Beauty Tips and Tricks: Hair, Nails & Eyebrows

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Sharing so many of my beauty tips and tricks for hair, nails, and eyebrows that truly make a difference in your everyday beauty regimen – and the products I love!

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beauty tips and tricks

Beauty Tips and Tricks: Hair, Nails & Eyebrows

Today we are going to dive right in to a topic that we ALL have questions about from time to time: basic beauty tips and tricks to keep us looking flawless, even if we don’t always feel it. Overall, following these basic grooming tips will keep you feeling wonderful! It is truly amazing what a great eyebrow wax, filing of the nails, and haircut can do to change our mood and lift our spirits!

Basic Beauty Tips and Tricks to Leave You Feeling Flawless

While there are so many different beauty tips and tricks, these are my favorites!

Beauty Tips and Tricks: Hair

    • Keep it trimmed. I am totally guilty of not being at the salon every 6 weeks, most of the time it rolls into closer to 12 weeks before I get back there! But I also realize how great it feels whenever my hair is freshly cut and healthy. Check out how to keep your hair strong after giving birth. 
    • Find a wonderful shampoo that you love and stick to it! We must be sure we are buying the right shampoo for our hair type.  For example, those of us with normal to oily hair often think that choosing a shampoo that lathers a lot is better for us, when in reality those product have too many moisturizers in them, weighing our hair down. My current favorite  for my hair is Clear Total Care Nourishing Shampoo.
    • Air dry vs. towel dry. Instead of wrapping your hair in your towel and walking around while you pick out your outfit, opt for squeezing out excess water and then let your hair partially air dry, this will help keep your hair from the frizz causes by the towel and is a lesser known of the beauty tips and tricks!
    • Use dry shampoo for volume. Dry shampoo is great for whenever you don’t have the time to wash your hair everyday, but it’s also a great tool to use whenever your hair is clean before you run out of the house for the day because it helps to retain volume. My current favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo.

Beauty Tips and Tricks: Nails

  • Keep a nail file and oil beside your bed. This will make sure that you always have these products during your time of need–whenever you are sitting in bed at night. Give your nails a little file every night and rub some cuticle oil on them to keep them moisturized and strong. My favorite oil to use in Josie Maran Light because I can use it not only on my nails, but on my face and hair, too!
  • Avoid Acetone Based Nail Polish Removers. This will actually strip your nails, making them more and more brittle every time you use it.
  • Use gloves when washing dishes. The harsh chemicals used in dish washing soap will also strip your nails of moisture, so the gloves will act as a protective layer.

Beauty Tips and Tricks: Eyebrows

  • Make sure you always have your shaping tools on hand! You will need a sharp pair of tweezers, brow pencil to fill in empty areas, and a brow grooming brush!
  • Find your natural shape.  Try letting your eyebrows grow out for a (gasp) whole month, and then figure out your natural shape and use that as a guide to groom them. Or, if that gives you the willys, let some of the edges of your brows grow in, and reassess!

Do you have any amazing beauty tips and tricks to share? Comment below!

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