9 Tips For Styling (And Loving) Your Post-Pregnancy Body

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No matter what we read in all of our baby books, every first time mom has that feeling that after you give birth you will be able to walk out of the hospital wearing your favorite skinny jeans and work your post-pregnancy body like a pro…which couldn’t be any further from reality. We wishfully place our pre-preggo favorite denim into the bag that we are taking to the hospital with us whenever we deliver, but I suggest you also pack a pair of leggings or maternity jeans—just in case!

The truth is, it takes some time to learn to love the way that our body has changed and start to love it and embrace it, because it’s here to stay! Sometimes it can take years to fully accept the way that our bodies have changed. Personally, I sucked myself into a pair of skinny jeans under a longer blouse to wear for my son’s first birthday party and that was the first moment that I actually felt confident truly being me again. Now, no one knew that my buttons may have been on the verge of popping underneath my shirt, but it was MY little secret!

Through working in the fashion industry, I have learned quite a few ways to help women work with their post-pregnancy body and develop some tips and tricks to keep them looking and feeling great!

Your Post-Pregnancy Body: 9 Tips For Styling & Loving It!


  1. Ruching will be your best friend. Ruching is the process of scrunching fabric together at different points throughout a garment. Currently, it is being done on dresses of all kinds from evening to sweater dresses as well as basic tees, bathing suits, and blouses. These should be your go-to pieces when shopping.
  2. Avoid pieces that button down the front until you have lost the baby weight.
  3. Only buy new clothing as needed; this way you won’t buy things in a size that you may never fit back into, and surely will never want to!
  4. Focus on starting with the right undergarments such as seamless camisoles to smooth out your mama curves.
  5. Make sure that the clothes you are wearing out of the house everyday fit you…now! Don’t get stuck in a rut of still wearing maternity clothes after the baby is born. Keep a polished look by befriending your tailor and making sure that every piece you put on is flattering, not baggy.
  6. Love your accessories. Utilize your favorite statement pieces from pre-pregnancy or pick up fun new options. Oversized earrings and necklaces will draw people’s attention away from your mid-section and to your beautiful glowing face!
  7. Think about your fabric choices. Choose fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and most importantly, have a little spandex in them. Avoid fabrics that are constricting, such as silk charmeuse that will show every flaw underneath!
  8. Don’t forget about your shoes! While I’m not suggesting that you instantly revert back to rocking your favorite pair of sky high heels, choose something with a heel an inch or two in height which will help lengthen out the appearance of your overall body.
  9. Keep in mind that your post-pregnancy body is in a sense going to be new to you, since things have changed and so will your wardrobe. Focus on the positive and push any self-loathing thoughts aside. For better or for worse, this is your new body and even if you lose the baby weight right away, your body will still have changed and you need to take some time to get used to it.

Bonus Tip! Step out of the leggings and stop hiding behind them as a crutch! They are great for a while, I totally get it–BUT make sure that you are playing with other pieces as well!

Do you have any special tricks you used to help ease yourself back into your post-pregnancy body?

A version of this post was originally published in Mommy Nearest Magazine.

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