Back to School For The First Time

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Photo Credit: Eventbrite

Photo Credit: Eventbrite

Up until this point in my life, back to school had a completely different meaning and butterfly sort of feeling inside me when the words were mentioned. When it was me going back to school, there was of course all the excitement that revolved around the shopping. But there was also a sense of how I felt I had changed over the summer months and how I would represent myself and carry those changes through the upcoming year. It was a feeling of endless possibilities and excitement about the adventure of starting another school year. Now, that those days are behind me, and I’m preparing my son for kindergarten, it has become back to school for me as a parent, for the very first time.

I suppose you could call what I have been experiencing the “back to school jitters,” but not so much for Branden. I feel nothing but excitement for Branden about what he is about to experience with his independence, his learning, and his overall growth. But for myself, I have to admit that I have feeling a sense of nervousness for how I’m going to handle it. After all, full day kindergarten is an awfully big step!

I’m so used to the constant affection from Branden, our days at the park, and our cooking endeavors. I know that none of that has to change, but I’m going to miss my little man and being able to say things like “Come on buddy, let’s go rock climbing in Central Park,” whenever I want. Activities will now need to be planned and can’t be as spontaneous anymore.

Then, there are the things that I’m NOT going to miss and actually enjoy, like a morning where I can sit and drink my coffee before it gets cold due to constant interruption. I will have time to really get into the writing project that I’m currently piecing together and not have to get back into “the writing zone” every twenty minutes or so.

At the end of the day, of course it’s great that Branden is starting school! And I keep reminding myself that we will only continue to grow and learn how to spend more quality time together once the school year starts.  Like the transitions from newborn to infancy to toddlerhood, it’s going to be a positive learning experience for the whole family as we begin to navigate new schedules and routines.  Mom, Dad, and “our baby” will be fine.

How are you preparing yourself emotionally for back to school?

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  1. Last year was really tough for me when my youngest started school – I felt excited and terrified all at once. What would I do with 5 hours a day to myself. But I’ve learned to pack a full work day into 9-2pm and love spending afternoons with the kids so it’s actually been great:)

    Pink Chai Style

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! There is a part of me that’s looking forward to have time to do something for myself–uninterrupted! We’ll see how things go next Monday 🙂

  2. You’ll get use to it. Then you’ll be counting down until you get your breaks from him. 🙂 Of course, you’ll still love him and enjoy your time with him too.

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