5 Truths About Raising A Boy

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Every single day this week whenever I have crept into Branden’s room at 6am to wake him up for school, I slightly nudge him and think to myself, “How is he 7?” Since my little guy turned I would say 3, (3 being when his boy-itude started) we have had some amazing moments where he snuggles me and wants to simply be my little boy, but we have also had moments where we fought like cats and dogs. Let’s face it – B and I spend the most time together, and I have a pretty strict routine with him during the week so he can be kept on track for school, sleep, and everything in between. Sometimes he doesn’t like that – and that’s okay, too.

He pushes my buttons and some days are more challenging than others, but I love the heck out of my little man. Being a mom has truly changed me and here’s what I’ve learned so far on this 7 year journey as the mother of a boy.

5 Truths About Raising a Boy


Boys are just as moody as girls.

Uggghhhh. Sometimes Branden makes this noise while giving me a side eye. As a society we give girls all the blame for moodiness, but I’m here to speak otherwise. Branden is moody. He in fact is possibly just as moody as me when I was little. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with this one.

They will sometimes go on and on about things you don’t understand.

If I had a nickel for every time B rambled on and on about something from Minecraft that I had no clue what he was talking about – I would be rich! There is no way around it, boys have these very passionate interests, just like girls, and even though I can’t relate to it, it’s important to show my interest. So I hang on as long as I possibly can.


They are also just as emotional as girls.

Whenever Branden needs his cuddle, mommy time, he needs that time. There really is no such thing as boys by nature being rough and tough and girls come out being all dainty, it’s just not true. Boys need to feel and express emotions just like girls do, and while they might do it in different ways, it’s still necessary and just as important as when girls are emotional.

Bath-time will almost always be a struggle.

There is NO way that this can just be me or something that goes on in our home. Every time bath-time rolls around you would think another world war was beginning in my tiny apartment! He doesn’t want anything to do with it whenever I decide that it’s finally time to get in the bathroom and get washed. But that’s not the end of it! No…I can’t win either way because whenever it’s time to go out of the tub, he’s not ready for that either. Because he’s having too much fun.


They will be sneaky, and never think that mom is onto their mischief.

We have a new rule in our house: Branden is not allowed to brush his teeth with the bathroom door closed. You might think its silly, but it’s not. B has a habit of getting curious and into trouble whenever he is supposed to be washing his teeth, as in painting the bathroom walls with my nail polish kind of trouble. It doesn’t end there though, as he will then use mouth wash so that he can pretend that he brushed his teeth, when I in fact know that his tooth brush is bone dry. Moms always know, and boys will always think they’re sneaky.

What truths have your noticed about raising your little boy?

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  1. One truth about my older son who is almost 8 is he can be very sneaky, but loves his little brother who is almost 5 months old! I love having 2 boys and 1 girl..

  2. Haha I can totally identify with every one of these! My son was always quiet but he could go on for hours about certain subjects and I would just try to follow along.

  3. Elizabeth Castro says:

    I am glad you addressed the myth that boys can be just as emotional and moody as girls. Having raised a teenage girl and now have a pre teen boy there is no difference between the emotional drama I did and am facing today. I was not prepared having been told by society at large that at least a boy will be into sports and would be calm.

  4. My son chit-chats incessantly about whatever video game he is currently obsessed with! And he’s 12 and has been doing that for years. He is still cuddly, too, and I want him to remain that way and be able to express/share emotions. I would say middle school is trying to knock that out of him, though, with the pressure to be “cool” (whatever that means anyway!)

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