April Showers…

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We are all well aware of that notorious phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” so it’s no surprise each year when April finally rolls around that we tend to see a little bit more rain than sunshine. In the past, I found myself saying, “I’m going to invest in the perfect little umbrella that is strong and fits right into my purse.” Then, you live and you learn and realize that no matter how much money you spend on that little contraption, there is almost nothing that can battle NYC winds blowing through the buildings on a rainy day.

Banana Republic Classic Trench

Banana Republic Classic Trench

There are though, a few key New York City essentials for this time of year: a durable trench coat and rain boots. These two wardrobe essentials pretty much become my uniform during the month of April, so I want to make sure that I invest in items that are both classic and that look great with many different outfits. Umbrellas, as I have learned will fail you over and over again, so either a Burberry or Duane Reade will be pretty much the same in getting the job done.

Since us New Yorkers aren’t just running from the house to car, but walking blocks and blocks down the street in rainy weather to get to our offices, appointments, grocery stores, or whereever a busy Mama must go,  we have lots to think about when we see rain on the forecast.

Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

In addition to our rain gear on these dreary mornings, we must also take into consideration our beauty regimen. Here is what I found that works for me on these inevitable rainy days:

  • Skip any liquid foundation that is part of your daily routine and opt for a powdered alternative.
  • Since humidity is the essence of rain, try spraying your hair with an anti-humidity hair spray on these days.
  • Work WITH your hair on rainy days, and try avoiding the flat iron or the curling rod and wash your hair the night before for some extra volume.
  • While you’re still in that mindset, work with your skin on these days! Choose a simpler make-up palate and go for an allover dewy look.
  • Spray your face with an extra layer of Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray to keep everything in place.

What are your rainy day tricks for wet April months?

Fashionably Yours,


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