5 Things I’m Loving This February

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January pretty much flew by, right? I felt like I blinked my eyes and we’re in February and have a full fledged 5 month old on our hands! I sorta laid low in January, working on lots on back end stuff and updating old favorites and making them better for everyone. But, I have also been planning some fun new series and this is one of them: 5 things I’m loving each month. I do a lot of shopping behind the scenes and don’t get to photograph everything or all of my favorite looks, so I thought this would be a great way to highlight some inexpensive (most of the time), pieces that are just fun to shop and add to your wardrobe, home, or kid’s wardrobes each month. This month is all about the #momstyle. And, if you feel like it, hop on over to Instagram where I will do my best to share the behind the scenes to our everyday + some fashion favorites, too.

1. Flared denim 

Ahem, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that flared denim is all the rage these days. No need to toss your skinnies though, but by adding a great pair of flares you will add some dimension to your wardrobe for sure. (Read my full guide to wearing flared denim here.) Anyways, this pair from Free People (only $34!) are my favorites and I promise, promise you don’t have to be a skinny minnie to wear them: just follow my guide for altering and balancing volume.  〉Shop Now

 2. A Drawstring Bag

If you’re always on the hunt for a mom bag (a.k.a a bag that carries everything), you want this Rebecca Minkoff Large Moto Drawstring Bag ($345) in your life. I know that it’s a little bit on the pricer side, but if you are like me and carry a bag for a couple of years before buying a new one, it will may for itself. And know what? It’s just an easy bag to throw everything in and get where you need to go everyday. What you know what else? The chic color and embellishments seriously complete every outfit you will wear every single day. Promise.  〉Shop now

3. Metallic Sneakers

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, what are you waiting for?) you have probably seen this picture where I show off my new sneakers that I’m obsessed with that I totally copied from my sister. Since then, my obsession with cozy sneakers only grew and now I’m all about metallic ones. Seriously, when you have a fun pair of sneakers, you can throw them on with leggings and a blazer and look so cool and pulled together – even if you have spit up on your tee underneath. My current faves: the Qupid Rebecca Walking Shoe ($19-27). They come in both back and gold and trust me when I tell you that your kids will think you’re cool again when you rock this high-styles metallic sneaker trend.  〉Shop now

4. Navy Booties

I have long shared my love for booties – I think they are honestly great to wear year round. But lately, I’ve gotten bored with my plain tan or black colors, so I decided to step it up a notch. I have had a little love affair with the color navy and have been working it into my wardrobe wherever possible for about a year now and I came across these Jessica Simpson Sadora Ankle Booties ($83) and am in love! They do come in a few other colors, whose prices starts at only $27, but the navy is what I’m personally loving right now.  〉Shop now.

5. The Ultimate Cozy Sweater 

There’s kinda been nothing that I’ve loved more lately than throwing on a cute sweater with some leggings and just throwing on my coat and heading wherever I need to go. This a little one pretty much always strapped to me, I don’t think too much about accessories these days because I either just plain forget about putting them on or she pulls on them, so I let me clothes do the work themselves. This Crew Neck Knit Sweater ($24) is SO cozy, comes in maroon or grey (but I love the maroon because Valentine’s Day is coming up!) and the pocket detail just completes it perfectly. And of course, the almost waffle-like print adds a little extra embellishment to your look, even if you’re just lounging around the house.  〉Shop now

So there you have it pretty mamas 5 things that are fun to add to your wardrobe this month! Please let me know if you shop any of my favorites – and even better, send me a pic!

Fashionably Yours,


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