5 Things I’m Loving This March

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This post contains affiliate links. 

March is kinda weird month if you ask me. It’s that time of year when you know that spring is on its way, but it’s not really here yet and you can never really anticipate the weather everyday. It becomes a guessing game that includes lots of dressing in layers. So this month I’m sharing my favorite items that are great for pairing together, sometimes light enough to be worn on their own (when the sun is shining) and simply make your wardrobe look effortless. And of course, if you missed my February post, those items will still work during the transitional month of march, too (and I’m still crushing on this Rebecca Minkoff must-have bag!).  I’m also really excited to share that every single item in my favorites this month is UNDER $25!

1. Camo Jacket

If you’ve been following from the beginning, you know that my hubbs is now reserve after being active duty military, so he’s not too keen on my love for the camo trend since it pretty much goes against his green blooded beliefs. But, I’ve been secretly obsessing about it and finally bought a military jacket, which you can see in this #momstylemonday post here. They are super trendy, so I say don’t spend much on them, and the one I have is seriously $20 from Romwe!  You won’t find a better deal anywhere else and it’s thin enough for layering underneath and has become my go-to jacket already. >SHOP NOW

2. Destroyed Legging

I also shared my love for destroyed leggings in a recent #momstylemonday post (same as the camo jacket) and it hasn’t faltered. These super stretchy leggings are SO effing comfortable I can’t even tell you! But they look like actual pants, not leggings – which in my opinion is a mamas dream come true. They are only $12.99 and Romwe and worth every penny (and you can probably score some more major deals while you’re there, too!). You will want to wear them everyday and with destroyed everything being so in, you will be on trend while feeling like you’re in PJ pants – you’re welcome! >SHOP NOW

3. A Denim Shirt

So I  just ordered this blouse from Amazon and it hasn’t arrived yet, so I’ll post pictures soon, but I’m too obsessed not to share right now! How cute is this PERSUN Women’s Blue Flared Sleeve Denim Top ($22) for everyday wear? I’m just loving the pleats and how it will look with an all denim look or even the above destroyed leggings. The options are endless and I’m in such anticipation waiting to it to arrive! I’m fairly certain that I will be wearing this every single opportunity that I get. >SHOP NOW

4. A Graphic Sweatshirt

Ok, last one from my recent mom style post – I promise! But I can’t say enough good things about Romwe and their deep, deep discounts. As you know, graphic tees and sweatshirts are really popular right now and since I also have a very strong love for coffee, this First I Need Coffee Sweatshirt ($8.99) was a must in my wardrobe. It’s comfy, cozy and thin enough to wear under a jacket. What more could a mama want to go with her beloved yoga pants when hanging at home? >SHOP NOW

5. Metallic Gold Lace-Up Flats

Seriously, if you’re looking for a simple way to make any outfit pop or just don’t have the will to wear heels, these Lace-up Metallic Gold Flats ($24) have been my go-tos. Warning, they do take a little bit of time to get your feet used to because they rub at the heels, but after you’re through that phase it’s smooth sailing. You can see them in action in this post with Chris, here. And of course, the ties at the ankle add for not only extra support, but extra embellishment, too. >SHOP NOW

What are your favorites pieces during this time of year?

Fashionably Yours,


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