24 Week Bumpdate + Destination Maternity Style

  I can't believe that this week marks 24 weeks during this pregnancy and I am a little over half way there! Craziness! The feelings of nesting are really overcoming me every single day and I have turned into a complete organizing fanantic. But most of all, my concern whenever finding out we were expecting our little one in August was finding clothing that worked during those torturous summer months in the city. Thankfully, my friends over at Destination Maternity have helped me out with some super cool Destination Maternity style and I can't wait to share with you all! (Especially if you're expecting, too!) First things first, my little 24 week bumpdate: Cravings - I wouldn't say there has been anything really specific, it's been more of a "when the mood strikes me I gotta have it" situation. Mood - I have highs and lows for sure (just ask my husband). I will say that I do get irritable really quickly. Baby update - This little mini Cooper is incredibly active and has been for weeks, always, always moving. We just finished all of our genetic testing a couple of weeks ago and everything it looking perfect. Next appointment will bring along the lovely gestational diabetes test - so not looking forward to that! We DO know the gender and I will be sharing with you all later on this week! Photos c/o Photos By Daniela (I seriously can't stress enough how precious it's been having these maternity pictures this time around since we didn't do it with Branden. If … [Read more...]

Get Your Fitness On – Maternity Style!

  Happy Monday mamas! I'm always talking about living a healthy life and if you have followed our pregnancy journey here, you know that I worked hard to drop some pounds before even getting pregnant so that I could be active and work out throughout. Well, I'm definitely here to say that whole finding the motivation to keep active while pregnant has not been easy, but finding the right athletic maternity clothes from my new fave, Boob, has been a breeze. It's funny how you can have a plan, and then everything goes awry, right? That's exactly how I've been feeling about my fitness routine since finding out we were expecting. I think that I completed maybe 2 runs my first trimester and maybe yoga once a week....maybe. Now, at 21 weeks, I am finally working out religiously 3 days a week again, doing a mixture of running and yoga. It's not that I don't want to work out, but it's been the lack of energy that's getting me down. Who else can relate? Photos c/o Photos By Daniela It's funny how sometimes I look like I have a huge round belly other times I don't, right? Let's just pretend that I'm working my abs super hard here, okay? Anyways....these once-on-never-off leggings from Boob are everything! Being pregnant ultimately means that you are re-adjusting your clothing all the time, especially when working out and these take that out of the equation. I actually started wearing them at the very beginning of my pregnancy around the house before I actually needed … [Read more...]

Bond With Baby and Style The Bump

  I bet that you would never guess that I'm even still in the city in these photos, but I am! This whimsical scene was captured by my friend Daniela of Photos by Daniela and I highly recommend her if you are looking to capture some magical moments! Shot in glorious Inwood Hill Park, I'm so excited to showcase my new favorite piece of jewelry, Ilado Paris pregnancy necklaces for new and expecting mamas. Whenever I was pregnant with B, my mom gave me an angel bracelet that's meant to protect the growing baby inside you, which I actually wore on my wrist during our pregnancy announcement shoot, and I love having something special for this pregnancy, too. Since baby can begin to hear as early as 18 weeks in the womb, these U-shaped Ilado Paris pregnancy necklaces release a soft chime for the baby to hear, soothing him or her as they grow. The baby then comes to learn when mom is moving around and it becomes a calming memory as they develop each day. Once the baby is born, this soft chime is a bonding memory that allows them to calm as you hold them, rock them, feed, them, and connect with them on a daily basis. Ilado Paris pregnancy necklaces have been cherished where they originally launched in Europe, and now have a kickstarter going to bring these precious pieces and a new collection to a broader audience. You can access their kickstarter here. Especially with Mother's Day right around the corner, I think this is a very special gift to give … [Read more...]

Cool Mama Maternity Style {Giveaway}

  Like I mentioned last week on Instagram, I am jumping into spring fashion this week at full force and not looking back! I am SO over wearing puffy coats and even leggings (gasp) on the daily and am ready to bring on the dresses and sunshine! Obviously, things are a little bit different this year since I'm pregnant, but this cool mama maternity style can easily be translated into regular clothing AND Pink Blush Maternity offers many of these styles in their regular womenswear department online. I was so wrong back in the day when I didn't think that I could rock a maxi dress because they have become my go-to over the years and my cool mama maternity style is no different! This Cheveron Printed Bottom Maxi Dress is everything to me right now and I know that I will wear it as I transition back to my pre-pregnancy body in August, too. When shopping for maternity clothes, don't get the idea that you need to go up a size (unless you are expecting multiples), and stick with your pre-pregnancy size. I'm wearing a small in this dress if you needed a reference for purchase and it seriously fits like a glove. I have a ton more maternity shopping tips HERE from way back in the day when I used to work for Rosie Pope. I love looking down at my growing belly and must admit that the view from looking down is always much bigger than how it looks in pictures. I guess this is why all pregos feel like whales all the time, huh? Because of this, I HIGHLY recommend … [Read more...]

Transitional Style

  Pregnant or not, fashion can kinda be a pain going from season to season. I'm really looking forward to some sunny (and warm) days that are predicted to be ahead, but getting sick of these 37 degree bus stop runs in the morning. Who is with me? Personally, I'm getting to that point where I need to be in maternity pants and most of my options are for warmer weather - making it that much more difficult to rock my transitional style. My favorite thing to do other than throwing on a pair of leggings is to throw on some wool tights under a dress that I know will be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day (since I swear my belly starts out one size in the morning and gets bigger throughout the day). These are Cable Sweater Tights from No Nonsense and super inexpensive ($8.99) and give a fun touch to this overall outfit. (By the way: 20 weeks tomorrow - see that growing bump?) And then there's these shoes....my absolute favorites lately that I have been coming up with any excuse to wear them. I will totally admit that I have been lacking a fun pair of heels in my closet for a while because I pitched many, many pairs after moving to the city and opted for wedges everywhere I could. But these Kendra Dime Pumps from Clark's have stolen my heart! // Kendra Dime Pumps // All photos are c/o the amazing Dee Shoots Photography! And I promise - they are seriously SO comfortable that even me, who is a little off-center these days can wear them without … [Read more...]

Chic Buds in Central Park

  I know, I know. Look at the weather outside (hellloooo spring) and look at what I'm wearing here - my winter coat and gloves. Obviously I'm a little late getting this up, but can you blame me? You know what it's like rushing back and forth to prenatal visits and then sitting there waiting forever on a busy day. It's throwing my whole schedule off! But nonetheless, I'm super excited to share some of my favorite accessories with you all today! So....mom to mom, how many times have you left your home in a scramble and then realized (after the kids are packed in the car and after you get to your destination) that you have no charge in your phone? It happens more than I would like to admit. I try to charge and pack those little portable chargers, but that too often gets overlooked. Mamas, this purse has a charger in it - I kid you not! This is my new favorite bag from Chic Buds called the Crossbody Power Purse (in cobalt) and I'm in love! Don't worry, I didn't let it touch my face! But my photographer (deeshoots.com) and I thought it was pretty funny to come across these in the middle of Central Park, especially whenever we were focusing on this purse that saves us from ever having a moment where we need to borrow a phone. Then there are these gloves that I'm still seriously sporting these days to the bus stop paired with my favorite denim blazer. They are from one of my favorite places to shop, Pink Slate Boutique and they are called the Don't Hound … [Read more...]

Leopard Lovin’

  So, I got next to zero sleep last night and the baby isn't even here yet! I'm fighting to make it through this day, but some things that are making me particularly happy right now are combos, this sunny spring day (do I actually hear birds chirping?), and these Julie Lopez Blair Shoes. So cute, right? Since today marks exactly 18 weeks into this pregnancy, I'm loving pieces that have a fun print but are oh so comfortable - yet still show off my style. I couldn't love these more and they have been my go-to to spice up outfits lately. Do you see this belly starting to form here, because I can totally feel it! Whether you are pregnant or a mama of grown children, we all yearn to wear pieces that make us feel special whenever we put them on and whenever I'm having one of those days where I'm not loving what I see in the mirror, shoes are what I turn to for that sparkle factor. Julie Lopez Shoes are all about comfort, but never sacrificing style to achieve that - a mantra that I whole heartedly agree with. They offer so many wonderful pairs of flats to heels, but being a city mama, I turn towards shoes with a little bit of a heel (because I'm a shorty!) to give me an extra inch or two, but still comfy enough to run these city streets. I mentioned on Facebook yesterday how I got my first, "wow! you are carrying HUGE" comment from the receptionist while I was making my next sonogram appointment. Either way, this is me, my style and no matter … [Read more...]

Bootie Love!

You guys...today has been one of THOSE days! After a week of feeling so ahead of myself, I finally fell behind today. Whomp whomp. It definitely stemmed from not getting much sleep last night and experiencing round ligament pain at it's finest. Did somebody say tummy stretch mark oil? Because I will be filling you all in on what I'm using next week. Anyways, today I'm sharing my absolute favorite booties for spring that I have been sporting for a past few weeks and can't wait to start pairing with my favorite cropped jeans for spring! I met with my friend Dee who is an amazing NYC based photographer (check out her website or book a session here) on the Upper West Side area of Central Park, right across from Branden's favorite place in the world, The Museum of Natural History. I love all the beautiful bridges in that area as well as the notorious Central Park Castle - so fun for picture taking! Both booties for spring being modeled today are from Clarks, who are known for their super comfort and chic designs. Here is a closeup of my favorite casual go-to, the Swansea Grove Moto Boot. Just because you are a mama, doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice style at all by any means! These booties are paired with super comfortable No Nonsense leggings that mimic burgundy denim, a simple silk teal over-sized blouse bought from the juniors department at Nordstrom (have you entered my $150 gift card to Nordstrom Giveaway?), and a dry clean only sweater that I … [Read more...]

Modern Day Valentine’s Day Looks

  Who can believe that Valentine's Day is almost here? Not me! It seems like the days just fly by, and here we are again, seeing red, pink, and hearts everywhere. After becoming parents over 7 years ago, our Valentine's Days have changed a wee bit. Not that we don't make time for date nights, but we try to focus a bit more on family time to celebrate the day of love. I also adore more modern looks and comfortable style like this outfit from one of my favorites, Pink Slate Boutique. These Amazing Fleece Lined Leggings - wow -they are my new go-to. Since I personally search for leggings that sit up a little higher on my stomach to hide THAT problem area, these are perfection. And as an added bonus, the fleece lining actually will keep you warm if it is chilly where you live. Since I do so much walking living in the city, I steer away from choosing shoes with anything more than a wedge, unless I know car service is being involved in my day (and let's be honest - that doesn't always happen). So, these Clarks Taylor Shine Booties in Black Leather are always calling my name! This Magic Moment tunic is everything for Valentine's Day! I love how it features simple pops of pink, but isn't overwhelmed by it - meaning that I can wear it again after the holiday is over! This print just pops and is so much fun to wear! It is beyond comfortable and the perfect piece for us busy Mamas as it appears that we put effort into styling our look, but is just an … [Read more...]

A Day At The Met With Lime and Vine

  I absolutely relish the moments whenever we can do something as a family that immerses us in the culture of the world. Thankfully, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is basically in our backyard, so we venture there quite frequently. Being a mom living in New York City means that I get to indulge in the fashion all around me as well, but the mom part of me often springs for something that says "style meets comfort" - which is why I love Lime & Vine pieces. On Sunday, we ventured to this museum that we adore, and I knew I wanted to wear a chic look to see the Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style exhibit (if you will want to check it out, it will be there until February 21st, 2016) - so I opted for all black! This Lime and Vine Luna Tee was the perfect shirt to be wearing while I was walking among Dior and YSL (not pictured above)! My favorite funky flats are from Target and you can buy them here (on sale for $20!). Here you can see the great details, as this isn't just your regular tee - it's a mixed medium design, bringing together a solid blend with mesh accents. This is one of my absolute favorite embellishments that always pulls me in when I'm shopping. You can see here how it has a zipper that goes down about half way, making it easy to have as a layering piece in your wardrobe. And can I just add that details like this are great if you are a breastfeeding Mama, too?! Here I am, in proper NYC style - in all black among the paintings in my … [Read more...]