How To Find The Right Bathing Suit For Apple Shape Bodies

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I know: finding the right bathing suit for apple shape bodies isn’t always easy – but I’m going to make it less stressful for you!

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 Bathing Suit For Apple Shape Bodies

As you can see, Project Motherhood’s facelift has had a little tweeking! As a team, we have discovered that our amazing readers come to us as a fashion and shopping resource for women as they learn to accept their post-pregnancy body and always rock their #MamaStyle. Based on that information, we decided to move full force and fully develop our “Dressing For Your Body Shape” article into a category, so that women of all shapes and sizes will be able to use our blog as a guide to find the best fitting pieces for them.

We will be discussing one body shape each week while focusing on one type of clothing as we move through five weeks of body shapes (Apple, pear, strawberry, hourglass, and rectangle….hungry yet?). This week we are kicking things off with the Apple Shaped Body Mamas and delving into bathing suits as our clothing of discussion! We want to make shopping for bathing suits easy for all of you apple shaped body ladies out there so that you glide through it seamlessly without any “Mama Meltdowns” or stress.

Finding The Right Bathing Suit Apple Shape

I can talk from experience on finding the right bathing suit apple shape because this is totally my figure to a T! I have always struggled with carrying extra weight in my belly and it had absolutely nothing to do with having a baby, it has just always been the way that I am shaped. In all honestly, it took until after I had a baby to really accept this body and learn to love it…love handles and all!

The apple shaped body carries all of their extra weight in the mid-section, and has trouble truly defining their waist. The key for this body shape is to lead the eyes away from the mid-section and choose pieces that elongate your body. Also, focus on you assets! Have great legs? Show them off!

Bathing Suit Types for the apple shaped body: Choose pieces that draw eyes up to the collarbone and lengthen your body. One-pieces with ruching in the belly area is a great option, as well as patterned bikinis with bottoms that are cut high to show off your legs!

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Finally, be patient.  Shop for a bathing suit only when you have a lot of energy and a LOT of patience for trying on!  And, if you go to a store where great customer service in the dressing room is a value, then you won’t have to keep on getting dressed to try another size!  Sometimes a suit that looks just OK in one size looks tremendous in another! So don’t pay any attention to those size tags and finding the right bathing suit apple shape will be a breeze.

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