Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2013

There is something tangible that shifts in the air in New York City as Fashion Week takes over. There seems to be an extra bounce in every fashion lover's high heeled step as they wait in anticipation for their favorite designers to show at Lincoln Center. For the past four years, the week of festivities has kicked off with Fashion's Night Out, an event originally created to help boost retail sales when the economy took a downturn. This year, it was held on Thursday, September 6th, which I celebrated with a few friends by attending an exclusive event at Aritzia in Soho and drinking way too many vodka and lemonades while attempting to shop! I somehow went home that night without making any purchases, as I left the store lusting for a beautiful winter white crepe blazer even while I convinced myself that I could find it for a less expensive price elsewhere. Then, last night, I moved onto even bigger things, as I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show! If you follow Project Motherhood regularly, then you may have seen that Ralph Rucci's sister and Director of PR, Rosina Rucci, graciously extended an exclusive invitation to me after reading my post Fashion 101: Ralph Rucci, and I gladly accepted! Even though our credit cards and wallets are currently indulging in our personal looks for Fall 2012, the fashion designers have progressed ahead of us by a few seasons. Therefore, as I debated whether or not to wear a quarter-length, two tone … [Read more...]

How Do You Wear ‘Em? 7 Secrets to Rocking Tights With Every Outfit

Autumn is just around the corner which means it's time for all those cozy things you love – tights, boots, scarves, and more. Tights can be a tricky accessory if you don't know how to wear them right, but have no fear – that's what we're here for.We've put together a list of great tips for rocking hosiery in your everyday life. Take a look: Tip #1: Use tights to add some color. Tights are a great way to add some flare to your otherwise monochromatic outfit. Adding tights for a pop of color can completely change how your outfit looks – and, you have plenty of color options when wearing with black or brown. If you're wearing a short dress, try pairing the outfit with a cute pair of ankle boots. Tip #2: Use tights to transition between seasons. Tights are not only a great color addition to your outfit, but they can also help provide some warmth to your otherwise bare legs. Try pairing black tights with a spring dress to transition your way into the fall season. Or, wear tights with a cable knit sweater – just make sure to add a belt to your look for a little more shape. The beauty of these pairs is that you can wear it with nearly any shoe – an ankle boot, flats, or pumps. Tip #3: Use patterns to make your outfit pop! If your outfit is fairly plain, find yourself some colorful patterned tights to make it pop. Try fishnets, lace, or some other pattern and wear it with a skirt and boots for a cute fall look. Tip #4: Get a sleek look with sheer tights. … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Please!

To me, fall has always meant one! As soon as the air gets crisp and the leaves start to fall to the ground, it means that it is time to take my camel colored wool coat, boots, and Burberry bags out of storage, and start styling my wardrobe! Since my addiction to fashion has remained true through the years, I just couldn't wait to compile the hottest fall fashion trends for 2012 into one article to share with you all lovely Mamas! I have tried my best to translate each trend from runway to realway, but don't let my suggestions stop you from expressing YOURSELF this season! Every Mama deserves to fashionable in her own sense, so get shopping Ladies! From The Runway.... Monochromatic whites, greens, and navy as the NEW neutral. Monochromatic has been a trend for a while now, but the fashion world gave it a special twist this season when they made it all about winter white. Adding chic winter white to your wardrobe has always been a great way to add some pop into your deep dark fall hues, but this season you can pair the winter white with MORE winter white. Green is another color that is being paired with different shades of green to make the fall 2012 color story complete. We are seeing everything from green handbags to lace shirts of all different shades and depths. Whenever you are typically leaning towards black and brown as your closet neutrals, think again this season! It all about the navy! Add navy to your wardrobe through pants, shoes, … [Read more...]

Fashion History 101: Ralph Rucci

As summer is coming to an end, and the season is changing into fall (Yay, my favorite fashion season!), I'd like to pay homage to a designer who helped spark the fashion gene inside of me and nurtured it grow into something much bigger. You see, whenever I first started studying fashion in NYC, the first designer collection that I ever witnessed at the world renowned Metropolitan Museum was Ralph Rucci. His collections are filed under the name Chado Ralph Rucci, but he wasn't a designer that I knew the way I did Coco Chanel and Michael Kors. Through Fashion History Classes, I learned that he is recognized as one of (possibly the only) American couturier by the CFDA. (Council of Fashion Designers of America) This is a HUGE accomplishment and something that many American designers strive for and never reach. If you are curious about the true definition of a couturier, it  literally comes from a french word mean "to sew." For something to be considered to be couture, the clothing must meet the following stipulations: it must be produced in small quantities it must only utilize hand-sewing techniques (no sewing machines allowed here) it must be sized specifically to fit a specific individual's body (1) Yes, I pulled out one of my old fashion textbooks so that I got these worded  just right! With labels such as Juicy Couture and Romeo and Juliet Couture on the market, I know this can be a little bit confusing, but this is how true couture is determined and … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes

Last fall, my parents came to visit and treated us all to a night out to a Broadway show. My mom chose Priscilla Queen of the Desert after reading a positive review online. She came to the conclusion that it was about four friends who take a fun trip through the desert. Much to my father's surprise, it was about four drag queen friends taking a trip through the desert. I thought that it was fabulous, but I sensed that my dad was a little unprepared!  Broadway can indeed take you by surprise! Anyways, throughout the whole show, I couldn't help but think about all the work that it took "behind the scenes" to get these amazing performers into these larger than life costumes and onto the magnificently decorated stage. Then, I looked at myself and could see some similarities. As women, fashion lovers, and busy Mamas, it takes some preparation behind the scenes to pull ourselves together and make a grand entrance on our "stage" (a.k.a. our jobs, our roles as mother, and our daily routines). Lets face it, some of the outfits that we pull together take a little extra effort in order to wear tem properly. Whether you are breaking in a new pair of heels, suffering from a clingy skirt, or need to be sucked in an extra half inch in order to fit into your high waisted trousers, there are times we could all use a little help behind the scenes. Here are some great products that I make sure I keep handy just in case I encounter a wardrobe malfunction! Shapewear- This is a closet … [Read more...]

Online Shopping 101

Dear Diary, As busy Mamas, sometimes (just sometimes) it is easier to simply login to the internet and do our shopping there. Since I usually turn to "out and about" shopping as one of my cardio calorie burning workouts, I do need to make sure that I balance the online shopping with the actual brick and mortar store shopping. Since I shared the shopping techniques that I use whenever I am physically shopping in my post Project Motherhood Shopping Techniques, I thought that it was only appropriate to let you all in on my online shopping secrets!  Even if they don't burn calories, they certainly can produce the goods! Online Shopping 101 You first obviously want to make sure that the website(s) you plan on shopping on are safe and secure. They must be somewhere that you feel comfortable giving your credit card information to. Do your research, read reviews, and if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Use their emailing list. Most e-commerce websites have an emailing list that sends out weekly, bi-weekly, or daily emails to you abut upcoming sales, coupons, and discounts that they are offering. Use this to your advantage, especially if you are contemplating purchasing a higher ticketed priced item. It may let you know about an upcoming sale! In a lot of cases, e-commerce websites have big partner websites that you can be introduced to as well. In addition, a lot of retailers will now announce secret sales to customers on their emailing … [Read more...]

Heels Built For Summer

Summer is filled with lots of fun footwear that free our toes and allow our beautiful pedicures to show! Flip flops are great for running errands and lounging beach or poolside, but there is just something about brightly colored summer heels or sleek high heeled sandals that can create a show stopping look. So whether you have a diaper bag on one shoulder and a baby on the other, or you are sternly trying to coax your teenager off their phone, these heels will help complete your summer look in style! The Denise by Rachel Zoe is a great shoe for a night out on the town. It will look great paired with a colorful dress or a sexy bandaged pencil skirt. This shoe will surely let your inner diva shine through. Plus, the 5 3/4 inch heel will give the illusion that you just magically lost 10 ponds! These sky high wedges from Seychelles will be turning heads in your direction this summer. The bright yellow will certainly give you a glamorous pop of color without going over the top, while the neutral colored wedge will allow you to pair these with many different looks. Now all you need to think about is what color pedicure you want to wear to really make it pop! If you are attending any summer weddings or formal events, the Celeste from Kate Spade is a really great option. These have a very summery feel to it with the bright hue, while the satin material brings it to a whole new level of classy. I really love Kate Spade's twist on a classic shoe silhouette by … [Read more...]

Red, White, and Blue in Style

Picnics, parades, and parties...oh my! And don't forget the fireworks! The 4th of July is filled with so many celebrations! While we are out celebrating with neighbors, friends, and family, let's pause to remember what we are actually celebrating...the wonderful independence and free spirit that we have living in this amazing country! If you are anything like me, you like to make sure that you and your family are celebrating in style. I love to use the style of my clothing to express myself and sometimes send a message as well. And holidays seem to bring out my playful side. Since "red, white, and blue" is the message I want to send on Independence day, I decided to pick out some fun pieces for my lovely mamas that will guarantee that you and your family are the hit of the picnic without turning tacky! I also like to keep in mind whenever I am shopping for a holiday wardrobe that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. I like to keep my fashion budget in perspective by reminding myself (constantly) that I won't necessarily be wearing these pieces year round, so it's alright to be picky (and cheap!) First, we must make sure that our family members are covered. Whether you have boys, girls, toddlers, or infants, I always feel like Old Navy is a great place to start for 4th of July shopping. Not only do they have their infamous $5 Flag tees, but a very large selection of clothing for all family members. There is no need to stock up on Ralph Lauren Polos for this one … [Read more...]

HOUSE OF FRASER Coast Collection

Lately, the shopping gene that lurks within me seems to have become even more dominant in my daily life. My need to shop has intensified to an extreme level! But, who am I to fight my natural urges? So when I came across the HOUSE OF FRASER online, I was instantly hooked and wanted to immediately share this amazing online store with my lovely readers. The store operates primarily online, but does have 61 brick and mortar stores throughout the UK and Ireland (Hint: they offer fabulous international shipping options for my domestic divas!). You can shop for absolutely everything! Children, men, kitchen, you name it, they've got it! (Which translates into my hubby having to pull me away from the computer at a very late hour on the night that I stumbled upon this treasure.) But of course, the fashion is what sucked me in and inspired me to integrate some new knock out pieces into my wardrobe. The collection that particularly stood out to me is their renowned Coast Collection. The philosophy behind this beautiful collection has remained true since it first launched in 1996 - to bring great clothing to women that is beautiful, well thought out, and perfect for the most memorable times in your life. The collection revolves around separates, occasionwear, accessories, party dresses, and is the epitome of elegance in every case. I simply MUST share with all of you the 6 pieces I came across as I perused through this glamorous collection, pieces that will instantly … [Read more...]

Make a Splash!

I'm not going to lie, I still hate bathing suit shopping! This is just one of those things that doesn't get better with age, as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think that there is even MORE that I worry about now! Ya know?... things in addition to all the usual bathing suit/body insecurities. Now that I'm a Mama, I have added things to look for in a bathing suit.  So, as a Fashionista AND a Mama who needs a bathing suit boost, here's my wish list for summer fun: A bathing suit that keeps me from accidentally exposing parts of my body to the public that I'd rather keep hidden, while I am chasing after Branden or reaching over to grab him or being slammed by a wave! A bathing suit that hides my love handles. (Feel free to substitute your own pet peeve of a body issue!) And, of course, a bathing suit that makes my chest to appear higher than it actually is. Yeah, a visual breast lift would be nice! Again, you know what you need in this department, whether it is minimizing, maximizing, or simply flattering what you know looks good! So, I thought that I would put together some bathing suit options that are Mama-proof! (Translation: Bathing suits that will help you feel wonderful, even while you chase your wild thing down the beach!) When you are ready to go shopping, keep in mind your own body shape and what compliments that shape best. Try brushing up on my post Being Fashion Conscious: Dressing For Your Body Shape before you hit the mall. And, you want this to be a … [Read more...]