Get Your Fitness On – Maternity Style!

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Happy Monday mamas! I’m always talking about living a healthy life and if you have followed our pregnancy journey here, you know that I worked hard to drop some pounds before even getting pregnant so that I could be active and work out throughout. Well, I’m definitely here to say that whole finding the motivation to keep active while pregnant has not been easy, but finding the right athletic maternity clothes from my new fave, Boob, has been a breeze.


It’s funny how you can have a plan, and then everything goes awry, right? That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about my fitness routine since finding out we were expecting. I think that I completed maybe 2 runs my first trimester and maybe yoga once a week….maybe. Now, at 21 weeks, I am finally working out religiously 3 days a week again, doing a mixture of running and yoga. It’s not that I don’t want to work out, but it’s been the lack of energy that’s getting me down. Who else can relate?

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It’s funny how sometimes I look like I have a huge round belly other times I don’t, right? Let’s just pretend that I’m working my abs super hard here, okay? Anyways….these once-on-never-off leggings from Boob are everything! Being pregnant ultimately means that you are re-adjusting your clothing all the time, especially when working out and these take that out of the equation. I actually started wearing them at the very beginning of my pregnancy around the house before I actually needed maternity clothes because they were super comfortable, too.


Running up and down steps has been really good for me too because it helps give me a full body workout. Always remember to get a good stretch before and after! I also always wear wrist weights, which were a part of my per-pregnancy routine too. These are a little less than a half pound each and help me get my arms in while doing my cardio. If you aren’t used to wrist weights though, don’t start using them during pregnancy.


The top that I’m wearing is actually a padded nursing tank from Boob that is super comfy too to work out in. It’s also good to have handy for whenever the baby gets here as I’m currently building my nursing wardrobe!

// Nursing Tank // Workout Leggings //

c/o Boob

What are your go-to athletic maternity clothes?

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