5 Tips For Keeping the Back to School Routine All Year Through

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I’m not gonna lie – I hear the word “routine” and I get really excited! I thrive in an environment that involves routine, and I have been anxiously waiting this routine-filled time of year as soon as back to school season started. But, this has been somewhat difficult for us because B hasn’t had a full school week yet (I know, crazy, right?), and the new school change has been a dramatic one (bus rider for the first year and it’s an EARLY bus pickup at 7:05am).

We made sure that about 2 weeks before 2nd grade began to start with an earlier bedtime accompanied by an earlier wake-up, to get him into a routine that would be similar to what he was about to experience when school started. But sleeping isn’t the only routine that’s important for kids; in fact – these school routines should stand strong the whole year through, not just at the beginning. Here are some great ways to keep that routine going strong!

5 Tips For Keeping The Back To School Routine All Year Through


1. When weekends roll around, only increase bedtime by 1 hour – and no snoozing all day!

We have had a habit in the past, and it’s definitely mine and my husband’s fault, of letting B stay up way past his bedtime on the weekends, because he deserves it, right? Wrong! Even just these 2 days they are off school over the weekend can result in a major off-kilter routine and lead to them being EXHAUSTED once Monday rolls around.  So, we are switching things up and laying down the law that his bedtime on Fridays and Saturdays will only increase by 1 hour, as it’s still a reward, but won’t throw off our whole weekly routine. And – gasp – will grant us more quality family time during the day!

2. Keep active!

Yes, once the kiddos get home from school it’s time for a bit of unwind time, but once that time has lapsed, make sure that you are keeping active. It can be as simple as playing a family game together, your kiddos regular activity (sports, dance, acting, etc), or even reading. Just make sure that your days are filled with one activity that doesn’t involve the t.v., and it will honestly help you stay on routine because it becomes a part of your routine.

3. Keep an educational routine  with Follett.

Speaking of reading… Follett is an amazing educational resource that works with pre-K students all the way through college that has set out to shape the world of education as we know it. Their mission is simple, as they bring together educational content, products, and technology that prepares the next generation of learners and educators. Their textbooks, classroom materials, and test prep is simply unparalleled and certainly should be part of every family’s back to school educational routine.

4. Hang a big ‘ol dry erase board in the kitchen!

This is a HUGE part of helping the family stay organized, which impacts your routine greatly. This dry erase board is where your family needs to jot things down that need to be brought to everyone’s attention that might affect your family routine. Dad has a late meeting and can’t pick Timmy up from soccer? Mom has a late meeting and won’t be able to cook dinner Wednesday night? No problem! Your family will be prepared for any bumps in your routine because you will already be made aware of these schedule changes.

5. Eat for nourishment and energy.

There is nothing worse than your whole family having a lack of energy because you aren’t eating right. When you succumb to poor eating, everyone starts crashing early in the day and desperately grabbing more not so healthy things or guzzling caffeine (mom and dad) to stay afloat. Make sure that doesn’t happen to your family or yourself, and try to think of food differently, as fuel that your body needs to push through your busy day!

What are your amazing mom back to school tips? Share them here with me and Follett and on social media using the hashtag #FallBackToSchool! I can’t wait to read your ideas!

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**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Our kids bedtime is the same every night of the week. We do better with routine, so I like to keep things consistent for them.

  2. We have our dry erase board in the office – and YES – I totally agree! It has become like the “central command station” for the whole house LOL EVERYTHING goes on that board!

  3. Staying organized helps us so much. When we’re scrambling in the morning our whole day is a mess. I couldn’t get by without my white board, well, my whole command center. I need to check out that reading program though. It sounds like it’d be a great addition.

  4. I like the idea of keeping the education going strong. Keeping healthy and active is a must too.

  5. Eating for energy – I need to remember that one. I know it’s important but easy to forget if I’m not making it a priority. Thank you for the good suggestions!

  6. Great tips!! Intakes a while to get use to a new routine but with tips like these it makes it easier

  7. These are GREAT tips! I do need to get a dry erase board- putting it on my shopping list!

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