How to Make Bathing Suit Shopping Easy For Hourglass Bodies

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Bathing suit shopping doesn’t have to be challenging for hourglass bodies, in fact, it can be fun. Here’s how to rock it!

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How to Make Bathing Suit Shopping a Breeze For Hourglass Bodies

Welp ladies, we have talked our way all up to hourglass bodies and only one more to go before we get through them all! Has anyone done any shopping yet and found the bathing suit of their dreams? I would LOVE for you to share your feedback on our Project Motherhood Facebook Page!

Anyways…time to make a splash for the hourglass bodies!

Bathing Suit Shopping Tips For Hourglass Bodies

If you were blessed with this wonderful body shape, you need to first thank whomever it is you worship for blessing you with the body of most women’s dreams, then you need to learn how to shop your shape to your advantage! Hourglass bodies are curvy all over having a larger bust and hips with a smaller waist, creating a shape that mimics your classic hourglass. As an hourglass, whenever shopping in general, you need to make sure that you really focus on the fit of every garment you are wearing on both the top and bottom and NEVER choose pieces that are the slightest bit baggy.

Whenever it comes to bathing suits, you have a bit more free reign than most other body shapes and can choose from many different silhouettes. Whenever you are making your bathing suit choice, you need to first focus on coverage, so you are not accidentally exposing yourself at the beach! (This goes for both one and two piece bathing suit options.) Then, when you are choosing colors, opt for pieces that match one another instead of mixing. Pieces that are the same colors or patterns on the top and bottom will help keep you balanced out, while mixing pieces will make you appear disproportional.

Shop our favorite bathing suits for hourglass bodies:

Looking for more hourglass bodies goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

Well all my lovely hourglass bodies, I also want to mention that bathing suit shopping takes a LOT of energy.  If you find two absolutely perfect for you bathing suits, buy them both.  Trends in bathing suits don’t change as often as with some other clothing items. (The bikini is still the bikini and is virtually unchanged since its invention in 1946!!)

Finally, I’ve had some interesting feedback about this bathing suit series…I am learning that women of all different body shapes are still interested in what the other body shapes look good in. Just goes to show how deep our interest in fashion really goes!

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  1. Thanks for this Allison 🙂 I always question about whether to mix and match the top and bottom, but I end up going with the same on both. Bathing suit shopping has not started yet, however I still have a black bikini I purchased last summer in Maui that I am in love with 🙂

    • Allison Cooper says:

      So glad you enjoyed the article Lynda! Bathing suit shopping can definitely be super stressful but whenever you start with a clear idea about what you want to find it makes it so much easier!

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