Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee

  Bom Bom Rum is the creamy way to upgrade your evening cup of coffee (or other endless recipe options!). It's vegan, made with almond milk and delicious! Before you know it, you'll be asking everyone to pass you the Bom Bom! This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Bom Bom Rum: A Healthy Way To Upgrade Your Evening Coffee Okay friends, I'm all for trying new things, especially at the beginning of a new year when we're implementing so many resolutions and goals into our daily lives - so I want to share one of those things with you today. You all know about my total and complete love affair with coffee, right? So I wanted to share my new favorite, healthy drink, made with Caribbean Rum and almond milk, that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It's called Bom Bom, and it's a name you're going to want to remember. There are two different options (pictured above), but the newest is the Nilli Vanilli flavor that is creamy, delicious and can replace your coffee creamer as the lighter and healthier way for you to enjoy an evening cocktail. One of the gifts that I got Chris were these fun his and hers coffee mugs (since we're coffee obsessed in the Cooper household) and we've been enjoying some Bom Bom mixed with our favorite brew. Why you'll love Bom Bom Rum Beyond the sweet, creamy, vanilla cookie like flavor, you will love that the Bom Bom Rum Nilli Vanilli flavor is gluten-free, all natural, vegan, and under 100 ... Read More

My Simple Morning Detox Drink Recipe

  This simple detox drink recipe is a great way to start your day while cleaning out all the toxins and helping you be the healthiest version of you! This post contains affiliate links.  My Simple Morning Detox Drink Recipe I've shared with you all how switching things up to the keto diet has really changed things for my in the weight loss department. (If you're looking to re-set your food intake, I also recommend getting stated with a Whole30 in January.) It has allowed me to finally lose the baby weight I put on while pregnant with Blake and get back into the clothing that's hanging in my closet. But I will be honest with you all that I've taken a step back from it lately because it's been hard to attain with our busy family life and I think that so much dairy (from all the cheese and heavy cream) was starting to mess with my digestive system. So at the beginning of December, I cut back to just low card (about 30-40 grams per day), almost zero sugar and added this morning detox drink recipe to the start of each new day. First, you all know about my obsession with probiotics for both me and my babies and think they are so important for keeping me regular (yes, I went there) and my bloating to a minimum. But I've needed more lately, and a new routine was calling my name. Why do you need to detox? Well first things first, our bodies actually detox on their own, naturally. But I tend to experience bloat from so many different foods, and really love ... Read More

5 Strategies For Crushing Your New Year Goals List

  We all have a new year goals list at the start of a fresh year - here's how to crush them with 5 tips that you might never have considered before. This post contains affiliate links.  5 Strategies For Crushing Your New Year Goals List I shared the above picture over on my Instagram stories when I first got this planner and it just seemed so fitting for everything that I've been feeling. I start every week by planning out my to-do lists and strategizing for how the eff I'm going to get everything done with a toddler running around, but I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately and down. Maybe it's the weather or maybe I'm just bored being stuck indoors, but this planner has given me some words of wisdom and inspiration within each page. I'm old fashioned and still think that writing things down helps to make my new year goals list easier to achieve, because it's tangible. Anyways, this post isn't about the planner. And the planner isn't even part of my strategies for crushing your new year goals list - but I wanted to start with it because it's helping to guide me down the right path and create some mental organization so I'm able to restore some order back into my life. Now, onto some epic strategies - because we could all use a little guidance for making those goals become a reality, no matter what they are! Strategy 1: Understand why. To me, my new year goals list is always a big deal. If you follow along here, I'm always writing new years post ... Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

  If you're a busy mom with a lot going on and found yourself wondering "how to get the most out of your workout" with kids chasing you around all day - I've got you covered.  This post contains affiliate links. How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout Mom truth: getting a workout in is tough shit. In fact, it's almost unbearable to scroll through Facebook sometimes and see super fit moms posing in bikinis, holding signs that say things like "no excuses" - you all know who I'm talking about. It's heart wrenching. We give up our bodies basically to bare children and while it's the most amazing thing in the world, it's also hard to get back to where we were before. I've opened up about how difficult it was for me to run for the first time postpartum, and making fitness a priority every week is just as difficult. Despite the way my Instagram feed might flow, I am a very average mom. As of right now, I don't have a babysitter to help me out during the day, we don't have family close by and I work a lot. If my day was super packed, my fitness routine was always the thing that got put on the back burner and I needed to find a way to make the most of my time and I want to share how to get the most out of your workout so that you all can add more into your weekly routine, too. But first, a little self-love reminder for you all: Before I share my tips, I wanted to lay out that I first had to quit trying to run out the door to get to classes. While I LOVE working ... Read More

Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget

  Mom to mom: being a parent is expensive! We want what's best in our families bodies, so here's my tips for eating healthy on a tight budget. This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood! Tips For Eating Healthy On a Tight Budget Most days, it completely blows my mind how much these kids cost, right? In the beginning you have a baby shower where so much is given to you, but then they are born and start to grow (and they grow so fast!) and they go through everything so quickly. And of course, we don't even bat an eyelash spending what we do because...well...they're our babies and we want the best for them. Because of this, I have become a master budgetter, which I feel like I owe to my mom. She kept a family of 6 clothed and fed while eating healthy on a tight budget and I've learned to do the same. Even though I might look like I always have it pulled together on the outside, behind closed doors I'm totally the mom who checks our bank account on a daily basis and puts us on a budget each week so that we're able to survive in this expensive world. Both my husband and I work viciously to support our family and making sure that what goes into our bodies is clean and nutritious (I'm no sanctimommy though as this is within reason - treats are certainly allowed, too!) is where a lot of our funds are allocated - eating healthy on a tight budget is important to us. One major takeaway that I've learned over the years is that real, experienced ... Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 For The Wellness Enthusiast

This post contains affiliate links. The end of the year always brings on so many health goals for the next year and this guide is exactly for this. If you have someone in your life seeking to add more wellness practices or just live an allover healthier life - this is the guide for them! If you missed our other guides, check out the full list for everyone on your list right here. Happy shopping! 1. The best yoga mat out there, Jade, $150 No matter what fitness activity your wellness lover likes best - you need a great mat! I've spent WAY too much money over the years buying super crappy mats and needing to replace them as they start to peel. This is perfect for her (or him!) to take to class or workout at home. 2. The coolest sneakers, Adidas, $156 These sneakers just scream chic. Their neutral color will match anything she puts on and they are truly the "it" kicks of the year. Nothing like starting off your new year goals with a great pair of sneakers ready to take the journey with you! 3. The most moisturizing hair mask, SexyHair, $20 As I've had more babies and workout more, I've started to swear by hair masks for their super moisturizing capabilities. This one makes the perfect stocking stuffer as it smells great and is made with organic ingredients. 4. The perfect fitness leggings, Alo Yoga, $82 These leggings are perfect for every sport and she'll want to wear them everyday, too - so maybe pick up a few pairs! 5. The coolest gym bag, Sweaty ... Read More

How to Safely Use Essential Oils For Babies {Giveaway}

  If you follow along on Facebook, you know that an essential oils obsession has been developing inside me. It all started through research that I did for a Reader's Digest Essential Oils Guide For Beginner's that I wrote and actually expanded on through a series of additional posts about diffusers and such. There's so much to learn, it's really amazing. Through my research, I got the most amazing diffuser, which has been my method to use the oils to begin with, but I learned there's a lot to be cautious about when using essential oils for babies. So I talked to my friends over at Twig+Petal, and wanted to really create a guide for safely using essential oils for babies for any likeminded moms to turn to. I also have a fun giveaway below as well as a great recipe we've been diffusing to help calm our little one whenever she's having one of those ugly tantrums! Essential Oils For Babies Essential oils are really a great thing to use for our health or to simply make your home smell great. I know that I personally feel happier overall when wonderful smells pumping through my apartment. But with having Blake, I became worrisome about using them around her at all, because I know there can be bad side effects if not used properly, so I spoke with Tirzah Shirai, founder of Twig+Petal, that creates small batch essential oils, for some advice about how to safely use essential oils for babies. What are essentials oils? Basically, essential oils are liquids that are ... Read More

Be Fever Ready

This post is sponsored by FeverAll®. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood. There's nothing more worrisome as a parent then when your little ones get sick. You must instantly spring into proactive mode, make informed decisions and know when you need to actually call the doctor or even make a trip to the emergency room. It all can be overwhelming. We recently experienced Blake's first fever and while I've always been more on the calm side whenever the kids get sick - it was scary and even had moments where I was second guessing myself. It's just different when they are little ones. While her fever dropped quickly, it was scary nonetheless, so today I've teamed up with FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories to share some information with you all so that you can #BeFeverReady every single day. And to be completely honest, even though I've been through this before, I still call my mom (who is a nurse) with questions from time to time. It's nice to have reassurance as a parent that you're always doing the right thing for your sweet babes. Here are a few things I've learned along the way, and the rest is just rolling with all the punches that parenthood throws your way: So first things first, when is it actually time to call the doctor? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, fever in babies begins at 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Of course, call your physician about any concerns with fever in your child. What should baby be taking for the fever? Make ... Read More

7 Surprising Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season {Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Kmart. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood. Two words that moms hate to hear most as the chilly weather approaches is "flu season" and it's unfortunately upon us. We're smack dab in the middle of the time of year when not only the flu, but coughs and colds almost become the norm. It's the worst. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but through lots and lots of trial and error over the years, I've learned a thing or two about not only being prepared for everyone to get sick (and it almost always happens all at one time), but for trying to prevent it, too. 1. Load up on cold and flu supplies. As silly as it sounds, don't wait until the last minute to run out and grab your cold and flu supplies when someone starts to feel achy. Have your medicine, cough drops, tissues and lots of orange juice on hand throughout the whole season - you'll never know when, but it will come in handy. 2. Lose the booze. I know, we all love that glass of wine in the evening, but flu season is even more reason to start cutting back. Here's why: alcohol interferes with our sleep quality and when we're not sleeping well, we're more inclined to get sick quicker. This is especially important if you travel a lot. 3. Get your flu shot. Yup, your whole family! And it's easier now than ever because your local Kmart  is a one- stop shop for all the items above, plus they're offering $0 flu shots (no cost with most insurance plans), as well as ... Read More


Thank you to Dr. Oetker USA LLC for sponsoring this post. Visit the store locator to find Virtuoso Pizza by Dr. Oetker in a retailer near you! As a kid, I remember wanting nothing more than to be an adult, living in an adult world and doing all the adult things. It seemed magical – with endless freedom and no bedtime to worry about. Perfection, right? And then adulthood happens…while there really are so many great things about making our own decisions and choosing the right paths in life, there's an awful lot about adulting that kind of makes you just want to be a kid again (ahem...bills, work, more bills). For me, if I could, I wouldn't ever have to cook dinner anymore. For real. I'm not the greatest cook, hate the dinnertime dash and the daily, "okay, what does everyone want for dinner tonight so I can defrost some meat?" conversation. (And full-time cleaning help wouldn't hurt either...) But that stress is relieved whenever I know that I have Virtuoso Pizza by Dr. Oetker in my freezer. In fact, if I could, I would probably eat pizza for dinner every night. No kidding, that's how much I love the stuff. But my love for Virtuoso Pizza by Dr. Oetker runs deep. Here’s why – it’s not a frozen pizza that just appeals to kids that parents just deal with, it’s delicious for the whole family. It comes in both Classic and Thin + Crispy Crust varieties (we're fans of thin, but whatever strikes your fancy is sure to be delicious with this brand!) The flavors are ... Read More