Bamboobies: The Best Breastfeeding Products

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If you’re searching for the best breastfeeding products, look no further than Bamboobies. My breastfeeding journey has been a winding path and these have helped keep me on track.

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Bamboobies: The Best Breastfeeding Products

Breastfeeding. This can be a loaded word, depending on who you are talking to. Whether you are reading this coming from a place of struggling, having the best breastfeeding experience ever, or somewhere in between – I’m here to say that I’m right there with you. Every single mother has a different story – or maybe journey is a better word – when it comes to breastfeeding.  While each is unique and includes all types of challenges, bonding, love, nourishment and so many mixtures of emotions, they should all include bamboobies. 


Whenever I was pregnant with Branden, breastfeeding wasn’t even on my radar. I had him two weeks before my twenty-second birthday and due to having a breast reduction when I was seventeen – every doctor told me not even to bother trying. So without much encouragement, I didn’t bother. I had no colostrum come in and I got a small supply suddenly when our sweet little boy was nine days old – a supply that I sadly got rid of because we were deep into our formula routine and set in our ways at that time. But, it was that supply that gave me hope this time around.


Being much more educated with this pregnancy and knowing that breastfeeding was the path that I wanted to take, I immersed myself in everything breastfeeding to have a firm grasp on how to make it happen this time around. Not to mention that I had a super encouraging midwife and lactation consultant who were my biggest cheerleaders.

About a month before Blake arrived, I did have colostrum come in – a sign that since more time had passed that more milk ducts had formed. I almost cried tears of happiness in the shower whenever I first noticed. But it hasn’t been a completely uphill experience.


My plan was to have everything at my disposal, ready to go before Blake arrived so that I could come home from the hospital and fall into a good breastfeeding routine with my little lady. I didn’t know how much milk I would produce, but I knew it was something that I wanted to try my best at. I had my pump delivered and all my favorite bamboobies breastfeeding products by my bedside and tucked into our diaper bag in preparation.

Their Washable Nursing Pads were a must for me because they are Eco-friendly (I wash a pair about every other day), so comfortable and great for stopping any messy situations! (Hint: they come in regular, overnight and combination packs – so whatever you need is available!). Then, their Boob-ease Organic Nipper Balm sits right on my nightstand to help with any nursing pain. I have the admit that I’ve been lucky, but apply when needed as a way to prevent any cracking, drying or overall soreness. It’s a must have with every nursing mama at all times!


So, what’s the outcome of my breastfeeding journey so far? Blake is now 3 weeks old and has a VERY healthy appetite. Because of my breast reduction, I’m not producing quite enough to appease her needs, so we breastfeed many times per day and supplement with formula. I’m also pumping like a crazy woman throughout the day as well so that we are able to replace what would be a formula bottle each day with a nice 4oz breast milk bottle. This definitely gives me peace of mind because I know that she’s still getting the amazingness that breast milk offers plus having those special bonding moments every single day.


Their Chic Nursing Shawl gives me the confidence that I need to nurse no matter where we are or what we’re doing. I know that some of you are able to just whipe out the boobs and feed without any hesitation, and I applaud you, but I’m just not here. This shawl is so cozy for both Blake and I and is lightweight enough for warm days. No one would even know this is a nursing cover!

Did you breastfeed? I would love to hear about your feeding experience (no matter what it was!) in the comments below!

Special thanks to Christina Marotto Photography for capturing these beautiful images!

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**This is a sponsored story. As always, opinions are my own.**


  1. We didn’t introduce a pacifier to our first born as we were told it could cause damage to her teeth. But unbeknownst to me, I became the pacifier and breastfeeding was difficult and painful. Once I had advice and direction on what was happening (like why was it taking her so long to eat?!) the problem was solved and the experience better. It’s something I recommend to any new mom. Not only is it healthy for the baby, but economical also. So many wins! Products like bamboobies make the difficulties better, too.

  2. Those photos are just stunning. I love that you are taking about breastfeeding in such real terms. The more we educate moms the better!

  3. When I was nursing my twins, these were a must for me! I love them!

  4. Great photos. I wasn’t able to breastfeed for long but it is a great way to bond (as well as feed) your baby.

  5. lovely photos! i wish i had these when i breastfed – only 4 years ago! amazing how fast things change and get better for us moms! #breastfeedingpower!

  6. You go girl! So glad to hear that you are able to nurse even after having a reduction. I think all women should at least give nursing a try.

  7. What a great post with beautiful photos! I wasnt able to breastfeed for very long at all with my first but my secind and third I was for a little longer. I loved the bonding time.

  8. Washable nursing pads would have come in really handy for me! I was sick of the disposable ones by the end.

  9. Beautiful photos. We are trying to have another baby and I will be breastfeeding. I will bookmark this so that I can remember to buy the pads!

  10. Breastfeeding can be so difficult in the beginning. Any product that makes it easier is worthwhile! I stuck with it and so glad I did. Breastfed 3 babies!

  11. Washable nursing pads are the best! Nursing can be so difficult. I was allergic to paper nursing pads and to the ointment I was given for pain. Washable pads were heaven sent and made such a difference. I’m glad you found this great brand, and thanks for telling other moms about it. Nursing moms need lots of support because it’s not always easy for every mom. (It was really tough for me.)

  12. It’s great that it’s working for you this time. I chose to bottlefeed both of my boys so never had any issues but know of a few people who had a hard time breastfeeding and there just wasn’t anything like this back then.

  13. I am so happy you found a product that works well for you and allows you to care for your baby the way you wish. Breastfeeding can definitely be challenging, so support is vital.

  14. Thats awesome that breastfeeding is working out for you this time! I know how challenging and easy it is to give up and products like these are a must to give support and motivation to keep pushing forward. Goo duck!

  15. Hey Allison,

    What an amazing breastfeeding journey you had there!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes I sis breastfeed my baby. In fact, I am still breastfeeding my baby and I have to say, each time I did it I feel a little more closer to her. I feel so excited each time she attached to me for a feed.

    It’s an amazing feeling which I’m sure you and other moms can relate to 😀

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