5 Quick Tips to Get To School Faster!

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Time to go to school, kids—Mommy’s got work to do!

Well, folks—it’s that time of year again—get ready to set your alarms and smile at your kindergarten teacher, Speed Chic’s taking you BACK TO SCHOOL!

As a busy MWAH (Mommy Working At Home), I treasure the few hours of quiet time that public school provides. With your second cup of coffee and a fun magazine in mind, here are…

5 Quick Tips to Get To School Faster!


1. Pre-Pack Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

I used to work as an assistant for a top fashion editor—my duties included packing big black trunks on rolling wheels full of designer dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry—each layered in tissue or rolled in plastic baggies to be unfurled at a glamorous location for a celeb photo shoot.

My kids are clearly not celebrities (yet) but I employ the same professional techniques learned in the field. Pack each child’s school bag the night before with homework and extra clothes. Leave the backpacks open by the front door so as you’re running out to the bus stop, you remember to toss in the lunchboxes that you pre-packed at dinner time.

2. Create a Flexible Routine

My guys (and me too, actually) do better when we know what to expect. In the morning, we have a general routine that I try to stick to in a gentle way. It goes like this: Wake up, have some milk, watch a show, turn off TV, sit at the table to eat breakfast, wash up and get dressed, playtime, and then go. They know when their show is over that TV time is done, and I keep it consistent (that way all three of us avoid crying in the morning).

3. Wake up 15 Minutes Earlier

I try to haul my tushie out of bed for a quick shower before the boys start jumping off the couch (couch jumping is not in my planned routine, you’ll notice—but ask Oprah—stuff happens). Splash around for 10 minutes of  “me” time in the AM (and then check out my post “5 Minute Makeup”)! By the time “Diego” is saving the baby iguana for the umpteenth time, you will be ready to face those moms at drop off!

4. Yes, You Can Make Pancakes

Believe it or not, they can have a 20 second healthy breakfast. I make a big batch of silver dollar pancakes on Monday and then re-heat throughout the week…(mix in some sweet potato puree, and you’ve also gotten them to eat their vegetables before 10 AM hahaha!)

5. Reward, Reward, Reward

Sometimes just telling the little guys what to do works (yeah, right). But if I want them to focus on getting dressed (and that does not include wearing one’s underwear on one’s head), then I let them know that after they get themselves together, we can do something fun for a few minutes. Lately, that’s been doing taekwondo kicks and screaming “Keyap” in the front yard (Good morning, neighbors!) which, BTW is also a great way to start the day if you have a son who thinks “Circle Time” is akin to kryptonite…

Follow these Quick Tips and not only will you have time to walk them to the bus stop, you’ll actually get to read that paper!


A special “Thank You” to Allison at Project Motherhood for inviting me to Guest Post today…Visit www.speedchicblog.com for more glossy goodness!

Former fashion gal-about-town in NYC, now mommy to two fierce, fast and funny boys (Thunder and Lightening) in the ‘burbs. SPEED CHIC swaps stilettos for sneakers (most days) but never, ever leaves home without lipgloss.


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    good advice and it made me smile

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