Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids

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**This is a sponsored story. As always, opinions are my own.**

First and foremost, I’m SO excited to announce that for the remainder of 2015, I will be a SoCozy Brand Ambassador! I absolutely love the SoCozy hair care products for kids and am over the moon with glee that I get so share the best of the best with you all on a regular basis, especially some great products to help ease your mornings as back to school approaches!


Why SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids?

While I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post, my opinions are my own and not edited by SoCozy, for more info, check out my disclosure policy. So, who has taken a good look at my little man’s curls lately? It can be a struggle to find products that work on his hair that is a true mixture of both his and my husbands. For this reason alone, I love all of their products because they work, smell amazing,  are completely non-toxic, and so cool. has everything a Mama needs to tame her kiddos tresses without worrying about whats in the products – only how well her kid’s hair is looking!

SoCozy is truly a resource for moms, salon owners, kids, and beyond – as they focus on each individual hair type, aiming to build confidence and inspire originality. All of these products help to streamline bath time and busy mornings, to make life simpler for everyone.

Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids!

While has so many amazing products for all hair type needs, I thought it was only appropriate to focus on my favorites that will help make your back to school mornings MUCH easier! First, they have an awesome Boo! Lice Prevention spray + shampoo that will help put your mind at ease. Whenever we send our kids out our doors and off to school, we have no idea if they are trying on each others hats or getting close to one another at their desks, so this helps prevent any lice, naturally.


My next must-have SoCozy hair care product for kids is their Cinch Detangler + Leave in Conditioner – its perfection! This is especially great for curly haired kiddos, but works magically for all hair types to keep their tresses soft and smelling fruity!


Lastly, every kiddo needs to start out the school year strong, with some great hair gel to lock their do in place!  I get SO sick of sending Branden to school in the morning looking polished, and then seeing him come home disheveled. While I can’t control the fact that he just won’t tuck his button down shirt back into his pants after using the bathroom at school, I can control what happens to his hair! SoCozy has two fantastic options in that category with a medium hold or soft hold option, depending on your child’s specific needs. This will lock their favorite style in place the whole day through!

You can check out more from the line here and stay tuned as we share more of our favorite products over the next few months!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. SoCozy sounds great. I have a child in middle school and it is so hard to get him to do anything with his hair. I bet he would love the smell of SoCozy and just might get motivated to look nice.

  2. These look like great products. I’ll have to check them out!

  3. Looks like I’ll need a trip to target to get SoCozy stuff! Fine by me loll

  4. I love curly haired kids, but finding products are so hard for the various types of hair. I have one so I’ll definitely try this.

  5. That’s awesome Allison a brand ambassador. 🙂 xo~ Megan

  6. I used a hair gel to tame my daughter’s crazy curls every day when she was little. I appreciate products like this!

  7. My daughter has curly hair that gets tangled so easily! I’ll have to check out their products, especially the detangler.

  8. I have been meaning to check out their products for my son. He has super unmanageable hair and I have no idea what to do with it! I’ll have to pick some up!

  9. Ok, seriously lice preventing shampoo? Thats brilliant, I could have really used some of that for my kids whenever they were in grade school!

  10. I keep hearing great things about Socozy! I need to check them out next time I am shopping.

  11. This sounds like a great line of products for kids with long and/or curly hair! My daughter when her hair is longer has a hard time with tangles, so this would be great for her.

  12. These sound like great products for curly hair! I’ll have to let my neighbor know about these for her daughter – and wish they’d have had them when I was little!

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