Bootie Love!

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You guys…today has been one of THOSE days! After a week of feeling so ahead of myself, I finally fell behind today. Whomp whomp. It definitely stemmed from not getting much sleep last night and experiencing round ligament pain at it’s finest. Did somebody say tummy stretch mark oil? Because I will be filling you all in on what I’m using next week. Anyways, today I’m sharing my absolute favorite booties for spring that I have been sporting for a past few weeks and can’t wait to start pairing with my favorite cropped jeans for spring!


I met with my friend Dee who is an amazing NYC based photographer (check out her website or book a session here) on the Upper West Side area of Central Park, right across from Branden’s favorite place in the world, The Museum of Natural History. I love all the beautiful bridges in that area as well as the notorious Central Park Castle – so fun for picture taking!


Both booties for spring being modeled today are from Clarks, who are known for their super comfort and chic designs. Here is a closeup of my favorite casual go-to, the Swansea Grove Moto Boot.


Just because you are a mama, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style at all by any means! These booties are paired with super comfortable No Nonsense leggings that mimic burgundy denim, a simple silk teal over-sized blouse bought from the juniors department at Nordstrom (have you entered my $150 gift card to Nordstrom Giveaway?), and a dry clean only sweater that I bought for my husband from United Colors of Benneton that ended up in the laundry and shrunk.  Finish with a great statement necklace and you are good to go!


This scarf is extra special to me because my grandmother gave me it for Christmas this past year and I love love the way it looks against this hard wood wall. So cozy! These booties are great if you want to dress up or work well with basic denim, too. I’m wearing another pair of No Nonsense leggings, which are super comfy and have a fun faux leather stripe down the side. They have been a go-to of mine with my changing body. These booties are called Taylor Shine and beyond how cute they are, I love that they bring together black and brown, making it easy to integrate those hues in your outfit.


Now tell me – are your ready to shop for booties for spring?!

Fashionably Yours,


**This is a sponsored photo shoot. As always, opinions are my own.**


  1. Those are so very cute! I love the way you styled them too – I never think of dark with a lighter jacket, but its so chic!

  2. I’ve never really been sure how to style booties, so I don’t have any. These are SO cute though… I may have to update my wardrobe this spring.

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