5 Reasons To Do The Color Run

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This is not a sponsored post. My family and I received free tickets to attend The Color Run. 

If you recall, last July when I was 8 months pregnant, me, Chris and Branden completed The Glow Run together. We try to do one of these races together each year and while I barely finished last year’s I was so excited to do The Color Run together this year as a family – this time, pushing a stroller instead of ready to pop made the whole thing much better. I can’t recommend The Color Run enough and if it’s about to hit your city (here’s the full upcoming list), here’s why you should attend with your entire family. Spoiler alert: we had a blast!

1. It’s family- friendly.

The word “family-friendly” means so much to us because we really don’t have any babysitters close by and spending $20 an hour on one to go out is something we rarely do. Which means that we’re always seeking family-friendly things that are actually enjoyable for all of us (like really enjoyable not just the “I’ll watch my kids have fun” kind) and this was a great experience that appealed to just that.


2. It’s not timed.

After having Blake, I’ve been having a little runner’s phobia and haven’t gotten back out there quite yet, so this non-timed, 5k is a great way to get a little workout without feeling pressured to beat a certain. It’s really relaxed and just fun right from start to finish.

3. It’s a great way to do something outdoors.

My boys are BIG movie-buffs. Me? Not so much. I try to plan activities outdoors, but they more often than not want to be in a movie theater. This allows us all to get outdoors without hesitation and be active together.


4. The party afterwards.

It’s not just a run, but a party, too. Aft the race is over there are fun vendors to meet as well as a DJ and party that you can jump into and dance your heart out. We especially loved this since Branden is really into music, but still a little young to go to some of the festivals that my husband goes to. It’s the perfect balance!

5. Hello….family togetherness!

Is there anything better than getting family and friends together to make some memories. I think not!

Have you ever done The Color Run? It’s some serious fun and worth checking out!

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