7 FAB Beauty Products For Pregnant Women

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Preggers? Check out these 7 FAB beauty products for pregnant women that will leave your feeling beautiful, but healthy for the little one growing inside!

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7 FAB Beauty Products For Pregnant Women

Did you know that August and September have the highest birth rates than any other months in the year in the United States? It’s true! I had my little guy 6 years ago this upcoming September and I can’t believe how the time has flown! With those stats on our minds, we have curated a few pregnancy-centric posts and fun giveaways over the next few weeks–all targeted towards our lovely pregnant Mamas! Today, we are kicking off the Mama glow fun with beauty products for pregnant women that leave you looking and feeling beautiful during the days you may not be feeling like your normal self. (Mama tip: if you’re looking for a way to build a pregnancy wardrobe without breaking the bank, I’ve got a HUGE how-to for building a capsule maternity wardrobe!)

These pregnancy safe beauty products go much deeper though than just what meets the eye, as it’s all about safety. Often overlooked, our skin is our biggest organ and especially during pregnancy, you have to be careful what you’re putting on it because it will all be absorbed and then transferred to your growing baby. Now more than ever, it’s important to pay attention to these beauty products for pregnant women.

What’s different about these beauty products for pregnant women?

We have rounded up some of our favorite beauty products for pregnant women that are either made directly for pregnant women or are natural and organic. Most of all, they are cosmetics that you can feel good about using, as there won’t be any harsh chemicals affecting that baby growing inside you. And to be honest, I’ve simplified my beauty bag completely even post-pregnancy and use many of these still. My results? Less oily skin and way less breakouts so it’s a win in my eyes. And unlike a lot of other organic brands, the pigmentation in these are still awesome.

7 Beauty Products For Pregnant Women

 beauty-products-for-pregnant-women1. We’re always told not to color our hair during pregnancy, or to wait until after the first trimester. But, the Mama Hair Henna by LUSH is safe the whole way through and leaves your hair with just the right amount of vibrancy that you yearn for!

2. If you were anything like me, you looked down to read your positive pregnancy test and a breakout happened almost instantly! The Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder really helps with that problem during pregnancy but is organic and feels flawless on your face!

3. The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Natural Beauty  is such a great product because it literally gives you the perfect blush, but is natural and lasts forever!  You can easily apply it in the morning and it will indeed last all day.

4. I’m addicted to anything that goes on my lips–I have a need to re-apply constantly! The Organic Infused Hydra Gloss is amazing because it is 100% organic and perfect to complete your pregnant pucker!

5.Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer is one of my absolute favorites. (Check out a full review of this tinted moisturizer here) Void of all toxins, this product makes your skin glow when you’re not pregnant and is outstanding when you are! It is a medium weight, so you can easily double duty this product as your foundation–I do on most days! In addition, it has SPF in it so that you protect your skin everyday.

6. There is absolutely NO NEED to miss out on your manicures during pregnancy with Zoya Nail Polish! They have so many beautiful shades and you can easily buy your favorite color and bring it to the nail salon with you. This was the first nail polish brand to remove anything toxic from their products and continue to be super inspirational in the fashion industry.

7. Smells–they can be your demise during pregnancy, triggering all sorts of things in your gag reflex! The Pacifica California Star Jasmine Roll-on Perfume is an all natural, roll-on perfume that is lightly scented and keeps you smelling and feeling wonderful!


What beauty products for pregnant women have you used during your pregnancies? Another one of my absolute favorites is for getting rid of those pesky stretch marks is Shoosha True, as it is food grade organic and amazing for keeping your growing belly stretch mark free. And if this all is a little overwhelming for you, I compiled a great post that explains a lot while I share what I wish I knew about beauty products for pregnant women and children during my first pregnancy.

I know it can be overwhelming, but the pregnancy safe beauty products will put you on the right track and have you feeling wonderful your entire pregnancy. Lastly, I know skincare during pregnancy is an issue, too and we review Belli skincare as a team, and here’s the results of these pregnancy beauty products that can easily replace your scrub and wash regimen through pregnancy and beyond.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing products with #BeautyBuzz Link Up! See you on the link up next week!


  2. These are great picks. I just used my regular products when I was pregnant. That was back in the days before we knew about all the horrible stuff that can be in them.

  3. I love these products so much. I WISH this kind of stuff had been around when I was pregnant, especially the stretch mark cream. Stretch marks are the worst.

  4. So glad that there is makeup specifically designed for pregnant women. No more stuff that we have no idea what it’s doing to our skin, let alone to our unborn babies!

  5. These sound like great products to use while pregnant. I would love to try the roll-on perfume. Even though I’m not expecting I like that it is lightly scented.

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS! When I was pregnant there were SO few articles out there to guide me on skincare, I swear I called my doc every few weeks to ask her if what I was using was OK and I brought ALL of my skincare items in for her to see. It was insane!

  7. I think it’s so important to feel gorgeous when you are pregnant. I would have definitely have used the Organic Infused Hydra Gloss. I prefer to use organic products on my lips since they are more easily ingested.

  8. I will have to tell me friend about Zoya mail polish. She just found out she is expecting and loves to paint her nails. These all sound like great products.

  9. My daughter just loves Lush products and especially when she was pregnant. She uses them almost exclusively.

  10. I wish I had this list during my pregnancies! I was always so worried about the products I was using. That Organic Infused Hydra Gloss sounds amazing!

  11. Great list of products here!!! A must for new moms.

  12. Great list of products! I always suggest new moms get creams, it helps with the itching and I think helps with stretch marks.

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