Boo-tacular Traditions!

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At this point in the month, there are pumpkins all over our apartment, and I have been drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes nearly every morning since October first. Today marks halfway through October, sixteen days until Halloween, AND MY BIRTHDAY. At this age, (it’s my blog and I’ll keep it a secret if I want to, lol) birthdays aren’t quite as exciting as when I was a child, because turning another year older is very unappealing to me. But I did receive a lovely new Michael Kors handbag from my husband, which I am OBSESSED with, AND thanks to a great friend who offered to watch my little man for the evening, I get to spend a night out on the town with my hubby as well! Anyways, I can feel myself getting a little off course here, because I have so much good to say about fall! I feel that I couldn’t have been born at a better time of year, and Fall is truly my favorite time of year! I just love the many fun Halloween activities and all the creativity involved with them; these activities are all memories waiting to be made. Since today is MY special day, I thought that I would share my favorite Halloween and Fall traditions with you all.


Of course, as a child, picking out the perfect pumpkin was a huge part of my fall festivities. We would all get dressed in warmer fall clothes and head to one of the many local pumpkin patches and farms in the Pittsburgh area in search of the most worthy pumpkin to bring home and carve. And it was a great incentive to get us out in the crisp fall air amidst the colorful fall foliage. And once the most magical pumpkin was chosen, there was that glass of yummy apple cider and/or caramel apples beckoning to us! Once back home, my younger siblings and I were always in charge of designing and drawing the face on the pumpkin, and then my father would carve it out. We would then roast the seeds and munch on them all night long! Being the oldest of 4 siblings meant that I got to take part in this tradition every year until I went off to college, since there were still little ones at home. Luckily, during my first semester at Kent State University, I met a group of girls who shared the same yearning for pumpkin carving in autumn, so we carved our own pumkins outside the dorms, which came from my friend’s family farm in Ohio.  (And, don’t ask me if we spiked the apple cider!)

Costumes were also a big part of the traditions. If only I could come across the crazy pictures of us kids dressing up over the years! I think my top three favorites were my rockstar, hippie, and 50’s girl costumes! So much fun! And half the fun was not just wearing these fantastic outfits, but in planning them and gathering all the necessary items to translate the concept into the perfect costume, down to the last detail!

As soon as Branden was born, it was important to me to pass on these magical traditions to him, as well as adopting new ones with my family. When Branden was a few weeks old, I dressed him as a little lion for his first Halloween. And when my husband was stationed in Virginia, we always visited pumpkin patches out there with our little man to find and bring home our pumpkin. Now, living in the city, things have changed a bit. Let’s face it, trick-or-treating in an apartment building isn’t quite the same. Regardless, we are determined to keep these traditions alive. This year, we got our pumpkins from the Union Square Green Market and had a wonderful family day while doing it. Branden played at the playground in Union square, and then we got to check out all the wonderful produce, meats, baked goods, and other goodies (Apple Cider!) that the local farmers have to offer.

What are your favorite October traditions?

Fashionably Yours,


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