BB Cream Vs. CC Cream: What’s the Difference?

  Ever wonder what the difference between BB Cream vs. CC Cream? Here's the facts so you'll never be confused when you walk into Sephora again! This post contains affiliate links.  BB Cream Vs. CC Cream: What's the Difference? For a while now, I feel like I have been hearing the words "BB Cream" quite frequently in terms of beauty products. I kinda ignored it for a while, and but then the word "CC Cream" was introduced to me, before I even wrapped my head around the BB! Too much beauty terminology for a Mama to handle! I finally cracked and decided it was time for investigate and figure out what each one was and how it can benefit my beauty regimen and wanted to share my bb cream vs. cc cream findings with you all. What is "BB Cream?" The term "BB cream" can stand for many different things, but the most common is blemish balm or beauty balm. It was only just recently introduced to Western markets, but has been widely used in the past in the East and South-East Asia. They combine together anti-aging products, sunscreen, and smoothers for  the skin to act like a primer. Lastly, BB cream and tinted moisturizer can pretty much be used interchangeably. Why I love them: Overall, it is a time saver. BB cream combines products together and allows me to get ready much faster in the morning while still looking like I spent a great deal of time putting on make-up. In most cases, once I apply my BB cream, I don't even need to put on foundation. In all honesty, ... Read More

My Beauty Addiction: Josie Maran Makeup

  Josie Maran makeup is taking over my beauty bag, and here's all the reasons why. (Hint: my skin is thanking me for the new products!) This post contains affiliate links.  My Beauty Addiction: Josie Maran Makeup Obsessed is pretty much an under statement here. Josie Maran makeup products are pretty much overflowing my beauty bag - for really good reasons though. Her products are super clean and make my skin look and feel radiant, as if I was a glowing pregnant woman all the time. The tinted moisturizer specifically is my absolute favorite (you will find all the reasons why outlined below) and I can't recommend picking up one for your daily use, too. This tinted moisturizer from Josie Maran is absolutely great for so many reasons! So here is is lovelies... Why I LOVE Josie Maran Makeup   All of Josie Maran makeup products are eco-friendly. The tinted moisturizer contains an SPF 30, which I typically forget to include in my beauty regimen. It is a medium coverage tinted moisturizer, so I have been able to get away with wearing it in place of a foundation. I just add a little powder to my nose and I am ready to roll! Even though it is a medium coverage, it is still lightweight, so your skin can breathe throughout the day. A serious bonus is that I have honestly been noticing my skin clear up since I have been using this product. Whenever I read the press release, it stated that this product gave you a "dewy" glow, which REALLY ... Read More

Beautiful Differences: How to Find the Right Make-Up Palettes For Your Skin Tone

  So I'm sure you have all been in this situation before: You are running late in the morning and have no clue what you are wearing to work, and then it happens! You run out of your most necessary beauty product! Typically, when this happens to me, it is a result of me already being "too busy" and putting off a trip to the store even though I know I'm running low on a product I love.  This happened when I completely ran out of my favorite primer the other day. So I ended up making a special trip to the Sephora on Lexington Avenue after work, since I can't go a day without this product! When I walked inside, as usual, I was sucked into everything around me. The smells, the packaging, and, oh, the colors! The many, many, many color options in there can be almost paralyzing. (Wouldn't it just be easier if there was one shade of lip gloss to choose from?) This quandary of mine lead me to my computer to do a little research on skin tones, color palettes, and how to narrow down my search when it comes to figuring out which make-up shades work best with my skin tone. So the first piece to the palette puzzle of make-up is to figure out exactly what skin tone you have. I thought this would be the easy step, but, was I ever wrong!  I eventually learned that the best way to establish your skin tone  is to spend a little bit of time examining a part of your body that is rarely exposed to sun (or sunless tanning products). A great place to look is your nail beds. You ... Read More