Apple Body Shape Clothes: Shopping For Blazers

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When looking for apple body shape clothes, a great blazer is an absolute must in your wardrobe – here’s how to find the perfect one for you!

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Apple Body Shape Clothes: Shopping For Blazers

In my head, fall fashion and blazers go hand in hand. It’s just a fashion fact. They work so great in the office and are perfect for layering at anytime! You will catch me sporting them everywhere from meeting with clients to the sidelines as I’m watching my little man play soccer – blazers are fall perfection! They are one of my favorite apple body shape clothes that can easily help enhance certain areas and hide others.

Keep in mind – I am an apple body shape, too, and just like with any piece of clothing on an apple shape, blazers can be a struggle. As great as they are, they can also be a pain to shop for, as you try on piles and piles until you find the right one that gets you excited about shopping again. Yes, I have been there! And without a doubt, this wardrobe treasure can unfortunately make an apple body shape look heavier than we really are or cause us to become careless about our silhouette if we aren’t strategic about what we are shopping for and focusing on the best practices of proper fit.

Shopping For Blazers For The Apple Body Shape

 Avoid: Make sure to avoid anything that is boxy and short, as this will make you appear heavier than you really are in your mid-section. Whenever it comes to buttons, opt for blazers that have one or no buttons–because lets face it–you may not be buttoning it at all.

Look For: Long blazers. You want to focus on pieces that will elongate your figure overall. Slim lapels are also an asset to any blazer, because it adds to the overall lengthening concept. And just like with any body shape, it’s very important to make sure that the seams lay exactly where they need to, or people will be able to spot your ill fitted blazer from a mile away.

Silhouettes: Tuxedo blazers will be your overall best silhouette! These are amazing for apple shapes, the only problem is that you typically can only find them in the colors black, white, or cream. (Hello designers, are you listening?)

Fabrication: Search for blazers that have a little bit of stretch in the fabric, a blend of materials that includes some type of spandex mixture that gives you a bit of wiggle room.

Shop our favorite blazers for the apple body shape clothes:

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What’s your favorite blazer that you own, apple shaped Mamas – share with us! I can tell you from personal experience that apple body shape clothes doesn’t have the be the challenge that it seems and shopping really can be a breeze – just get to know your shape and you will be sure to find some of these wardrobe staples that every woman must own. 

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  1. I love your post and your tips about what kind of blazer to search for the apple/inverted triangle body type. I just can’t seem to find any though! They are either knit and cheap looking, or too fancy, if that makes sense? I just want to be able to wear ripped jeans a tshirt and a blazer and it seems impossible! I also don’t want to spend $200 on one blazer, do you have any recommendations on where I can look?? Thank You!

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