5 Chic Over-Sized Bags For Women While Carting Kids Around

  Okay, I think we can all agree on one thing: our bag is pretty much an extension of ourselves. The bag we carry goes wherever we go and is filled to the brim with everything important in our lives. I separate bags for women into a few different categories which apply to different situations or events in my life. First, of course, is the diaper bag, the necessary accessory for anyone with a baby from infancy up to about a year and half. (Yes, there are a few out there that could be considered as "fashionable".) Second, there are day to day bags, which are medium-sized, pretty on the eyes, and able to hold all of the items that I need whenever I am at work or out and about without my family. Third, there are the nighttime bags, which are sexy little bags that are purchased to match a specific outfit for a night on the town. Then, there are the Mama Bags - the most important bags for women of them all.  By terminology a la Allison Cooper, we can define Mama Bag as follows: Mama Bag- (noun) 1. An over-sized bag that is used as a combination diaper bag and day to day bag. It it highly fashionable, versatile, and practical. It is most likely adorned with many pockets to hold items such as: wallet, diapers, wipes, cosmetics, cell phone,  shopping lists, and diaries. It does not scream "Diaper Bag!" 2. Plural usage Mama Bags: meaning that a Mama can have more than one, even an entire closet full. Now, Mama Bags aren't necessarily built specifically for Mamas, … [Read more...]

The Attention Grabber!

It's no secret that women tend to be afraid of color, especially since we've been wearing 50 shades of grey and black for years now. Whenever we go shopping, 3/4 of the time we are left asking the sales associate, "Does this come in black?" Then, after you have a baby, you turn to black to help cover those oh so lovely areas that have been altered due to the pregnancy. Well ladies, I am here to rescue you from a drab life without color! I have comprised a list of the greatest, most affordable accessories for summer that can be worn with the colors that you feel the most comfortable in. (After all, comfort =confidence=sexy!) The Statement Necklace Every mamanista needs a great statement necklace that is bright, colorful, and attention grabbing, especially during the summer months. These types of pieces allow you to dress in basic colors and let the necklace give your ensemble all the pop of color that you need to be chic from head to toe. H&M never fails to create fashion forward accessories that don't break the bank, and this vibrant option will clearly stop everyone in their track! "LNB" Neon bags are so "in" this season. But not all are the best choice for a busy Mama, since they tend to be teeny tiny (ya know...no diaper pockets!). So I have found the perfect Little Neon Bag aka the "LNB" from none other than the great and wonderful Bloomingdale's. This option will give your outfit some "pop", has many colors to choose from, and is roomy enough that you … [Read more...]

Oooo La La!

  After you become a Mama, you realize just how important your lingerie drawer is, for so many reasons. The top 2 being: To keep things sexy in the bedroom! (You won't believe the wonderful effect a little bit of lace peeking out of your shirt whenever you bend forward to change a diaper can have, until you have experienced it...) To make sure that you are wearing the most becoming foundations underneath every outfit! Therefore, as I have transitioned into Mommyhood, my lingerie drawer has changed a bit. Things that seemed as if they were priorities before have kinda been shoved to the side (literally!), while my go-to lingerie staples have become pretty darn apparent, to me at least. Here are the items that have made my top list! The Top 10 Hot Mama Lingerie Essentials       1. No Show Thongs No matter which type of thongs you prefer (and I know everyone has a different preference), it's important to make sure that you have at least 5 pairs of thongs that are invisible whenever worn underneath clothing. My personal favorites are Hanky Panky...soo comfortable! And it's hard not to feel sexy when wearing thongs!       2. Cheekies! Cheekies are underwear that allow you to show off your ass-ets. They are a simply sexy piece to add your your lingerie drawer that are great to have handy when you feel like showing off a bit!       3.The Perfect Strapless Bra Every Mama needs to have a perfect strapless bra that allows them to wear skinny … [Read more...]

Fabulous Finds: Cristal Jewels

I'm not gonna lie... I love a good story! So, whenever I come across a product that has a great story behind it, I am instantaneously sucked in and yearning for more! (What Mama isn't? I know you all like to share stories about your fabulous finds with your gal pals!) Therefore, whenever the company Cristal Jewels (www.cristaljewels.com) was brought to my attention by an amazing connection that we have (my Father works with Noreen's hubby!), I knew that I needed to share the company plus the story behind the jewels with you all. Connected by a bond that is even stronger than their love for all things sparkly, business partners Cindy and Noreen met 10 years ago as mothers with children who both attended the same school--for children with special needs. Over the years, their friendship grew stronger, and they began to share business goals with one another. Cindy, who travels to Tel Aviv, Israel 2-3 times per month for work, had formed a bond with the amazing designers and artisans working along the Mediterranean Sea. She presented her ideas for a fabulous jewelry adventure with Noreen, and they never looked back! Together, they formed the company Cristal Jewels and have put together countless amazing pieces! All are constructed with the finest metals and made complete with the amazing Swarovski® crystals that we ALL know and love! The collections are separated into 3 main categories: Cosmopolitan, Mediterranean, and Metropolitan. Therefore, there is something for … [Read more...]

How to Find Cute Maternity Clothes That Actually Fit

  Shopping for cute maternity clothes is much different in the year 2012 than it was when my mother was having children. Things have definitely gotten much cuter and more shapely than they were 25 years ago. Today, women want to show off the bump, as they embrace the pregnancy, rather than hiding the bump with a tent-like dress. And if you are an active mama, there are even countless cute maternity clothes in the athletic category so that you don't need to miss out on anything you love and that is part of your normal healthy life during your pregnancy.  Now, I'm not currently expecting, but the fashionista side of me took lots of mental notes when I was pregnant 3 years ago with my little man. So now I've decided that its finally time to put it all into a post. After all, I'm sure that there are plenty of Mamas out there battling with their new little bulge (psst, it keeps getting bigger!) as they try to figure out what will look fabulous on them during this amazing and emotional time while your body is changing on a daily basis. How to Find Cute Maternity Clothes Start with the basics. Some of my must-haves during my recent pregnancy with Blake are:  the Bella band, the ah-mazing BDA leggings from Belly Bandit, Ingrid and Isabels's Everyday Camis, and if you need them - work clothes. Otherwise, maternity yoga pants are awesome! Separates are a great way to go. Then, buy new pieces periodically as needed. With a few key purchases, like skinny pants with a … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Personal Style

  I'm not going to lie...SOMETIMES style can be a tricky thing. Let's be honest here, we spend our lives going back and forth between runway shows, fashion magazine, and fashion blogs, all to be left wondering: what about my personal style? How do I remain true to myself, while still being considered to be fashionable by today's standards? So, let's look at two scenarios - Scenario 1: Walking into a room with all eyes on you hearing a constant buzz of "Wow! You look great!" and "Where have you been shopping lately? I need to take you along with me as my personal stylist." vs.  Scenario #2: Walking into a room and noticing that people are whispering about you. We all know we want to fall into Scenario 1, but it can be hard, since we have so many opposing fashion rules being thrown at us at all times. Plus, we dress differently for a variety of situations and events. For example, you dress much differently for the office or business meeting than you would to a charity event, or even yoga for that matter. So, lets take it step by step and figure out what works best for us. How to Find Your Personal Style Step #1: Body Shape First, you must learn your body shape and what type of clothing works well on your body shape. There are pros and cons of every body shape in existence, and knowing what works for you is key to knowing and expressing your personal style. (Refer to "Being Fashion Conscious: Dressing For Your Body Type" for more details on this … [Read more...]

Copyright Laws Vs. The Fashion Industry

  After an overly productive day off from work, when I went running around the city doing all sorts of errands with my boys, I found myself in a very unique situation. It was 8pm and Branden had asked to go to bed earlyand my hubby was finishing up some school work, giving me some dah dah dah...FREE TIME! Gleefully, I grabbed my computer and decided to do some online shopping for spring dresses, since spring/summer in the city is awfully sticky and I want to be wearing the least amount of clothing that I can get away with in public! I started by doing a general search and quickly received a plethora of results, so I started skimming for something that would flatter my figure while remaining within my price range. I stumbled upon a cute Marc Jacobs option that looked quite familiar. Sure enough, as I ran to my closet, I could see that I had a dress that looked identical hanging next to my Banana Republic trench coat. I grabbed the tag thinking "I don't remember spending that much money on this dress" and saw that the tag read H&M. This really upset me because I personally refuse to buy pieces that I consciously know are knock offs, so I am careful about what I select in stores like H&M or Forever 21. But this surprise knock off really got me to thinking...what role do copyright laws play on the fashion industry? It is obviously a HUGE fashion NO NO to go to Canal Street and buy knock off handbags, sunglasses, wallets, etc...but that's a WHOLE different … [Read more...]

Alterations and Fit 101

  While shopping online recently for a dress to wear to an upcoming event, I came across the perfect BCBG dress. It looked like it would fit my body type to perfection, and I instantly knew that I simply NEEDED to have it. But, since I was running on typical Mama time (late!), I only had enough time to run to one location while praying to the "fashion gods" that this dress would be in stock. When I arrived, I saw that my coveted dress was part of their window display. "Oh no!" I thought. "It's probably really popular since its in the window! I really hope they have my size left!" Being that I am a fairly average-sized female, they didn't have any middle sizes, only XS and XL, of course!!! "Crap!" So I tried on the XL to get an overall idea of how the dress flowed, made the purchase, and headed straight to my trusty tailor. (See post "Size Matters?" to help yourself get over buying a size that is larger than what you typically wear.) It is IMPERATIVE that every fashionista befriend an amazing tailor.  (Seamstress is a suitable word too, but for the purpose of this article, I am using the word "tailor" interchangably with seamstress to describe a man or a woman who can sew and alter clothing with great skill.) So, yes, we need a tailor who really knows what he or she is doing and who will make your clothing fit your frame perfectly and therefore look fabulous! But I've met so many people who struggle to find a tailor, while not even being certain of the proper way … [Read more...]

The Clothing Speaks Volumes

Moving back to New York City has enabled me to fully delve back into one of my favorite hobbies--People Watching! There is seriously no better place to people watch than in NYC, where people feel free to express themselves and are not afraid of being who they really are. (This is one of the main reasons I think that this is the greatest city in the world!) Whether you are looking at what people are wearing for fashion inspiration or for admiration or simply watching the way that people interact with one another, you can pretty much pick any street corner and your people-watching cravings will be fulfilled in no time! One of my favorite places to people watch "the show" is from the Union Square Playground. This is a great spot because people are coming and going all day long, as they visit the Union Square Market, the stores, the restaurants, or even the hospital in the area. I also can let my little man play happily, while I sit back and enjoy the sights, um, I mean, people. Of course I get a front row view of what all the Union Square parents are wearing to play with their kiddos, but I always try to look beyond those gates to explore life outside the playground. (Even if I don't always get to live it at this stage in my life, I get to observe it!) While visiting this spot last week, I decided to observe from a fashion perspective (of course!), but instead of silently critiquing everyone's outfits, I decided to explore each person's fashion sense from a different … [Read more...]

Making Necessary Edits

  As I was going through my closet this past weekend and making some necessary edits (so that I can add new magical pieces, of course), I realized that its important to edit our lives the way that we edit our closets. As we grow up and our lives evolve, it is important (and sometimes imperative) to make necessary edits to the way we are living, to the people we surround ourselves with, and to the daily choices that we are making in order to live a more fulfilled life. Therefore, I decided to break this process down into the phases that I go through whenever I am about to make changes to my existing wardrobe and allow it to be a metaphor for my life. Phase #1: The Evaluation During this phase, I examine my wardrobe and make a list of things that I know I want to get rid of. In our lives, this phase would be an evaluation period where you really look at your life, both the things that you love and the things that you want to change. Take some time to really think about what you want out of your life (after all, we are responsible for our own happiness) and what you want to achieve in the future. This could take some time to put things into perspective, so don't rush it. Some questions to consider: What can I purge from my life to make it better? Who/what is bringing me down in my life? What needs to be added to my life to make me feel more fulfilled? Phase #2: The Plan During this phase, I sit down and come up with a course of action in order … [Read more...]