The Best Fitting Jeans: Strawberry Style!

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Hello Lovelies!

While we are often on the quest to find the best fitting jeans, it can be a much easier task to accomplish whenever we are armed with the power of knowing our body shape. Today, we move through our denim guide series and are discussing the strawberry shaped body. For more information or how to figure out your body style, check out our post Being Fashion Conscious: Dressing For Your Body Shape. If you need further assistance, we offer styling services that will easily guide you to figure out which shape you should be shopping for.

Finding the Best Fitting Jeans For Your Strawberry Shape


Just a little hint before we get started in our tips for finding the best fitting jeans, in some cases (especially whenever it comes to denim shopping), the strawberry body type overlaps with the apple shape. Often times, strawberry shapes carry their extra weight in their mid-section, but closer to the mid-drift area. So if you are having trouble following our guidelines, try hopping over to our post about finding the right denim for the apple shaped body.

  • Pieces that add extra volume around your waist and hips will help downplay your broad shoulders.
  • Focus on mid-rises if your goal is to downplay your tummy.
  • Since we are getting into the warm summer months, try rolling up your denim to make a cuff at the bottom, which draws the eyes downwards, away from your broad shoulders. In the colder months, choose a wider leg with a cuff at the bottom. Plus, the cuff helps you show off your new favorite pair of shoes!
  • Look For: denim that has extra pocket embellishments or wide legs.
  • Avoid: wearing leggings as pants or denim without any pockets.

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As always, our goal is to make finding the best fitting jeans an easy and painless experience for you! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or email…we love to hear from you!

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