How To Achieve Beach Hair at Home

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Beach hair is sexy, wavy and easy to accomplish all at the same time. If you’re looking to achieve beach wavy hair at home, this is our favorite beach hair spray for you!

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How To Achieve Beach Hair at Home

During the summer, a day spent at the beach brings sunkissed skin and windswept waves in our hair! Beach hair is messy and sexy at the same time, and many women long for this texturized look, even during the cold winter months! Today’s post provides a step by step tutorial on how I achieved gorgeous beach hair at home.  Follow these steps along with me and you will have an easy path to soft carefree waves without the beach or the drive or the “Mommy are we there yet?”!!

To get this look, I use my new favorite product, Label.m Sea Salt Spray, which is a lightweight beach hair spray that can be sprayed on damp hair to achieve beach hair easily at home. Made with Algae and Aquatic extracts to thicken and texturize, you can easily create volume or a loose tousled style.

Step by step to get beach wave hair

First, After my shower, I leave my hair alone to air dry about halfway and get my favorite beach hair spray prepped.


Next, I separate my hair, with a part down the middle, into 2 even sections.


Then, I start spraying the Label M Beach Hair spray throughout my hair, using my fingers to tousle and scrunch. Using  fingers gives hair that “roughed up” look, which I love!

At this point I knew that I loved this product, both because it’s lightweight and because it works! I have tried dozens of “beach hair spray” products, and most are extremely sticky and make my thick hair a knotted disaster! With just a few sprays, I can tell this spray is adding volume and texture to my hair, without weighing it down. And I love the smell!


After spraying the beach hair spray throughout my hair, I put two loose braids in each side.  I start the braids lower (at my ears) so that the top of my hair stays mostly straight. I prefer making loose braids, so my waves will look softer once I take them out.

I leave the braids in for about 20 minutes, while applying my makeup and getting ready for the day. To make sure the braids are dry before taking them out, I take a blowdryer to the braids, while still messing the hair up a bit with my fingers. This is my favorite blow dryer. 

After taking my hair out of the braids, I spray some more Label.m product throughout and comb my fingers through to add some volume!step5

If you feel like one side of your hair isn’t fully cooperating, just add a braid wherever some extra texture is needed!  I usually continue playing with it until I achieve that beachy look, just like you can!

Regardless of all the playing around, this is a quick and easy process to create beach hair at home, which can easily fit into a busy Mama day. And after several uses of this product, I realized how consistently great it is! The more spray I add, the product continues to do its job! Even when I use this product abundantly, my hair does not get frizzy, knotted, sticky, or greasy…all winning traits, as far as I am concerned. And when you use Label.m Sea Salt Spray you receive the extra benefit of Enviroshield Complex, an ingredient exclusive to Label.m, which protects hair against heat styling and UV rays! Beachy style and scalp protection in the same bottle… I’m obsessed!

I am LOVING how my beach hair at home turned out with this product… it looks so effortless and naturally sea swept!

What do you think of this look? Have you tried a beach spray that you love? It’s been the absolute best way I’ve found to get beach wave hair!

Fashionably Yours,


  1. I’ve been using a sea salt spray too & am very happy to see I am doing it correctly! When I’m too lazy to braid my hair, I sleep with my hair wet in a messy bun & wake up w great bounce!

  2. I haven’t tried it as yet. Will definitely be giving it a go now I’ve seen this 😀

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