Back to School With Borrow Baby Couture

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So we have had the opportunity to take a closer look at the company Borrow Baby Couture through an amazing introduction + giveaway, and meeting their lovely CEO. Now, it’s time for us to experience Borrow Baby Couture. In order to do this, we are going to live vicariously through a dress-loving, fashionista from birth, little girl named Giana.

Since I have a little boy, and Borrow Baby Couture currently only rents out girls’ clothes from ages 9 months- 4 years, I asked my parents’ next door neighbor, Giana, if she would help me out. My parents are smitten with this little cutie and I am always hearing about her love of dresses! (She reminds my father of me at that age!) So I was sure there couldn’t be a better candidate to experience Borrow Baby Couture.  So, I offered, little Giana gladly accepted, and she got right to shopping immediately!

Giana and her mother Felicia dashed to the computer and browsed through the large inventory of designer clothes and dresses that Borrow Baby Couture offers. After spending some time exploring the many delightful options for her rental, Giana decided on the Fendi Contrast Panel Shift Dress. The bright coral color and perfect little silhouette instantly drew Giana and her mom to it, and even more so since it was designed by Fendi! Once the order was placed, it only took a couple of days before Giana received her coveted package in the mail. She carefully unwrapped the dress from the perfectly placed white tissue paper, and her smile grew bigger and bigger as her hands touched the beautiful fabric. She couldn’t wait to put it on and spin and twirl around in this lovely designer piece!

Giana’s mother raved about how awesome and easy the entire process was. And it was even more exciting since Giana didn’t have to pick out a “practical” piece that could be worn on a daily basis; she could pick whatever her little heart desired!  It was a great experience and certainty a service that Felicia would use again for a special occasion. (Keep this in mind, Mamas, since the holidays are on the way!)

Now that all your little divas have just headed back to school, there isn’t a better time to become a part of the Borrow Baby Couture community and allow your little darling to look fab while learning. Just like us “older” girls, when the little ones look good, they feel good and confident, so head over to Borrow Baby Couture today and give your little princess a fashion treat! (A great reward for good grades?!)

Private Sale Time!

In addition, Borrow Baby Couture is currently hosting a private sale and wants to invite YOU! This special sale allows you to actually purchase these designer pieces at 80% off the retail price! Since the fashion industry is always moving at such a rapid pace, it is so important for Borrow Baby Couture to receive new pieces each season. Out with the old, and in with the new in the world of fashion. In this case, the pieces come straight to you at Ah-MAZING prices! You absolutely can’t get a better deal on designer fashion for your wee ones anywhere else. So how do you get to this exclusive event? Click HERE.….and shop your over-sized Mama hearts out!

Fashionably Yours,


**Project Motherhood was compensated to write this post. Opinions are 100% my own.**

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