Kids Fashion Tips For a Stylish Easter

  This post is sponsored by Oshkosh B'Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Something has shifted in the universe and not only has the sun peaked through today, but the temperatures are rising as well. I couldn't be more excited for spring, sunshine, and all the cute clothes for kiddos hitting the shelves everywhere. Since B was little, one of our favorite places to get the coolest kid style is from Oshkosh B'Gosh (did you know they go all the way up to a size 12?). Easter has always been pretty low key for my family, yet is still a day that we look forward to and dress for! Somehow, I always remember Easter being a beautiful spring day, never any rain, just beautiful weather. Since we have moved to the city, our tradition has been to get up with B while he opens his Easter basket, does an egg hunt around our apartment and then we do a simple brunch at home. Then, once everyone is finished, we get dressed and head to Central Park for some outdoor play in our Easter gear! What I have always loved most as a mom about Oshkosh B'Gosh is that their clothes are always fun and cute, but they are SO easy for kids to play in, too! Believe me, I have gone the crazy expensive routine and bought clothes that I thought were going to get the most beautiful pictures in and this kid would only leave them on for about 10 seconds because of how uncomfortable they are. Now, and especially from the beginning with baby #2, I have learned my lesson and … [Read more...]

Cozy, Comfy Winter Style From P.S. From Aeropostale

  Tis the season to have lots of cozy, comfy clothes in your wardrobe - especially if you are a kid! And especially P.S. From Aeropostale because of their great deal and super cute finds. In fact, many of the pieces featured below are already on MAJOR sale and would be great for gifting this holiday season! Two weeks ago, we spent a magical weekend at The Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos (read our trip details here as I highly recommend that for a family adventure). Their winter wonderland back drop was perfect to show off just how cute and cozy this Plaid Moose Sleep Set is! B wore them around the whole resort instead of his actual clothes, which speaks volumes, and they are currently on sale for only $12. And perfect for sitting on Daddy's shoulder while waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus! // Plaid Moose Sleep Set // I am beyond smitten with this Houndstooth Raglan Top ($10) paired with these Solid Jogger Sweatpants ($10)! I recommend ordering a size down in both as these items ran a little on the larger side. They are perfect for play or any indoor winter activities you and your family have planned. One more more detailed shot, just so you can get the full scope of cuteness that's happening here in our favorite P.S. From Aeropostale duds! // Houndstooth Raglan Top // Solid Jogger Sweatpants// So if you have any shopping still to do for kiddos on your list, this is a great place to finish up! Fashionably Yours, Allison … [Read more...]

Pajamas Make The Season Bright #LoveCarters

  **“This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”** Pajamas are a MAJOR deal in our family, especially around the holidays. There is nothing cozier and more relaxing midst the holiday chaos and dropping temperatures than cuddling up in your favorite pajamas - it's pure bliss! Whenever we are going, going, going - everyday - we often will have a pajama day, cozying up for endless hours, giving us pajama fever. Season after season, the Carter's PJ shop is where I turn for the most comfortable and cutest pajamas for our son (even at 7 years old since they go up to size 12 online!). Our family pajama traditions include a ton of reading, as I feel like putting on pajamas and crawling into bed with a great book is a combination that goes hand in hand. This is a tradition and daily activity that I have worked hard to instill in our little man, too. Every year, I make it my mission to find the custest pajamas for B to wear for the season, but Christmas Eve especially. After Christmas Eve celebrations, we sit as a family and read "Twas The Night Before Christmas" together - the same way that we did whenever I was growing up. This year, I suspect that my sweet Branden will be able to read it to us. The holiday season takes our pajama fever to a whole new level, as I am always on the quest for the most precious, most cuddle worth, and most fun pajamas. Did you know that Carter's is America's favorite pajama brand? Their … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide For The Kids 2015

  Gift giving time is upon us - whether you are ready for it or not! I know that it can be hard not to feel anxious, as there are so many people to buy for and tons of details to think about. I just ordered our Christmas cards this week while they were on sale and have been doing little bits of shopping here and there so that I'm not completely bombarded as soon as December 1st comes around with a feeling of doom. So, without further rambling on and on about the holiday, here is our ultimate Kid's Gift Guide for 2015! 1. For the creative child, Chalkola is the perfect gift! These markers and pens take kids' artwork to a whole other level as they look like markers but write like chalk, and work on any non-porous surface while wiping off easily with a wet cloth. They are vibrant, bold, and - because they are liquid filled - give you more bang for your buck! As an added bonus, they are truly kid-safe and will keep your kids engaged for hours! Great for teachers, too! (Chalkola, $13, 2. I think it's always important to do one gift for kids that is a mixture of education and fun, and this Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit is just that! They have a whole line of fun experiments, but I personally think this one is the coolest. (Sick Science Kit, $22, 3. Branden saw this Candy Craft Chocolate Pen on a YouTube video and has been talking about it ever since! It's not as messy as it sounds and is a great way to ease kids into the … [Read more...]

Casual Days – Dress Down in Denim

  Two of my favorite things in this whole world are fall and dressing Branden super cute - I just can't help it! And the funny thing is, he loves to play a role in what he wears, too. If he can't be with me when I shop, he makes sure to choose his first and second choices online so that I know what to grab for him. One of his all-time favorites is the PS Aeropostale kids line because they have a little bit of everything and especially some really casual choices that he loves most. We went to the park this weekend to get in some good old fashioned fun in the leaves, and he just kept saying: "Mom, look at all these beautiful colors!" I bet you didn't think that you would ever see a scene like this in the middle of NYC, huh? But the truth is our local park is filled to the brim with beautiful trees that are changing colors and have leaves starting to fall - no raking required! Since B wears a uniform to school Monday - Friday, even on gym days, it's super important to me that: He gets to choose what he wears on the weekends. His options are just as comfortable as they are cute! I can't tell you how much anticipation this little guy has had about wearing this super cool PS From Aeropostale Tree Branch Pullover - so cool, huh? It was great to wear with a lightweight tee underneath on a day like today, but is also thin enough that you can layer it under a jacket when the weather gets colder, without worrying that your child will overheat. // … [Read more...]

A Must For School Days – SoCozy Boo! Lice Prevention 3-Step System

**This is a sponsored story. As always, opinions are my own.** First things first - every Mama has been tasked this year with either already dealing with the super strain of lice that has been presented before us, or trying to find a way to keep it from entering our children's heads. Whether or not you want to think about it, you have to - so I'm here to share a solution with you all today, hooray! My favorite children's hair care company, SoCozy (specific for kiddos ages 2-12 years old), is releasing a product this month called their Boo! Lice Prevention 3-Step System - and it's genius! Why We Love SoCozy Boo! Lice Prevention 3-Step System While I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post, my opinions are my own and not edited by SoCozy, for more info, check out my disclosure policy. We have been using the SoCozy Boo! Lice Prevention 3-Step System since 2 weeks before school started because I'm honestly paranoid about this super lice strain and want to do everything that we can to keep it away from Branden. The system includes shampoo, conditioner, and spray that work together to keep lice away naturally. We use the shampoo and conditioner twice a week and always make sure that is handy for Branden to use during bath time! Then we make sure to give a few squirts of the spray each morning when B is getting ready for school - it's so easy he can even do it himself! The system is infused with Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, and … [Read more...]

Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids

**This is a sponsored story. As always, opinions are my own.** First and foremost, I'm SO excited to announce that for the remainder of 2015, I will be a SoCozy Brand Ambassador! I absolutely love the SoCozy hair care products for kids and am over the moon with glee that I get so share the best of the best with you all on a regular basis, especially some great products to help ease your mornings as back to school approaches! Why SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids? While I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post, my opinions are my own and not edited by SoCozy, for more info, check out my disclosure policy. So, who has taken a good look at my little man's curls lately? It can be a struggle to find products that work on his hair that is a true mixture of both his and my husbands. For this reason alone, I love all of their products because they work, smell amazing,  are completely non-toxic, and so cool. has everything a Mama needs to tame her kiddos tresses without worrying about whats in the products - only how well her kid's hair is looking! SoCozy is truly a resource for moms, salon owners, kids, and beyond - as they focus on each individual hair type, aiming to build confidence and inspire originality. All of these products help to streamline bath time and busy mornings, to make life simpler for everyone. Back to School With SoCozy Hair Care Products For Kids! While has so many amazing products for all hair … [Read more...]

Summer Lovin’ With PS From Aeropostale

Summer is magical. Maybe it has to do with the heat going straight to your head, but no matter how it happens, there is something so special about this time of year. Yes, it's filled with anticipation of vacation, day trips, getting to see friends and family that might live far away, smores, and lots of summer lovin'. // Kids' Swell Gradient Tank // Kids' Neon Flat Front Shorts // But my focus today is on the beautiful in between moments. The days that haven't been planned out. Those mornings where you wake up and say, "What do you want to do today?" Those are the moments where adventure happens. // Kids' Canvas Strap Flip Flops // PS From Aeropostale has the perfect adventure clothes for kids! They are inexpensive, as cute as can be, and perfect for outdoor summer play! So, take some time to live in the swell this summer. Enjoy these precious moments and don't forget that it's important for both kids and adults to have play time - this is what summer is for! // Kids' Palm Tree Boardshorts // And most definitely don't forget to run in those sprinklers! As a city kid, this is something we do pretty much on a daily basis during the hot summer days, and these PS From Aeropostale swim trunks make the experience that much more exciting! As an added bonus, these pieces are all 70% off right now, and PS From Aeropostale offers free shipping a couple times a month, so there are some great deals waiting for you! Want some exclusive Mama inside scoop? Join our … [Read more...]

4th of July Trends From The Children’s Place {Giveaway}

Red, White, and Blue days are upon us, and I swear that 4th of July kids clothes get cuter and cuter with each passing year! Yesterday Branden wore the outfit that you see him wearing below to celebrate Memorial Day, and I can honestly say that something so patriotic came over me as I laid out his outfit in the morning. There is something so simply fun about getting kids dressed up in the passionate colors, but as we're doing that, we don't want to lose sight of what they really mean. The Children's Place is always my go-to for special occasions because they think of everything and cater to all the likes and dislikes of growing girls and boys! This year, they hit the nail on the head with their 4th of July clothing collection and have everything from baby to big boy and girl that a parent could ever want to coordinate their whole crew!  Branden and Matty are super patriotic, head to toe, starting with these uber cute Americana Flip Flops. There is something so special about the carousel at Bryant Park, it almost takes you back in time!  Matty is wearing the super cool Vertical Flag Graphic Tee.  Branden is leaning back in the American Guitars Flag Graphic Tee. What a fun day hanging out with great friends in the middle of this beautiful city! The Giveaway We have partnered with The Children's Place to give 1 lucky winner a $25 gift card to get some 4th of July kids clothes for your little ones! The giveaway starts today and our winner will be … [Read more...]

Jumping Into Spring Pajama Trends With The Company Store {Giveaway}

There is just something so yummy and sweet about kiddos in their pajamas. Could it be the fact that it is a very bold signal that bedtime is approaching? Perhaps. But still, it's cuteness overload at its finest! This season in spring pajama trends, we are seeing animals play a big role, as well as bright colors for girls and vintage inspirations in boys. I'm so excited to share with you all today a company that has inspired me personally to up what I'm wearing to sleep, as well as that of my entire family - The Company Store. This amazing company is about comfort, and if you haven't heard of them before, well ....beware that you just might want to order it all. Every single thing. They literally carry everything for your home and family that you can think of. Today, we are showcasing the beautiful spring pajama trends they have for kids - of all ages! // Hooded Bathrobes // These fluffy Hooded Bathrobes come in a wide array of colors and are so playfully cozy for kids to lounge in around the house. And can we just take note of how cool it would be as a kid to have a robe with a hood? Simply the coolest.  Boys Snug Fit Lion PJs // Boys Snug Fit Fox PJs // Girls Flutterby Bloomer // Girls Bee Snug Fit PJs These kids had an absolute blast jumping around and showing off the spring pajama trends! There is just something so fun (and wild!) about jumping on a freshly made bed as a child that makes them go nuts! Each of these beautiful images was taken at … [Read more...]