DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub

This post contains affiliate links. This peppermint lip scrub is so easy to make that you will probably find yourself quadrupling the recipe to make sure that everyone in your life gets one under the tree this year - even the guys! DIY Peppermint Lip Scrub Like I mentioned earlier this week, I'm always looking for easy DIY projects that are simple enough for me to make, because I just don't have those skills that make everything look pretty. I shared our wine cork Christmas ornaments that have been a big hit for us to hand out to grandparents and friends this season and today I wanted to share something that the people you love will really adore receiving his holiday. This completely diy peppermint lip scrub is seriously easy and works so well to help combat dry winter lips. Keep it in your bathroom or by your bed for nighttime use and you don't even have to worry about your kids getting into it because it's completely edible and I'll admit - delicious tasting, too! The recipe below is enough for 2 gifts. Ok friends, who is ready to get their crafting on with me and make this diy peppermint sugar scrub? Let's do it! What you'll need to make the peppermint lip scrub: ½ c. Granulated sugar ½ c. 100% natural coconut oil Twig and Petal Peppermint oil 4 oz. Glass jars Optional for decorating: Twine Scissors Mini candy canes Garland strands Wide burlap ribbon How to make your peppermint lip scrub: In a bowl, whisk ... Read More

The Best Beauty Products For Women

This post contains affiliate links.  I know that I haven't written a beauty post in a while and that's honestly because until recently, I hadn't found anything that really inspired me to write about. But, after Chris was away in August and we started a new school year in September, bringing on a different routine for me during the day, I made a little pact with myself: no more frumpy mom. In order to do this though, I really needed to find a routine that worked for me and included beauty products for women that also were really conducive to my on the go life and beauty products for busy moms, too. First, if you're searching for beauty products for new moms, I have a great post about that here for 7 products to safely use during pregnancy and nursing. So I want to clarify something here. I know that you all see me dressed up for pictures, especially all my mom style Monday posts,  but that's not everyday life for me. Working from home means that most days I really am in leggings and working on the couch with the laptop of my lap and coffee in my hand, pulling my hair out trying to meet 5 deadlines at once. (I try to be very real about this over on Instagram if you're ever in a mood for a real mom chat - check out my stories!) Even though I do want to look pretty for my husband, my yearning to have a better routine was more deeply routed in my self-care. I wanted a routine that was simple to wear everyday, not overdone, but made me feel like a human again everyday ... Read More

My Grown Up Daily Beauty Routine #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links.  Happy Monday mamas! So excited that you stopped by for my very first #MomStyleMonday! I shared last week how we were going to kick off this fun series and we are, starting with some new beauty and skincare items that have become a huge part of my daily beauty routine. But first, I just want to add that I would love to see you hashtag anything that you post on social media with our #MomStyleMonday hashtag so that I can also follow along with what you are doing that's helping you rock your mom style. Anyways, as I've turned 30 this year, I've learned a lot about myself. I know that I needed to change the way I was eating and exercising after the holidays, so I started Whole30, which prompted a whole lifestyle change. I've learned that I have total control over my happiness and exactly what really does make me happy. And I've also learned that my daily beauty routine needed a kick in the butt. Gone are the days where I can buy drugstore makeup and skincare products, I need high quality products for my daily beauty routine. And you know what? I'm totally worth it and so are you! So today, I introduce you to the brand that's become a huge part of my grown up daily beauty routine: Colleen Rothschild Beauty.  Most likely,  you've heard of this luxurious skincare brand (ahem, their Vitamin C Treatment Complex is a cult favorite). If not, today I'm formally introducing you. They are truly skincare experts and a brand I have ... Read More

DIY At Home Day At The Spa In A Jar Tutorial

  Ok mamas, if you're anything like me, you're getting a bit overwhelmed with holiday stuff at this point, am I right? It's the week of running around to tie up any loose gifting ends and get all those last minute things for stocking or people we accidentally forgot (oops). I'm sharing my new favorite gift that is SO easy to make, really fun to receive and easy on your bank account: the DIY at home day at the spa in a jar. Your friends will use every single piece that's included, while they get a few minutes to themselves to enjoy it. So cute, right? How to make the spa day in a jar Here's what you need to complete this super easy DIY: Unscented Epsom Salt (this bag will only cost you $7.99 for 2 pounds) Your favorite essential oil (I used Lavender, it's my favorite!) A single use face mask (My favorites are Masque Bar as they come in sets of 3) 2 nail polishes (I like to include Sally Hansen Top Coat and Sally Hansen Cool Cucumber - my favorite this season!) Contigo Shake and Go Tumbler Simply add a half cup of the epsom salts to your open tumbler and drop in about 5 drops of your essential oils. Give it a good shake and then fold in the face mask and add your nail polishes. Close the lid on tight, throw in a holiday bag and you are ready to go! Check out my video below for a little extra inspiration to see just how easy it is to make! Watch my quick video here: I seriously can't recommend making these in mass quantities for ... Read More

Rogaine for Women: My Secret For Voluminous Hair

  Struggling with thinning hair? Here's my little secret to bringing out the volume is Rogaine for women, learn why in my complete review. This post contains affiliate links. This post was developed in partnership with Women’s Rogaine®. All opinions are my own. Rogaine for Women: My Secret For Voluminous Hair Mom to mom: our bodies change drastically every single pregnancy. With Branden, I had some pretty positive side effects (as in, my metabolism sped up and I was finally able to lose weight), but with Blake, I'm struggling with super dry, thin hair and skin. I'm finding my hair everywhere and my already thin tresses are losing more volume everyday. Since hair loss runs in my family, I knew that I need a change and a volume boost, no just for the holiday season, but for my daily routine. So, I turned to Rogaine for women and sharing style tips + spilling the beans on my secret for voluminous hair. Rogaine for Women Tips from an expert So obviously I've been having some major "hairapy" because you can see that these is some natural volume happening here. Some of my favorite styling tips for thinning hair comes from Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby, who always recommends starting with the scalp, “keeping the scalp clear of waxy buildup creates a better environment for hair regrowth. I recommend shampooing every other day, for every type of hair.” My hair is super thin to begin with, so I always overlooked this important fact, but have started adopting it as ... Read More

Kissing Beauty Pain Good-Bye

This post was sponsored by Sensodyne® as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. Sensodyne® compensated me in connection with statements made in this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I've said it already, I know, but I turned 30 this year. (Whomp, whomp.) But with 30 came a total no nonsense type attitude and the realization that I need to stop putting myself through so much when it comes to my beauty routine. Come on, you know what I mean. The pain. The hurt from so many different procedures we do on a weekly/monthly basis. I’m saying “buh-bye” to the pain for good. I've always had sensitive teeth. Now, you can turn to Sensodyne® True White® for a whiter smile and sensitivity relief, without the compromise. Back in my college days my girlfriends and I used to gather around our favorite beauty mags and choose different treatments to try out that came with so many different promises. With age, came the knowledge to make better decisions and know that more pain doesn’t mean more beauty. In fact, it means the opposite. Beauty shouldn’t be painful. So fast forward almost 10 years and today I stand as an adult making super informed decisions for my everyday life. I have chosen not to live with sensitive teeth anymore and missing out on eating my favorite foods (or eating them extra slow) just because. I am faced with better options in my life like Sensodyne® True White® – and you best bet that I am going to take it. Did you know ... Read More

Going Back to Basics For Winter Skincare

This is a sponsored post written for Neutrogena. I was compensated and provided complimentary products for this post. All opinions are my own. Beautiful, chilly weather with snow falling all around us is certainly ahead. While these moments are filled with fun and excitement for the upcoming holiday season, it also plays a role in the condition of our delicate skin. I keep stressing this to everyone: our skin is our largest organ and we need to be kind to it. I have always made sure to switch to a more intense skincare routine during the winter months, but after having Blake, my skin took a turn for the extra dry and I knew I needed something more. Neutrogena Body Oil is the product that I added to my routine this winter and I honestly can't imagine my day to day without it at this point. This year, Neutrogena Body Oil is celebrating its 50th anniversary which totally speaks volumes about this product. Beauty products come and go very quickly, so having one on store shelves for 50 years tells that it's a favorite of many people. (Check out the awesome vintage ad below from oh so many years ago - this product is a staple for so many!) I've been a fan of replacing body moisturizer with oil during the winter months for quite some time, starting with my face, but I love that this light sesame oil formula instantly absorbs into skin, sealing in moisture without a greasy after-feel. I don't have to worry about it soaking through to my clothes - it simply leaves my skin soft, ... Read More

I Tried a Waist Cincher Corset and Here’s What Happened

  Curious about trying out a waist cincher to shrink your waist? Here's my full review of trying out a waist cincher corset and why you'll love it, too! This post contains affiliate links.  I Tried a Waist Cincher Corset and Here's What Happened The things we do in the name of beauty, right? All jokes aside, I was so excited throughout my pregnancy to try out my Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset Waist Cincher for women because I was curious about how it would help me get back to my original figure. (Spoiler alert: I wish that I would start using it sooner, but probably for different reasons than you think.) So here I am today, on the first Monday after totally indulging for Thanksgiving and really, really baring it all for you. None of these pictures were photoshopped, just brightened up. And the after picture was literally taken this morning so that I could give you the most accurate results. Background information about using a waist cincher for women So first things first, I want you to know a little bit more info about using a waist cincher. Basically its the art of wrapping the midsection to help take inches off the waist - kinda like wearing a corset. Why is wearing a waist cincher for women so great? It helps your body get back to it's pre-pregnancy shape quicker by essentially shrinking your uterus back down to original size. These are also great for helping with your c-section recovery as well. The Belly Bandit ones are a tad bit more expensive ... Read More

How to Simplify Your Makeup Bag

  I haven't written a beauty post in a while (I know: tisk, tisk!), but behind the scenes I've been on a little beauty mission of my own: to simplify my makeup bag. Remember last year when I wrote about my beauty commandments?  Well, I'm trying to live up to them, especially #4 - which brought me to where I am right now. I've been exploring a lot of different beauty brands and have even written about the new beauty labeling that's kicking USDA Organic certification to the curb and replacing it with something better, and I realized that my makeup bag is really complicated. In fact, I was finding myself digging through it quite a bit when I only really use a handful of items on a daily basis to begin with. So here's the deal: let's all make thing less complicated together. Sound like a plan? Good! So here's my foolproof plan to simplify your makeup bag, once and for all. How to Simplify Your Makeup Bag I've written about makeup organization in the past, but this is a completely different beast. Even the most organized person can have way too much going on - it's time to be practical! 1. Buy a smaller bag! As simple as it sounds, it took me years to figure this one out. In fact, at the beginning or my marriage, I remember having a huge carry case that had many different organizational pockets that I carted to my vanity as if I were a professional. I do not do makeup for a living, therefore I had no need for this. So I finally ditched my overwhelmed beauty case ... Read More

Getting My Beauty Groove Back {Giveaway}

This post was developed in partnership with Clairol Nice’n Easy, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. So here I am, three and a half weeks post-baby. Sure, I planned for downtime and days filled with comfy clothes and indoor baby snuggles to keep both her safe from the outdoors (for a short while), and me to recover from giving birth. But I'll tell you what - it's getting old. I'm getting sick of being in between maternity clothes and regular clothes, I miss putting on makeup and feeling pretty and for goodness sakes - I'm OVER the granny panties. I know that I need to take baby steps though, so my first plan of action to get my groove back after having Blake is with an updated, fall hair color from Clairol Nice’n Easy. I often dye my hair, especially as a new season approaches. I typically go darker (like a deep, deep red) in the fall and a bit lighter for the summer months. It's fun to shake things up from time to time and try something new, and I have always had an obsession with trying out different hair colors throughout my life, a drive that has carried with me into adulthood. Having a newborn to take care of now though means that I am home most days, holding her in my arms, and making a little color update definitely helps me to feel like a normal human being again. When hoping over to my local drugstore to choose a hair dye, Clairol Nice’n Easy has always been my go-to because of how silky-soft it always make my hair feel (ahem - a secret CC ... Read More