Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids (And Parents, Too!)

This post was sponsored by Somersaults as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. In an attempt to achieve balance in my life every single day, there's a lot that must fall into place. As busy moms, we have so many moving parts to our day, but as long as certain aspects are taken care of, we know we can pretty much take on anything. One of those major things for me in healthy snack, not only for me, but healthy snacks for kids, too. Obviously Blake is still drinking from a bottle, but I know that when Branden, Chris and I are eating and snacking well, I feel like I can accomplish anything. I worry about what goes into everyone's bellies after all. So with the start of a new year, when we are given a clean slate, here's my healthy snack ideas for kids that I hope will inspire you. Being balanced and eating healthy brings along an empowering sense of happiness, productivity and feeling like I've had a successful day. So when my days start with making healthy choices while packing lunches or grabbing a snack to sit with on the couch while I work, Somersaults has been my go-to. They are available online, and at select Whole Foods and at Target (every mama's favorite place!), making them really easy to always have on hand. (Check out their store locator here.) Most of my days begin with some sort of fitness, whether I'm out at the park or at home doing yoga - I make promises to myself to have an active life ... Read More

Yoga For All

This post was sponsored MyYogaWorks as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own. Time for a little confession from me: after having Blake, I assumed that I would get right back into my yoga, weights and running routine - but it's taken a little bit more time to get my motivation to where it needs to be. At 6 weeks postpartum, I did start regular 3 days a week workouts that included my weights and a simple routine, and decided to put running back into my life in the spring. Even though I know my body hasn't been ready for a big 4 miles run again, I've felt myself craving more. This month, I was introduced to MyYogaWorks, that has all the right yoga videos online that give me just what my body craves in my busy life. If you follow me on social media and read my blog posts regularly, you know that my life is busy - and I know that your life is busy, too. Since I work from home, I'm pretty much behind my computer everyday working in between feedings and bus stop pick up and drop off, so getting to a yoga studio doesn't really work for my lifestyle. But I absolutely love the practice of yoga and both my body and mind need to in my life. MyYogaWorks gives me the flexibility that I need to do yoga whenever I want in the comfort of my own home. In fact, my workouts each week has been some of the most special bonding time with Blake. When Branden was little, he did yoga with me (I really got into the practice when he ... Read More

Mom to Mom: What You Need to Know About Prenatal Vitamins

Thanks Vitafol® for sponsoring this post! As always, opinions are my own. So much changes in the parenting industry on pretty much a yearly basis, but having kiddos almost 8 years apart really let these changes stick out to me like a sore thumb.I remember having so many conversations during the course of my pregnancy with my mom that really let her with nothing else to say besides "my, have things changed since I was having babies." And it's very true. Things really have changed and I think our millennial generation does a little bit more in preparation for pregnancy than my mom's generation ever did. I did a great deal in terms of fitness and diet preparation as well as preparing my body to breastfeed. My mom was never offered a free pump from her insurance and if it (breastfeeding) happened, it happened -there weren't many options like what we have today (and I also imagine it being quite different whenever our little Blake has kids, too). For me, I work in the parenting industry and have so much information at my disposal and of course (ahem) the Internet for everything else. I got myself baby body ready based on experience, advice and taking in as much information as I could get my hands on. My mom didn't have any of that and really relied on her doctor and girlfriends to get the information she needed. She is also a nurse, so was super educated to begin with. Prenatal vitamins were another topic that stood out. With Branden, I was given a prescription as soon ... Read More

City Days Filled With Play

There is pretty much no other way to say it: 3rd grade is taking an emotional toll on me. I know that it's a testing year and that we knew it would be challenging, but I guess I didn't realize it was going to be quite as difficult. For those of you who follow along, you know that Branden goes to a very demanding charter school and that he's on the bus each morning by 7am and doesn't get home until 5:15ish - rough. Then, he walks in the door with at least an hour of homework. We feel horrible that he doesn't get much relax time - which kids need - so we made a pact with him: he does his part during the school week and weekends are all about play. Our play filled, weekend city adventures include being out all day long as a family, so we bring lots of treats to snack on throughout because stopping in a restaurant multiple times just doesn't work for us.  So during our multiple stops throughout the day, we always have CLIF Kid Zbars on hand! (Also, check out their cool video here for more ways to encourage play.) Being a city kid has some downfalls and some major upsides, too. No, we aren't able to just send our kids out to play in the back yard, but we have the most amazing parks, museums, exhibits,  and shows for our littles - which are all pretty much in our back yard. Branden is pretty big on museums and likes to keep a close watch on new exhibits. (Hint: most NYC museums are donation entry, so if we're just passing by we'll drop only $10 and stop in for an hour ... Read More

Cooking With POM

**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.** I think the best seasonal ingredients come around in the fall—pumpkin, squash, apple and pomegranates!  Pomegranate season starts in October, and the cheery red-purple is a classically fall color.  Plus, they have all kinds of amazing health benefits and yield some pretty wonderful healthy holiday meal ideas.  On Thursday, October 20th, I joined POM Wonderful and MomTrends for a cooking demo featuring this versatile and delicious super-seed. Our dinner party started off with appetizers and cocktails, all with a pomegranate flair, of course!  We had Moroccan Shrimp and a Pomegranate Bruschetta, all while sipping on Dapper Devils (gin pairs surprisingly well with the sweet, rich taste of POM juice).  After that, I had a chance to get my hands deliciously dirty, learning to incorporate pomegranate arils into quinoa, roasted salmon, chicken salads, and even guacamole.  You can put pomegranate in anything at all! The flavor of the pomegranate adds depth and a tart, sweet kick to just about anything you love in the kitchen.  For such a tiny seed, it packs a ton of flavor and is incredibly nutrient dense.  They’re loaded with vitamins A, C and E, and are a great source of fiber. They also have more antioxidants than a glass of wine or even a cup of green tea, making them a guilt-free sweet snack. If you want to try incorporating pomegranate into your family’s meals, but you don’t want to deal with the ... Read More

5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy (Not Including The Gym)

  I don't always have time to workout everyday, so these are my simple ways to stay healthy work from the inside out and give me peace of mind everyday. This post contains affiliate links.  5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy (Not Including The Gym) This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. There really is no denying the level of difficult to stay healthy - let alone when you become a mom. We power through our days and often forget to eat, then binge on the first thing we can find (most of the time it's something we regret) and fit in workouts whenever we can. Sound familiar? Pretty much! The thing is this: getting to the gym is great and I make sure to fit in at least 3 workouts a week, but there are lots of other things that we can do to live a healthy life, too. I'm not an expert and I'm a firm believer that you have to figure of what works best for you, but in my everyday life, these are simple ways to stay healthy that you can really feel good about. My Simple Ways To Stay Healthy Not only is cold and flu season approaching, but as moms we need to make sure that we have energy and maintain a healthy weight as our littles grow older. Here's how I keep my health in check: Stay Hydrated I know this seems self explanatory or even silly for me to mention, but water helps your body function properly and if you need to carry a water bottle with you all day around the house or to run errands ... Read More

Hydration On The Go With ZeroWater

  We love our ZeroWater tumblers for easy hydration on the go and our Zerowater pitchers, at home, as part of our healthy life. This post contains affiliate links.  Hydration On The Go With ZeroWater I drink water like it is my second job. It is seriously so important to me and I have a glass next to me or in my hands all day long. Having water so accessible whenever we are at home definitely makes me take it for granted whenever we are on the go. After having Blake and needing to have access to fresh, clean water at all times (whether it was for hydrating myself to produce breast milk or clean water for a bottle) made me really yearn for a better solution than walking around until we could find bottled water while on the go. I happily found ZeroWater which solves all of our water problems whether we are at home or at the playground. These ZeroWater Portable Tumblers are my absolute favorites! Whenever I know that we will be out of the house for a couple of hours or more, we make sure to pack these in the stroller and fill them whenever we pass a water fountain. I'm not a big fan of using water bottles either, so these are a great Eco-friendly solution. They are so easy to use (you literally just plop the filter inside) and the filters change colors so that you know when its time to change them. (You can buy Zerowater replacement filters here.) And a total mom tip: these ZeroWater tumbler have helped us teach our little guy about the ... Read More

Finding The Best Women’s Fitness Clothes: Do Your Own Thing

  Whether you just had a baby or are looking for gear that fits right, these are my absolute favorite women's fitness clothes that will hug your curves and make you feel great. This post contains affiliate links.  Finding The Best Women's Fitness Clothes I am almost exactly 8 week postpartum and I turned 30 this past weekend. All the better reason to hop to it with my fitness routine, right? You would think so, but they hadn't really been my key motivators. Yoga. Running. Weights. (Oh my!) I hadn't really wanted to hear these words again until last week when that "thing" that I had been waiting to shift inside me and say "get up and moving you lazy woman," finally did. It's strange, fitness had always been my thing, it just took some time this time around and then BAM, it hit me all at once. What was it? It was the urge to get moving paired with new Reebok women's fitness clothes and I was ready to go! Yes, there is no denying my excitement (it's written all over my face) about the new Reebok women's fitness gear. Sometimes you just need to fall in love with what you're wearing to get fit to actually get out and do it! Fitness clothes can be tricky fit wise, especially since they tend to fit on the smaller side, but I always suggest staying true to size or even a little bit smaller (even if it feels tight) so you can see your progress and so your pants don't fall down while you're running. (Yes, been there, done that.) So, here's some pieces that I love ... Read More

Healthy Habits

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Another summer has completely flown by and it's time to get the kids ready for back to school. Year after year, I can't believe how fast it really goes and this summer seemed even quicker with the birth of our little Blake right at the end. For me, it seems like our parenting style gets a little bit lax during the summer months. I don't worry quite as much about bedtimes, keeping routines, and daily baths - forget about it! Summer as a kid is all about being carefree and making memories. But as the season changes, I being my quest to establish those healthy habits again, which for us include Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies. Establishing Healthy Habits For Back to School As difficult as it can be to get kiddos to go from "summer mode" to "back to school ready," here's how we're making it happen in our home. Shopping for products we love at Target. Target is like my mom Mecca and go-to place for pretty much everything. I always make sure that we stock up on healthy essentials at the beginning of the school year to help us get back on track, while getting everything that we need at great prices. Our little guy is a picky eater and I don't always know what he's eating at school whenever he buys lunch, so we make sure to include Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies as a part of our daily routine. (Ahem - they taste so good and are made with all ... Read More

Getting Back on Track With Skinnygirl

This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. You guys, things are about to get real in about t-minus 10 days (give or take a few) when I will officially be the mom of two. I'm definitely stressing about pretty much everything and have focused way more on my feeding plans for Baby C then how I'm going to be feeding myself to get my body back on track post-baby. (I know, tisk, tisk). But the thing is this - thanks to Skinnygirl and their amazing products that seriously cater to real mom life (yup, Bethenny Frankel gets it!), I can stock up and have these products handy to keep me on track. Yes mamas, this crazy, organizing, plan ahead, to-do list constantly in hand mom-to-be is going balls to the walls and taking on my postpartum days without a true plan. Because I'm slowly learning that plans change and I need to start rolling with the punches. So let me preface my Skinnygirl journey with sharing this: whenever Bethenny first came out with the Skinnygirl Margarita, I had a case pre-ordered from my local liquor store. I've seriously been a brand advocate since the way beginning and have been super excited to watch it grow and branch out to what it is today - a brand that gets what us busy mamas want and need in our lives. (And sometimes, that involves alcohol!) These are all solution based products that solve everyday issues that we have whether from being on the go, too tired to ... Read More