Make-Up to the Rescue!

In a perfect world, I would wake up looking glamorous, flawless, and always put together. I would be ready to start each day with a pearly white grin, luscious pouty red lips, and naturally rosy cheeks. Now in reality, I wake up just hoping that I don't have dark circles and bags under my eyes, as I face the day with a coffee boost in one hand and my Blackberry in the other. I feel like all women suffer from being self conscious about some type of beauty flaw that they know they have and are always striving to correct! As for attempting to correct my many issues, I've tried out many, many different beauty products over the years to find solutions, and I thought I would pass my findings along to you. Make-up Problem #1: My make-up doesn't last all day! I suffered from this hardcore whenever I first moved to the city for college. I would get up to go to class and get my makeup on, then from class I went to work, and from work I went out to party! My makeup was definitely not going to survive through all that, even with some minor touch-ups if I had time to run to the bathroom throughout the day. Now as a Mama, I'm not gallivanting around the city nearly as much, but I feel like I have resolved this issue due to some fabulous products. I HIGHLY recommend a primer+ finishing spray routine. You have to figure out what works the best for your skin type, but I use Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer and Urban Decay Oil-Free All Nighter spray. Make-Up Problem #2: Dark … [Read more...]

5 Fun Nail Polish Colors That Exemplify Summer

Day dresses paired with sandals and tote bags filled with sunscreen and beach towels are a perfect indicator that the sun-soaked days of summer have arrived. And what’s better to pair with flowy dresses, flip flops, and bathing suits than a perfectly complimentary nail polish shade that is just as fun and carefree as the day itself? If you’re looking for the perfect shade for summer, try one of these five hues: 1.      Mojito Madness by Essie – This vibrant mix of minty green and lime green lends itself perfectly to days spent at a backyard barbeque with a refreshing summer drink in hand. It’s light enough that it immediately sparks any outfit during the day, but flashy enough to add some colorful fun to a night-time soiree. 2.      Mermaid’s Dream by Deborah Lippman – The Mermaid’s Dream is the ideal mix of sea foam greens, deep blues, and neutral metallic sparkles for a day spent at the beach. And if you can’t get to a beach, you can at least channel ocean waves with the color playing on your nails. 3.      Macbeth by butter LONDON – No summer would be complete if you didn’t have a hot hue in a trendy color for your nail polish. In fact, the only thing better than one trendy shade is a balance of two mixed together. Blending two of summer’s hottest colors, orange and coral, Macbeth will make a bold statement that will take those white jeans to the next level. 4.      Amchoor by NARS – For a show-stopping statement ditch the yellow bikini in favor of yellow nails. … [Read more...]

Beautiful Differences: How to Find the Right Make-Up Palettes For Your Skin Tone

  So I'm sure you have all been in this situation before: You are running late in the morning and have no clue what you are wearing to work, and then it happens! You run out of your most necessary beauty product! Typically, when this happens to me, it is a result of me already being "too busy" and putting off a trip to the store even though I know I'm running low on a product I love.  This happened when I completely ran out of my favorite primer the other day. So I ended up making a special trip to the Sephora on Lexington Avenue after work, since I can't go a day without this product! When I walked inside, as usual, I was sucked into everything around me. The smells, the packaging, and, oh, the colors! The many, many, many color options in there can be almost paralyzing. (Wouldn't it just be easier if there was one shade of lip gloss to choose from?) This quandary of mine lead me to my computer to do a little research on skin tones, color palettes, and how to narrow down my search when it comes to figuring out which make-up shades work best with my skin tone. So the first piece to the palette puzzle of make-up is to figure out exactly what skin tone you have. I thought this would be the easy step, but, was I ever wrong!  I eventually learned that the best way to establish your skin tone  is to spend a little bit of time examining a part of your body that is rarely exposed to sun (or sunless tanning products). A great place to look is your nail beds. You … [Read more...]