BARLEY + OATS – Meal Delivery For New Moms and Beyond

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It’s no secret that my husband I are going to be trying for baby #2 soon, so being the control freak that I am – I’m trying to get all our ducks in a row before that time comes. I’ve been working hard on my running, staying fit and motivated to keep my body in shape through fitness and healthy eating so that I’m able to bounce back after having a second child. But keeping the healthy eating up after just giving birth is something that has been concerning me.


Barley + Oats has seriously come into my life and put me at ease abut what the weeks after having a baby in the city will look like! (My husband is amazing, but if I were too sleep deprived to cook after the baby comes, he would order Chinese food every night!) This company is an innovative meal delivery service that caters to new and breast feeding moms by supplying lactogenic meals (food that helps stimulate breast milk supply) and make the transition and those sleep deprived moments a little bit easier. They also offer snacks, gifts, and meals for the whole family that are organic and vegan – and delicious!


Since most of my mornings start like this, I can’t imagine it being much different whenever baby #2 comes along, as being self-employed doesn’t really allow for maternity leave. (Though my to-do list will be replaced by a wiggly baby.) I can’t even stress to you what a wonderful change it was to have a beautifully prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner ready for me whenever I sampled the excellent offerings of Barley + Oats – it literally made my mornings magical!


Each meal was beyond delicious and the packaging described the ingredients and what their impact was on your body – I loved having that little lesson along with each meal. In fact, my sister is due any day now, and I keep filling her in on all this information. AND – they don’t leave out a new Mama’s love for latte’s! This faux-latte was an awesome afternoon pick-me-up. And don’t we Mamas all need that?!

What were your favorite meal ideas post-pregnancy to stay healthy and energized? Here are some more diet tips for boosting lactation.

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  1. This looks really interesting! Thanks for explaining about the product.

    When I was a kid, I for whatever reason “had” to drink barley greens in orange juice, it was terrible. But, this one looks good!

  2. This is brilliant! I wish I would have had this when I had my kiddos, especially my second. I can’t wait to order this next time a friend has a baby!

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