9 Postpartum Clothing Styles For New Moms To Rock

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Postpartum clothing can be difficult to navigate with your changing body, but I have 9 flattering postpartum clothes and looks to easily pull inspiration from to be confident in your post-baby body.

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postpartum clothing

9 Postpartum Clothing Styles For New Moms To Rock

Here I stand, 5 months postpartum and though I’m still not back to my normal self quite yet, I’ve learned to work with this new body of mine. I’ve finally gotten back in the groove with a good fitness routine and am almost finished with my first ever round of Whole30 (today’s the last day eeeek – I’ll be sharing more details tomorrow!) and really am finally feeling great. (Though, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have discouraging days anymore or moments where I obsessively inspect every part of my body in the mirror, desperate to shed some inches.) I’m finally at that place where I’m ready to ditch the leggings and go shopping for some new jeans, and wanted to roundup my postpartum clothing styles and share all my postpartum fashion tips in one post with you all.

Postpartum Clothing Style You Will Rock With Ease

Dressing your postpartum body and finding postpartum clothing can be tough because you still have weight to lose, your old stuff doesn’t fit and most likely you don’t want to spend too much money investing in new things just yet. (Relax mama, give yourself some time!) So, here’s some postpartum fashion that you can pull from your wardrobe, or buy super inexpensively that will help you feel like you have a full postpartum wardrobe.

1. The perfect over-sized sweater

Okay, here’s my thoughts on this: you will love your perfect sweater even more than your leggings – no matter what time of year you give birth! It’s great for dressing your postpartum body because it’s oversized and slouchy and will cover anything you aren’t quite ready to expose to the world yet. The one I’m wearing is super lightweight and was great for lounging at home in the AC when I got home from giving birth, but equally great for fall, winter and spring, too. Read more here. 

2. A forgiving dress


The cold shoulder trend has been really fun this year ! This dress from Pink Blush was equally on trend and forgiving as in it didn’t make me feel like a whale, but will definitely be something I continue to wear as I lose the baby weight. Read more here.

3. Leggings, layers and patterns


Once I started feeling like myself again, I really wanted to have fun with my wardrobe again. So I aded some cheap postpartum clothing pieces from TJMAXX to add some layers, prints and fringe to my (comfy) everyday style.  Read more here. 

4. Denim


Truth: at first denim kinda scared me after giving birth. Buying something that I had a size tag on it instead of one size fits all leggings – yuck! But I live in denim and I’m pretty sure you do, too. So finding a pair that fits is pretty important, for me, this flared denim did the trick, and I’m  featuring how to shop for it, style it and alter it. Read more here.

5. Lounge Clothes


Lounge clothes are so important in your postpartum fashion because more times than not you are at home recovering and bonding with your new babe. Plus, you will have visitors so you want to make sure you have actual lounge clothes that you feel good in versus hanging out in jammies all day. I’m sharing a cute mommy and me style that we often rock on the weekends. Read more here.

6. A unlikely fabric


This is one of my absolute favorite fall styles! These faux suede leggings are from Express (more about them in the full post) and I’m wearing a size medium, which I will probably be in for a while. These have been fun and both a challenge for me since styling this unlikely color is more difficult that your basic black leggings. But I will tell you this – they feel like I’m wearing pajamas! Read more here.

7. A great dress


Before pregnancy, maxi dresses kinda freaked me out since I’m super short. But I found that f you find one that hits right at your toes, you’re golden. Throw on a denim jacket or blazer overtop and you’re ready to take on the world. Read more here.

8. A coat you feel confident in


A coat was one this that I invested more money in this season (though this Calvin Klein is on major sale now, check out the full post for details). I love this coat because its silhouette works with my shape and it matches so much of what I already wear. I also have a round up of a bunch of different coats that are under $50.Read more here.

9. Fake layers


Lastly, fake layers have been a fun add to my postpartum clothing. This sweater isn’t actually layered over a plaid button down, it’s all one layer. If you’re like me and get overheated quickly after having the baby plus carrying them around all the time, it’s a great way to still fake it. Your postpartum wardrobe will thank you.

And don’t forget to check out some other awesome options for sprucing up your wardrobe in my 5 Things I’m Loving This February Post – for shoes, accessories and more!



Lastly, I’m super excited to announce that starting next week, right here every Monday we will be launching our #MomStyleMonday series!  Think: loads of stylish giveaways, the best in beauty, and kid style galore – every single week. I can’t wait for you to join me!

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