Back to School Bonding

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We have been soaking in so much summer these days that I can hardly believe that the back to school countdown has begun. This year, with Chris away doing training this month, I’ll be on the back to school train by myself, scrambling to get everything crossed off his supply list and new uniforms ordered. It can be overwhelming to say the least, (thanks to online shopping I’ve got most things under control) so before Chris left, I set out to do some good old fashioned bonding with my firstborn child to get us excited for back to school, elevate some of the stress and most importantly – have a little fun. 

But with “busy” being pretty much all of our middle names these days, this mother/son bonding that I was dreaming about did come with a purpose. Both Branden and I were in desperate need of new glasses before the school year started. His prescription pretty much remained the same, but my eyes on the other hand had gotten worse after this last pregnancy and my specs were a little outdated, too. So this little guy and I had a day date over at JCPenney Optical and bonded over our search for the perfect frames.

As silly as it sounds, I felt like a kid again. This little guy and I spent the whole time running back and forth across the room showing each other the different frames that we had tried on and asking each other what we thought. It’s fun to get something new that you both really need and go through the process together. The staff at JCPenney Optical was also super helpful, knew all the information about each frame, and even stepped in to help with some pictures so we could capture our back to school bonding to share with all of you!

Right now, you can shop JCPenney Optical for frames that are just $39.99 and this includes a huge selection of frames, impact-resistant lenses, and eyewear protection plans, too. You will even find awesome designer brands like Armani Exchange and Ray Ban that mom and dad will love, too! Their prices and plans make it easy on your pocket for a must-have item that can really make or break your child’s school year.

These are the frames that we both ended up getting that day. For me, they have already improved my day to day when watching t.v. and such and this little guy can’t wait to show off his new frames during the first day of school. Oh how fun to be a kid again! I totally felt nostalgic watching him prep for back to school while wearing these.

How are you bonding with your kids for back to school?

Fashionably Yours,


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  1. I agree, summer passed by too fast…. I always have trouble fining fashionable eye glasses, but i refuse to wear contacts. Never checked out JcPenney Optical though, didn’t even know it existed! I’m gonna have to check it out!

  2. I know, I also cannot believe SO many fams are back to school already! We’ve got another couple of weeks, thankfully, but it’s coming ’round the corner! You remind me of me, standing there with my boys and perusing new glasses for the year 🙂

  3. What a sweet face! I wish my daughter looked this happy when picking out her glasses lol. Bonding with the oldest is so important, I at times fall victim to lack of bonding time. But I know we will be making it a goal this year for sure!

  4. I can’t believe school is back in session already! It seems like it was just Christmas haha.
    I don’t have kids who wear glasses but my husband does so we will have to check JC Penney next time he gets new frames!

  5. Sue Tanya McHorgh says:

    It’s almost back to school time already! My how times flies. I am happy that you are doing back to school bonding . I am sure it will help with the transitioning from summer to school time.

  6. My summer felt like forever. I wear eyes and I find ones that compliant my face and look fashionable as well. Your don is so handsome glasses fit him.

  7. Lisa Rios/Elisha F. says:

    Summer has come and gone. It’s so cool how you spent time with him and bonded over the fact that you both need glasses lol He’s adorable

  8. I can’t believe that it will be already time to return at shcool! your glasses are beautifull!

  9. Your daughter is adorable! Both of my kids wear glasses and never knew JCPenny had an optical area. My daughter is due for new glasses. Nice to know!

  10. We’ve got 3 more weeks of Summer, so I’m putting off back to school for as long as I can! You both look awesome in your new specs and seems like you had a blast to boot! 🤓

  11. Time is flying by so quickly. I can’t believe it either! Awesome prices on those glasses btw. Nice catch.

  12. Elizabeth O says:

    It’s almost back to school time already! Everyone is too excited to meet their new classmates, teachers, fellow friends, and excited for my new pens and notebooks and uniforms! It reminds me the school life when I was young.

  13. Nicole Flint says:

    Summer went by way too fast! I love JcPenny Optical. That’s the only place where I get my glasses.

  14. steve walters says:

    Summer blew by. I’m glad you had such a fun time picking out new glasses with your son.

  15. So sweet! I always loved picking out new glasses! So fun!

  16. So sweet! He looks fantastic in his new glasses!

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