Styling Flared Denim

  I will happily admit that as soon as skinny denim became "the in thing," I jumped on it like a crazy woman. I talk about making sure to dress for your body shape all the time and know what works with your body (aka always show off your assets) and for me - my legs were that thing. (If you need more advice, check out my Dressing For Your Body Shape Series HERE!) But before then, I did love my flared denim and Lucky Brand was always my go-to. So since I decided that I'm reinventing my postpartum style, I decided to kick skinny jeans to the curb (but not completely!) and share a little "how to style flared denim" post - because we can all wear it and shouldn't be afraid of it. For this entire look, I went to my beloved TJMaxx to get some great finds for super cheap and put together this layered look that is really fun for fall. I'm really into vests this season and also love a baggy shirt that is not only great for layering, but hides my not-so-favorable areas around my stomach. How to Style Flared Denim It really doesn't have to be as tricky as you think! Here are my tips: Be very conscious of fit and make sure that they are tailored to your body type. If a pair is super long, but fit up top - get them hemmed! That's what I did with these, because most denim is long on my anyways. And most definitely make sure that they're hemmed to the right height to wear with the shoes you are planning to wear with them. (Hem Tape also works well, if you're lazy … [Read more...]

Reinventing My Postpartum Style

  Okay, I'll admit it: leggings have been my jam lately. And you know what? Rightfully so because easing back into dressing in your pre-pregnancy clothes after you just had a baby is not always a fun situation. Some things fit right away - others not so much. Some things get set aside for when the weight is dropped and others just get tossed. For me, I'm trying to ease back into it all slowly, and leggings have been a big part of that journey. Denim leggings are seriously the bomb because they go with literally everything. Because they are super forgiving, I'm able to focus a little bit less on that size tag and more on how I'm actually feeling. My current favorites are the No Nonsese Classic Denim Jegging, as they are pretty much perfection up against my skin. It's all about layering with me lately and I have no problem admitting that it's because it helps hide that little something something around my mid-section that wasn't there before. As I looked through my closet recently, I realized that I didn't have much in terms of the pattern or texture department, so I decided to make playing with those two wardrobe components my goals as I entered into reinventing my postpartum style. This peplum blouse is from TJMaxx online where I've been finding quite a bit of fashion gems lately. Before having kids, I used to visit TJMaxx and spend hours playing dress-up in their fitting rooms. After kids - not so much. Online is just better for my lifestyle right … [Read more...]

Blushing The Day Away {Giveaway}

  They say that when you are pregnant that you glow, and I can honestly say now that I have this new little one in our life that I blush. She makes me giggle and at times gives the same exact face her daddy makes when he is angry or concerned. This must have something to do with the name of Pink Blush - one of my favorite places to shop. You saw me share their maternity pieces many times throughout my pregnancy, but now I get to focus on pieces for how my body and style have changed - garments that I feel really great about myself in. So ya, I've obviously got some weight to lose, but I'm taking my time and not stressing. It took 9 months to put it on so I'm giving myself 9 months to take it off. (Well maybe a little less.) But this is totally why I love Pink Blush - they make great clothes for women at every size and every stage in the game. Anyways, this little nugget is here and making sure that both of our kiddos are happy and healthy is my number one priority. This Grey Cold Shoulder Dress is simply perfection paired with some great booties. A little close-up here of the two of us. This one is such a girly, girl like me already - or maybe because I dress her that way - but either way it's fun to play dress up again. As soon as I hit about 3 weeks postpartum I was ready for a little style evolution. I feel like as women we want to update our lives or wardrobes and just refresh ourselves every so often and that has been me lately. I think for the … [Read more...]

Maternity Basics That Fight Harmful Radiation

  This is a big week of sorts in The Cooper Household for a few reasons. First, today marks EXACTLY 1 month until my due date. (Whoa!)  Second, we are sending B to baseball camp for the first time and I'm feeling pretty sentimental. It's not the first time that we have sent him to all day summer camp, and it is just one week, but for some reason it's stressing me out a little bit. I think it might have to do with him being introduced to a sport that he hasn't tried before and a mixture of pregnancy hormones - but either way I have been running around like a nut getting everything for the week (gear, healthy lunch essentials and tracking down a new ice pack which has been harder to find than one would think right now) and getting ready for today's send off. Tear. Second, because I keep saying that this is sort of the "unofficial last week" of me finally starting to take things slow. Whatever that means, right? I've had a real problem trying to slow down and it has gotten so bad that Chris had to demand me to take a seat yesterday when I went on a little cleaning rampage. I swear that if anyone could pop in my mind right now, they would be exhausted. I have everything ready to be washed in Dreft this week and then I can pack our hospital bags and let the "Labor Gods" do their thing. Which is exactly why I'm getting through the end of this pregnancy with my the help of my favorite basics from Belly Armor. This has pretty much been my uniform these days, … [Read more...]

Maternity Must Haves: dapperbag + Loyal Hanna

  Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. It can also be a very uncomfortable thing, but I never realized how much it's beauty truly outweighs any negatives until being pregnant this time around. Yes, from reading my journey and my bumpdates, you know that I'm having a rough time. But that doesn't mean that I'm not looking and seeing the good in it, too. Our bodies as pregnant women truly do amazing things, but sometimes we need things like these maternity must-haves to help us along the way. // Jewelry c/o Sequin NYC// My pregnancy with Branden was definitely more concealed AND I was literally pregnant head to toe. People could never really tell if I was pregnant when they saw me or if I had just gained a little weight - and maternity clothes didn't really have a place on that changing body. Not to mention that I was pregnant during a time when I was still really learning to love and accept myself and body, something that I think comes with age. I've said it before and I will say again: every wardrobe starts with an amazing bag. It's truly that pinnacle piece that an entire wardrobe can be built around. When you find out you are expecting, the thought of finding a sophisticated bag that matches your personality can be daunting - you don't want to lose yourself in motherhood, but you want it to be a functional piece of your life as well. This Sedalia bag from dapperbag is all of that rolled into one. It of course comes with all the essentials you need for … [Read more...]

2016 Jewelry Trend Report

This post was sponsored by JCK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. As I've mentioned in the past, I can be a sort of jewelry hoarder. (If you are like me, I recommend that you get your jewelry organization under control really quick or you will never be able to find anything!) I love following the trends across the board (clothing, shoes, jewelry - everything) and loved catching up on what was presented at the JCK Jewelry Trade Show. If you aren't familiar, the JCK Trade Show is held in Las Vegas and North America’s most comprehensive and innovative jewelry destination. Basically, this is where jewelry trends are born! 2016 Jewelry Trends I didn't make it to the actual show this year, being preggo and all, but you can easily follow along every year right from the JCK Jewelry Trade Show website, here. Now, here are some of my favorite trends that should be on everyone's radar when updating their jewelry wardrobe! Exotics Exotics are really fun pieces to add to your wardrobe that make you look like a globe trotter, even if you have never left the country. This year's trend is to add warm yellow golds and mix them with brilliant gemstones found in all colors of the rainbow. You can obviously get these at insane price points or buy costume pieces and still be right on trend. What exactly makes a piece of jewelry an exotic? Very intricate designs that channel places and animals from exotic countries. They are fun pieces to wear that definitely … [Read more...]

32 Week Bumpdate + Hippie Maternity Style

  Well, 32 weeks has proven to be very, very different than my 24 week bumpdate. It's truly amazing how quickly things can change. It has also solidified my feelings of temptation with storing a little porta-potty right next to my bed - even though our bathroom is a mere 5 feet away. Am I right? To say that this pregnancy has been a challenge is an understatement - and I'm ready to give Baby C her eviction notice any day now! I have a group of friends of mine from high school and we are/were all due one month apart and they have all been feeling wonderful. Me? Lets just say it's been a lot to handle for someone who is used to going non stop. I'm not typically one to complain, just trying to keep it real! My husband says that I always look grumpy since I've been pregnant and as much as I try to be my normal self, it's been tough. So for this fun little shoot, I turned that frown upside down and put on one of my favorite dresses from Pink Blush Maternity and channeled one of my favorites - hippie style! As I've mentioned in previous posts, we're dealing with quite the conundrum whenever it comes to how her birth is going to go. My husband has to go away in August for two week of Army Reserve training right around her due date and even though he will only be a 5 hour drive from home, there's a chance that his superiors may not allow him to leave whenever I go into labor. If they do, he needs to find his own way home - unless they allow him to drive himself … [Read more...]

Share The Love With Giving Assistant

  I absolutely love giving back whenever, wherever we can in our life. It is a truly rewarding experience whenever we take the time to make toy and clothing donations to those in need - nothing in our home that is in good condition ends up in the trash if it is not needed. At this point in life, Branden knows that if he outgrows something or has a toy he no longer wants, that there is always a bag or crate set up somewhere in our home to collect it, just like there was when I was growing up. But now, with Giving Assistant, I have the ability to not only give back to charities that I love, but also earn cash back with regular purchases I make online. Mom score! Honestly, let's take a cold hard look around us. Just this week there have been so many nightmarish things happening in the world that it can be chilling to talk or think about. So when I come across a company that is actually putting the needs of others into their business plan right from the beginning, it fills my heart with joy. And I'm not a millionaire at all by any means, so as much as I wish that I was able to write big checks and help out in a major way, I can't always do that - so Giving Assistant is special to me. Okay, enough of my sappiness. The breakdown and offerings in this program are great, and I just really wanted to share it all with you. If you are a big online shopper like me, you are often looking for promo codes, combining deals - basically doing whatever you can to save some … [Read more...]

How to Build the Ultimate Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

  Have you noticed that in many different areas of life, less truly is more? It's kinda "the thing" lately and many people are finding themselves to be happier living a much more minimal lifestyle. Well, this notion works in the fashion department, too. In the past I have talked about fashion storage and organizing your closet and going shopping in your own closet, so today I'm going to help all you preggo mamas learn how to build the ultimate maternity capsule wardrobe! Don't worry, I'm working on another post that will help pare down your regular, non-maternity closet, too. It's just that I'm living the maternity life right now and it's a completely different machine.) What is a maternity capsule wardrobe? Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe. It includes pieces that pair well with one another and make it easy for you to mix and match, and grab and go. These pieces are super versatile and are meant to be the ONLY pieces hanging in your wardrobe. (Because of this I do recommend making sure these are high quality items and not cheap pieces.) Maternity capsule wardrobes and capsule wardrobes in general are benefiting many and have become so popular because they make our lives easier. (And that's what we all want at the end of the day, right?) The goal is to simplify our lives so that we have more time for the things that matter most and spend less time choosing what to wear. If you are already a mama, imagine losing that stress of finding … [Read more...]

Black and White + Skip Hop Diaper Bag {City Style}

  As this baby bump is getting bigger each week, I've had other things on my mind lately other than maternity clothes, but finding a diaper bag that is conducive to our city life. since I plan on baby wearing as much as possible, especially whenever subway steps are involved, I knew that I wanted a backpack that could double as our diaper bag. Then, I found my favorite skip hop diaper bag: the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Diaper Backpack and fell in love! I had so much fun shooting these pictures with my girl Daniela of Photos By Daniela, who specializes in maternity photos. She has captured some pretty awesome moments from this pregnancy during different stages and I'm so happy to have these photos to look back on forever. If you are preggo and in the NYC area (or visiting), seriously look her up! My Favorite Skip Hop Diaper Bag I remember whenever I was prepping for Baby Branden and I had so much stuff that needed to be shoved into my over-sized diaper bag that I actually carried with my everywhere - now I know better! This time around, I'm all about the essentials that we will need and being minimalistic - I'm even planning on throwing my wallet into this backpack and going on my merry way, no need to bring more bags with me. This Skip Hop Diaper Bag is just the right size to hold everything I need, plus pockets for things like bottles and diaper cream, and a changing pad, too! The expandable drawstring opening makes it super easy to access … [Read more...]