry – it’s been a life saver for us! (HINT: Buy 5 items now and get FREE SHIPPING!!)

Are there any food habits you are looking to avoid?

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  1. Fat is essential to a healthy diet – it just needs to be the right fat. There are plenty of healthy fats out there. And without a little treat in the day what good is life?

  2. great tips!

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