And The Moving Trucks Have Arrived!

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Over the summer months, I vented about our struggle with finding an apartment in New York City. We must have gone to a ton of open houses, responded to Craiglist Ads, drove all over all 5 boroughs, and even hired a broker at one point. Where did all of that get us? Nowhere. Then, after months of increased struggles, stress, and arguments, I was recommended to a great leasing company by a friend, and Voila! We had a lovely apartment in 2 days!

We have been living in our new place since August and while I don’t love the neighborhood due to lack of good restaurants and grocery stores,  I’ll take feeling at home whenever I put the keys in my door and happily travel to our favorite places any day!

During the time of finding our apartment and actually moving, which spanned over about 4 days, I asked my lovely Project Motherhood readers what their tricks of trade were for moving with a toddler and making a smooth transition. I thought that I would share these important tips with you all, along with what worked best for me, because every Mama could use a little help in times of heightened stress!

  • Plan, plan, plan. Make as many lists as you can to get organized for the big day and check everything off as they are completed. It may seem like extra work, but it will help keep you on top of everything that you need to accomplish before, during, and after the move.
  • Get the little ones involved. We made sure that Branden was involved in every step of the move. He came with us every time we went to see an apartment, so we were able to explain to him what was going on throughout the whole process. This helped him get excited for the big move, instead of being nervous.
  • Get a babysitter. If your little ones are really little, like under the age of two, I highly recommend getting a babysitter for moving day. The last thing you need whenever you are trying to unpack and carry heavy boxes into your new home is worrying about your wee ones running around and getting into things. This will clearly help the whole process go a little bit smoother and can help you avoid any unforseen accidents and keep the kiddos safe.
  • Order Online. For this move, I ordered much of the stuff I needed in advance online, and it made the whole transition SO much easier. I had groceries and all of our basic household needs delivered, such as toilet paper and liquid dish soap, and they were waiting for us upon arrival. This also allowed us to just focus on getting everything unpacked and not need to stop and run out to the store for these necessary items.
  • Engage your “helpers”. While in the unpacking stage, allow your child to unpack and unwrap their own toys and books. This will give you some peaceful time while your child mirrors your own unpacking!  And allow them to have fun with the packaging materials…the endless paper, the bubble wrap, the boxes…lots of imaginative playtime can occur with the most simple elements!

What are your best tips for moving?

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  1. Great experience Allison! Everyone learned from their mistakes. Thanks for sharing your story this will help the other people.

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