Acure Organics Baby Launch!

If you read our big announcement last week, you know that right now everything baby is on my brain - and skincare is a huge part of that. I'm always on the hunt for products that are great for our whole family, because let's face it - buying items we all can use makes my job a little easier. Last week, Acure Organics Baby officially launched and not only is the entire collection cute, colorful and smells great -  but it is free of toxins, allergens, and nonestrogenic (meaning no hormone disruptors). Everything was displayed so beautifully and I couldn't wait to dig in and learn about all these great products that I will most certainly be carrying around in my diaper bag, have in our future diaper changing station, and be present in our family bathroom. This 4-in-1 was one of my ultimate favorites! You can buy it in scented or non-scented and it is a shampoo, body wash, bubble bath and hand soap. (Oh hey Football Food and Motherhood!) Who doesn't love having everything right there for the whole family to use for infant tubby time to regular showers - it's the best! I also must add that whenever you are the parent of a newborn, you obviously aren't loading on the perfume as usual, so these great scents for both the wash and the baby lotion are perfect for layering to smell good and be safe for baby. The Baby's Day Out set, featured at the very bottom of this picture features their fix it, sunscreen, bug stick, and are perfect to have on hand and always in ... Read More

Get SMART About Your Beauty Routine

  Aging. This word makes me nervous and always has. My mom was handed her first anti-aging cream by her mother at age 30 and I always took that as a tip to start early with anything preventative that I could get my hands on. But I have found over the years that not all products are created equal and not all regimens fit into my busy mama life. I needed something that was effective (After all, I'm turning the big 3-0 this year!) and conducive to my life - so I got SMART with the new line of Clinique SMART products. Our days are hectic, just like everyone's. The alarm goes off promptly at 6am and you better bet that I'm running down the hall to try and wake sleeping Branden, because it takes quite a few shakes before he finally gets up to brush his teeth. He gets bused to school this year, which you all know has been an issue and completely turned our world upside down (if this is your first time reading, our bus pretty much never shows up). As much as I would love to spend time on myself in the morning, it's not really possible. So I wash my face and then apply my favorite Clinique SMART Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Custom Repair Moisturizer -always rubbing upwards! I've always used a moisturizer everyday to combat my oily skin, but this product has so many added benefits. I first love it's anti-aging components and the fact that it includes SPF. I swear - after becoming a mom I have become afraid of the sun and the fact that this product has sunscreen in it helps ... Read More

Mama Approved Smashbox Spring Beauty Products

  I'm always preaching about simplifying our mama lives and get pretty exstatic whenever I come across beauty products (especially two-in-ones!) that help us achieve that. These are two mama approved Smashbox beauty products that will have you wishing the snow away and ready for the chance to bring out the bright colors! First, because I was so curious about playing with our new GoPro, I wanted to just chat with you all a bit face to face about these products. I know there is still a lot that I must learn (I know you can hear me a wee bit through my phone), but it was fun to chit chat beauty today anyways! As you can see, I'm didn't take any time to put on eyeliner and I'm literally just wearing a light powder and concealer under my eyes, so these Smashbox spring beauty products really do help me look more awake (I always look tired because I was born with dark, purple circles under my eyes grrr.), and gives me a little glow.   Okay, here are the details: Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder is $25 per shade and comes in 4 colors and is so easy to use. It gives your brows a little bit of shape and volume and is honestly fun to play with. The Smashbox Blendable Lip and Cheek Color is $29 per shade and comes in 3 shades. After I filmed the video, I realized that you can pop the bottoms off and there is a little sponge for easy blending.   I had so much fun testing out and playing with these product today! They will seriously help cut ... Read More

New Year’s Eve Beauty Survival Guide

  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate. The season is truly magical, right? I think I was just as excited for Christmas morning as an adult watching B open his gifts as I was as a child. Right before we left for Pittsburgh, I chatted about my love for the new Amope products and how fun it is to party prep with them, so now it's time to talk about our makeup routine for New Year's Eve! (And you can enter to win these 2 really cool products below!) First and foremost, does anyone else feel like they are in limbo between Christmas and New Years Eve? It's almost like I'm trying to push forward with goals, cleaning, life in general, but I'm stuck. B is home from school until the 4th and I'm just kinda waiting for our regular routine to pick up again. Anyways, I wanted to share two MAJOR beauty products that I have added to my beauty bag that will get you through the big night with minimal touch-ups. So whether you are out partying and drinking champagne or toasting at midnight with your loved ones on the couch, your face will be flawless! A great night starts with a great base. So, after you apply your regular daily moisturizer (right now I am obsessed with this Burt's Bees Renewal Firming Daily Lotion), apply this Lumene Bright Now Blur Line and Pore Minimizer. Then once you add your foundation, you will notice how the Lumene Bright Now instantly smoothes out any fine lines on your face, hides those unwanted pores, and ... Read More

Party Prep With Amopé Perfect Pedi

  **This post was sponsored by Amopé as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.** I'll admit it - I neglect taking care of my nails because I get so caught up in the day to day and overlook them out of "necessity", and I bet that you do, too! It happens. So, I really can't think of a better gift this season to give to a beauty lover or someone in your life that just needs to stop and give themselves some relaxing nail time, than the Amopé Electronic Nail Care System and Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File. Amope Perfect Pedi Holiday parties can be exhausting to prep for, especially if you are hosting them, so it's essential to take a few relaxing minutes with these easy to use the Amopé Electronic Nail Care System and Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File  to center yourself, find your inner holiday cheer, and give your hands and feet some much needed care this season. The Amopé Perfect Pedi Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File now has Diamond Crystals and is a truly essential tool for smoothing out those tired heels of yours - especially when you are on your feet doing all that holiday baking! The bottoms of my feet were just disgraceful from running, but I've improved them so much with this product and then followed up with my favorite lotion - leading to the smoothest feet I have had in a VERY long time! The Amopé Electronic Nail Care System is what you want to ... Read More

Goody Hair Brush Healthy Hair Update

**Thanks, Goody, for sponsoring this conversation.** It's all about hair - am I right? This is one of many reasons why I'm so happy to have been introduced to the Goody Clean Radiance brush, and why I want to share the impact it has made in the months I've had it. (You can enter to win one for yourself below!) You may remember that back in November, I shared my hair story with you all, and quite a bit has changed in my routine. To be honest, I've never considered myself to be a person with "good hair" and have quite often looked at women with flowing, thick locks and wished that I could experience the same. But as time goes by, I have realized that good hair goes hand in hand with healthy hair and using products that are actually good for you - starting with your scalp. So my lovely ladies, it's time to talk build up. Yuck, I know - but this brush is truly the perfect remedy. We can be as diligent as we think possible by using clarifying conditioners on a weekly basis, but let's be real - we use so many products everyday that most of the time we need something more. Buildup occurs naturally on your scalp no matter how proactive you are, and using this Goody Clean Radiance brush on a daily basis will combat this issue with your daily uses. Check my hair out below. I have SUPER thin hair, naturally. But using this brush has helped get rid of the bad and leave only the good natural oils that my hair needs to be shiny and healthy. Who would say no to radiant ... Read More

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair: Sleek Ponytail Tutorial

  Do you make time for your hair in the morning? I know that I don't always. Whenever I'm pulling myself together and trying to look presentable for wherever it is I'm going, my first focus is to put my outfit together and ready to put on, and then to make sure I have at least followed my bare face makeup tutorial to look refreshed. (Check out my "How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep" for those nights when sleep isn't much of an option.) So if you're looking for easy hairstyles for long hair, this tutorial is a winner. But my hair? It gets put on the back burner many mornings, as I do the old "scrunch and go" - until now. Today's super easy sleek ponytail tutorial, a look that we saw all over the runways at this past Fashion Week, will be your new favorite for great hair in a hurry! If the top designers in the world are doing it, then so can we - after all, we conquered potty training! Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair Throwing our hair up in a messy bun is only acceptable for the gym or running to the bus stop in the morning- moments when we just cannot help but to quickly throw it up. What's in now is the sleek ponytail that truly takes the same amount of time, but with much more beautiful results! Check out my sleek ponytail tutorial video! And don't forget to give yourself a little spritz of your favorite finishing spray, I forgot to mention that in the video! A little spray goes a long way, so don't get finger heavy. Curious about the products I was ... Read More

Goody Hair Brush: My Hair Story

  **Thanks Goody for sponsoring this conversation.** Hair has been on my mind an awful lot lately, as you can see from perusing through my recent beauty posts. A couple of weeks ago I became a redhead and have been exploring different beauty tools and ways to style my hair for running and working out. As I sit here writing, I'm running my hands through my freshly cleansed hair and realizing that it has a story - one that has taken me on many twists and turns to get to where I am now. While is why I have turned to a new Good hair brush to help solve my problems. Growing up, I pretty much put my hair through the ringer. I dyed it constantly different shades of red through high school (I have always wanted to be a redhead), without waiting the allotted period of time before switching to the next color. I would go way too long without a haircut, and I never conditioned (because I have VERY thin hair and was convinced that it would make it even more grease-prone than it already was). I have learned my lesson. Why I love My Goody Hair Brush At this point in my life, as I am approaching my 30s (1 more year!), it's all about living the healthiest life that I can - and that starts with my scalp! I know that might seem silly, but you can't have a great head of hair without having an amazing brush that is taking care of your tresses, as well as your scalp. This is why I'm loving the new Goody Clean Radiance Brush and it's making an impact on how healthy my hair looks ... Read More

Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms

  Full disclosure - I finally got a new curling iron from Pro Beauty tools this month, after I had literally been using the same one since middle school! With the holidays approaching, I can honestly say that this Pro Beauty Tools 1-Inch Professional Curling Iron that I received to review has opened my eyes to so many different hairstyles for busy moms that are easy to achieve and fun to wear! (I'm having a little bit of fun with my hair lately since transitioning to a red head, and I can say that red heads have more fun!) Oh, hey November. It's a red hair don't care kinda month for me! #fallfashion A photo posted by Allison Cooper (@projectmotherhood) on Nov 2, 2015 at 4:08am PST  I find myself easily getting stuck in the "scrunch my hair, hair spray for volume" and go look, which is totally fine for day to day operations, but the holidays call for a little bit more effort (even if you only have 5 minutes extra to add). I realized that whenever you have a great curling iron on hand, not only are the opportunities endless for playing around with your newly curled tresses, but it also takes MUCH LESS TIME to achieve since your hair will curl in just a few minutes and then you can just spray and go! (Make sure that, before you start curling. you spray with a heat protector like my favorite Sexy Hair Style Protect Heat Defense Hot Tool Spray.) Hairstyles for busy moms are easier than we think! The trick that I learned whenever I last visited the Ammon ... Read More

How to Style Your Hair For Running

  I wasn't born a runner. In fact, until about 2 years ago I hated it. But I continued to run regularly to keep my belly at bay. Now, I'm absolutely addicted to it. If I don't get at least 3 runs in a week, I feel off balance and out of sorts. Thanks to all the cool new running apps, I realized that the run I have been doing is 4 miles (compared to the 2.5 I thought I was running) and I have been improving my run through competing with myself. One of the challenges (other than hip pain and all that jazz) is how to style your hair for running - because there is nothing worse than feeling motivated and then not being able to keep your hair out of your face! How to Style Your Hair For Running My goal is to have another baby and then start training for my first major marathon (I ran a 5k over the summer). Since the big NYC Marathon is coming up this weekend, I thought it was only appropriate to share with you all some tips I've learned over the years, and if you are running the marathon, these products will have you looking great at the finish line! Add Texture I always find that my hair stays put best during my morning runs whenever I haven't showered yet and the product from yesterday is still in my hair. (Check out #4 below for an awesome product to easily add texture.) Avoid anything that adds texture through a dry shampoo or promises beachy hair, because as soon as your start to sweat it will create major discomfort running into your eyes. Have new hair ties ... Read More