The Best Beauty Products For Women

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This post contains affiliate links. 

I know that I haven’t written a beauty post in a while and that’s honestly because until recently, I hadn’t found anything that really inspired me to write about. But, after Chris was away in August and we started a new school year in September, bringing on a different routine for me during the day, I made a little pact with myself: no more frumpy mom. In order to do this though, I really needed to find a routine that worked for me and included beauty products for women that also were really conducive to my on the go life and beauty products for busy moms, too.

First, if you’re searching for beauty products for new moms, I have a great post about that here for 7 products to safely use during pregnancy and nursing.

So I want to clarify something here. I know that you all see me dressed up for pictures, especially all my mom style Monday posts,  but that’s not everyday life for me. Working from home means that most days I really am in leggings and working on the couch with the laptop of my lap and coffee in my hand, pulling my hair out trying to meet 5 deadlines at once. (I try to be very real about this over on Instagram if you’re ever in a mood for a real mom chat – check out my stories!) Even though I do want to look pretty for my husband, my yearning to have a better routine was more deeply routed in my self-care. I wanted a routine that was simple to wear everyday, not overdone, but made me feel like a human again everyday instead of the mom who scrambled just to take a quick shower.

The Best Beauty Products For Women

So I turned to one beauty product for women that was a oldy but goody in my beauty bag and two others that have been two new gems in my life.

My base: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($44)

So I know this one is a little bit more on the expensive side, but I love a tinted moisturizer and a little bit really does go so far. I will admit that my favorite tinted moisturizer was the Josie Maran one, but they stopped making it and this was recommended to me as the most similar at Sephora. I love that it has SPF 20, so I don’t need to worry about adding extra sunscreen to my face and it really does give me one allover tone with a dewey look and dare I say has helped my complexion. I really love it and will buy it again when it runs out. Shop it here!

My cover-up: Benefit Bo-ing Industrial Strength Concealer ($20)

First things first: this little container will last me a year, so it’s worth the $20 to me. Second, I had heard whispers of this product in the beauty community and checked it our in Nordstrom in August with my sister and finally bought it last month because I was still finishing up an old concealer. Anyways – OMG! I didn’t know that a concealer this amazing existed in the world and I just became a life-long addict.

I have really dark circles under my eyes, not because of lack of sleep, it’s just hereditary (my dad has them, too), so I’m always trying to cover them up and this had been wonderful. I don’t know how I lived so long without it. They have a few different options, but I needed to the industrial strength for my dark circles, but they also have ones that focus on brightening. Shop it here! 

My mascara: Benefit They’re Real ($24)

Benefit, They’re Real has been my go-to for mascara for years and I probably will never go in another direction. There’ just isn’t ever been anything that compares to making my lashes look naturally as long and thick as this does and I couldn’t recommend it anymore. Shop it here!

My routine: easy peasy!

The first tweak I made to my routine was washing my face first thing in the morning when I brushed my teeth instead of waiting until I had a chance to jump in the shower. Then after I shower, I layer on these 3 products and look in the mirror and just feel good about myself, which is all that matters really. I’ve even updated my t-shirts and leggings so that I don’t wear anything with holes in it or that I slept in whenever I was in high school haha! If you’re looking for some great new leggings, these are my current favorites. 

What are your go-to beauty products?

Fashionably Yours,


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