Calling All NYC Moms–Box Butler is at Your Service! {Giveaway}

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I’ll admit it, I’m a pack rat, a fashion hoarder, a keeper of all things totally unnecessary of keeping—ya know…just in case! I didn’t realize how severe my problem was until moving to NYC from our much more spacious Virginia apartment four years ago. Now here we are with one growing 6 year old, my ever-expanding wardrobe, and a husband whose obsession lies in his coat collection—all in a tiny NYC apartment!

I’ve mentioned in the past that as I change my wardrobe over from season to season that I always go through the clothing items one by one for all of us, setting aside unused pieces to donate. But sometimes that’s just not enough, and you need a little (or a lot!) of help. This is where Box Butler comes in, and trust me, you won’t know how you lived your life before being introduced to their amazing services.

Before Box Butler, things got so bad that we had an explosion a couple of months back (when a closet rack collapsed!), and things were looking like this in the Cooper household:


My messy closet before Box Butler!

There is nothing cute or chic about living like this. So we are offering up our clutter to the Box Butler gods and vowing to live a clutter-free life!

About Box Butler

Box Butler is storage for the twenty-first century! They are a low-cost, stress free (<— One of the main selling points here, Mamas!) service that keeps your stored items safe and secure, while only paying for the storage space you are actually using.

Each box is stored in a climate controlled area, keeping everything you love protected whether it is clothes, furniture, or sporting goods. Each and every box comes with $500 worth of insurance coverage, and, if you need more, there are low cost options that will fit any budget. You have the option to store items for more or less than six months, and there are low-cost plans for larger, more awkwardly shaped items such as bikes or skis that won’t fit into a box.

Lastly, if you have items that you just want to give away, Box Butler also works directly with Housing Works, so they will pick up your unwanted items and even send you a stamped donation receipt.


Packing items for Box Butler to take away!

How Box Butler Has Helped Me

First and foremost, I confess I’ve kinda always wanted a Butler, someone to wait on me seven days a week, and this is as close to the real thing that I will probably ever experience!

All jokes aside though, being a super busy mom, it’s amazing to have a service that caters to your schedule instead of the opposite (like many other businesses operate). Our weekday life consists of going from school to home, at which point all that homework begins, with both my husband and I working during the day. Then weekends come around, and we salvage the little bit of time to spend together, go to soccer practice, possibly have a date night, then more homework again! Being able to set aside a small amount of time during the week or weekend whenever we know our things will be dropped off or picked up by Box Butler, without trying to transport it back and forth, makes a world of a difference in a time-crunched life.

Box Butler has allowed me and my family to live more comfortably in our small space, with the peace of mind knowing where our belongings are stored away and that they can be easily accessed. We are now living a clutter-free life, and it feels so good!


Things to Keep in Mind When Using Box Butler

Label, label, label—this will greatly help keep you organized! If you pack something away that you may need during the duration of your storage, they will easily bring it to you without any hesitation, but for your own sanity—keep track of what box it is in.

What if you don’t live in NYC? No problem! They also offer a service called Box Butler Air that works with clients anywhere in the world. For real! All you have to do is sign up and they will send you shipping labels and a UPS pick up date and even send boxes if you need them. Does it get more convenient than that?

The Giveaway

Box Butler has partnered with us to give away 6 months of free storage! This includes 4 large Box Butler containers – a $169 value, box drop off, pick-up and return delivery. The giveaway will start today and our winner will be chosen on Friday October 24th! Good luck!
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**Project Motherhood was compensated to write this post. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.**


  1. This would be amazing to win! I have so much clutter especially with 3 kids and the change of season wardrobes. It’s hard to keep it all organized in our tiny closets.

  2. I need this in my life like STAT! We downsized last year (saving for that house) and we have stuff everywhere. To get summer clothes and items we’re not using outta here would be a blessing from heaven!

  3. Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

    OMG! I NEED a Box Butler intervention! Pleeeeez!
    <3 Your Editor

  4. Our entire apartment needs reorganizing, but I’d claim this one for my personal closet. Seasonal clothing rotation plus I’d probably do a whole box of just formal occasion shoes and clothing that I only need a few times a year – silly to have so much space in my closet taken up by things that only get worn once or twice a year!

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