Making Our Apartment a Home – Finally

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I mentioned last month at some point how we are working on a redecorating project, which I will share all the details with you soon, but I never really explained why. I guess it all boils down to a huge part of me knowing that this apartment isn’t our forever home, so we just kinda placed a few pictures on the walls and called it a day. Then, when we found out we were pregnant late 2015, something shifted inside me and I had a need to make the apartment a nicer place for us all. So while we have a big re-decorating project happening, I’m started by adding a piece that will work with our decorating plans, yet it super special to us with The Canvas Factory. (And cue the waterworks!)


Who remembers this picture from our pregnancy announcement? It was so amazing to capture these photos and share them all with you, but now even more special to have it as a piece of our family history in our living room. We obviously have a ways to go with getting our room completely redecorated and to the place where we want it to be, but I promise to keep sharing our tips along the way! A picture really is worth a thousand words (or thousand emotions in this case) and this is an important moment that will stick with us in a really beautiful way for years to come.


The Canvas Factory is really awesome for helping to capture those important moments, your kids favorite art project or something special that you have designed with a few simple clicks on their website. I honestly put my order for this canvas together in 10 minutes or less (the real time consuming part was choosing which picture) and it turned out so beautiful. Every single size, every single print are all super affordable and add something special for your home. (Hint: they also make really great gifts, too) So whether you are working on a huge redecorating project or just want to add a simple touch to your home, check out their canvas prints.

**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**

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