Benefits of Summer Camp: Why It’s Great For Kids & Adults Alike!

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If you live in New York City, you KNOW that as soon as May hits, the two questions you started hearing constantly are:

Will you be weekending in East or Southampton?

What summer camp will your kids be attending?

Summer camp is “the thing” here in the city, and I’m sure very popular allover–but I felt especially pressured to make sure he was attending a good one! We finally found a summer camp that was local, not a sleep-a-way (Which I would TOTALLY consider when he gets a little bit older!), and under $6,000–yup that’s how much people spend on 5 weeks of summer camp in this neck of the woods! We weighed the pros and cons of sending him, and realized–especially now since it is over–that there are so many benefits of summer camp!

The Benefits of Summer Camp: Why I Thinks It’s Equally Great For Kids & Adults


 I have time to get s&*t done! Let’s face it–my job doesn’t get a summer vacation, so I still need to work, and so does my husband! I had been feeling a bit apprehensive as the school year was ending because I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get everything accomplished everyday while simultaneously entertaining Branden. Summer camp gave me that relief. It allowed me to send him somewhere everyday where I knew he would be having fun! I knew that I had to get my work done by 5pm to go pick him up everyday, and then I could turn the computer off with a sense of accomplishment and be a much more attentive Mama.

He’s not moping around the house all day because I’m trying to get s&*t done. I just kept picturing what our summer would have looked like without summer camp–he would have been complaining, and I would have been pulling my hair out!

He has time for him, and I have time for me. He looked forward to his time at camp, which he knew was his time to just be silly and have a blast! I looked forward to my time for me, to do what I needed to do.

He met new friends. Even though we stayed local for camp, there are a few surrounding school districts, so he met some new friends!

He got to try out new activities. Even though Branden never told us, we found out at his last day of camp BBQ that he has been obsessing about basketball everyday this summer–and we never knew! Because of summer camp, he got to try out new activities, sampling many, and we got to see what he was really interested in.

Overall, the benefits of summer camp were worth every penny for us! But, since it’s over, it obviously leaves me thinking: is it time to go back to school yet?! If you and your family are gearing up for that magical day, don’t forget to enter our Back to School Favorites + Giveaway!! It features $350 worth of swag from companies like Microsoft, Babyganics, Epson & more! Get on it now, because the giveaway closes in only 2 days!

Did your kids attend summer camp? How was the experience? For you? For you child?

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