Bathing Suits For Different Body Shapes: Strawberry Shaped Mama

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If you go shopping for bathing suits for different body shapes in mind, you’re golden! You will learn to choose what’s right for your body shape and love being poolside.

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Bathing Suits For Different Body Shapes: Strawberry Shaped Mama

Bathing suit shopping can be a BITCH…let’s just clear the air with that thought, first and foremost. It’s not really a wonderful experience for anyone, no matter how perfect we think that other people’s bodies are. We all have our insecurities, our “bad areas” on our bodies that we are less than thrilled to see the light of day as soon as summertime rolls around. As we travel through our dressing for your body shape–bathing suit shopping edition, so far we have targeted the Apple & Pear shaped Mamas, so it only makes sense to complete the fruits with Strawberry this week!

Tips for bathing suits for different body shapes: the strawberry

Our Strawberry Shaped Mamas can also be refereed to as being an inverted triangle. This body shape is bigger on the top than they are on the bottom and often have very broad shoulders and a large bust. Wearing fuller shapes on the bottom help balance your body shape out and make you appear much leaner.

Whenever it comes to bathing suit shopping for different body shapes, you can wear one or two pieces, depending on what you are most comfortable with. When choosing bottoms, look for bathing suits that have a skirt on the bottom or are very high cut with ties on the sides. Tankinis are a great shape to help balance the body out as well, since they have the ability to enhance or “dis-enhance” with their unique details. (I’m sure YOU know just want you want to reveal, or NOT.)

Shop our bathing suit choices for the strawberry shaped body!

Looking for more bathing suits for different body shapes goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

So remember, Ladies, Strawberries have their own unique attributes, and it’s up to you to find a bathing suit that makes you look as lovely as the fruit!  There are so many bathing suits for different body shapes out there that you will be able to find a few that you feel wonderful in. And if you need that extra push to buy the bikini, here’s why I’ve chosen to wear one no matter what. Get out there and go shopping NOW, while the selection is at its peak. And get ready for a confident arrival at the pool this summer!

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