Kids Swimwear Trends

Summer is here! Time for playing in sprinklers, swimming at the pool, and jumping in the waves at the beach with the whole family! Most summer activities require bathing suits for the freedom of getting wet and having a great time. Every summer, new kids swimwear trends arise, and just like we do for the Mamas--we follow the trends! Kids Swimwear Trends for Summer 2014 As always with kids, bright colors are more often than not "the trend!" It's amazing how we go from wearing bright everything as a child to wearing dark everything as an adult, but nonetheless it happens! We will be seeing lots of bright colors for children as well as the complete opposite end of the spectrum--pastels! So this year, just as frequently as we see the brights, we will also be seeing kids swimwear featured in soft hues for both boys and girls. Another trend that is oh-so-cute on the wee ones is nautical. Swimwear featuring boat, anchors, polka dots, stripes and waves are all in and as adorable as ever! And also, it's VERY on trend for your kiddos to have matching rash guards. Our absolutely favorites come from Swim Zip!  Their products are a rashgaurd + bathing suit combination that offers the absolute best protection from the sun for your little ones! Scroll through to check our (and shop) our favorite kids swimwear trends:   Turn on your JavaScript to view content     Last, but not least, one of our favorite products for playing in the sand is Zoe b … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly: Growing Up NYC Style!

Being born and raised in a bubble sort of suburb of Pittsburgh, I spent my life dreaming of ways to get out of the small town and escape to the city of dreams, New York City. My husband was born and raised in Brooklyn, so to him, this place is home. And we all know that there is nothing like home. Now here we are, many years later and raising our son in the city that never sleeps, where many would be skeptical about raising a child. But for us, it is perfectly grand, and we fill our life will all of these kid friendly, daily outings to make sure our son always gets the best of what this great city has to offer! It can be quite patronizing visiting Pittsburgh and hearing the constant questions of “Do you think that where you are living is safe?” and “You walk your son to school?!” It’s a different lifestyle, and if you are living here and raising a family here, you obviously need to be smart and understand the difference between city life and suburban life, but that doesn’t mean that there is anything less good about it. We love living in New York City, as there are so many experiences right at our fingertips. Many of these experiences would not be available to our family and our son if we lived anywhere else in the world. Kid Friendly: Top Reasons NYC Life Beats the ‘Burbs Culture is at your fingertips. Growing up in NYC means that you have complete access to museums, galleries, architecture, renowned restaurants, etc, every single day! Kids have the … [Read more...]

Kid Style: Spring 2014 Photo Shoot at the Museum of Natural History

Dear Diary, Being busy Mamas while always wanting our kiddos to look amazing, it's important to pay attention to the different kid style trends each season, but also to be mindful that they are just kids and the clothing needs to be effortless, non-itchy, and fun! At Project Motherhood, we are starting to curate seasonal photo shoots for both Mama and the kiddos, styling different looks from wonderful brands that design to fit into our lifestyle. In the first kid style photo shoot, I worked with the fabulous brands: SoYoung, Desigual, and The Good Ones, to style a fun lookbook that was shot by the outstanding Kanji Photography at the Museum of Natural History here in New York City and featuring a young "model" I recommended :)  Enjoy! Project Motherhood Spring 2014 Boy Kid Style Look Book   Fashionably Yours, Allison … [Read more...]

Cozy Coats For Kiddos: Strawberry Kids

Last night, for the first time since summer, we transitioned from having the air conditioning on full blast at night to running around the house closing all the windows as soon as it got dark outside, and this morning we grabbed our robes as soon as we got out of bed! Brrrr! On the way to school today, Branden for the first time had to wear a coat over his navy blue sweater that's part of his very blue uniform for school. Fall is here, but you can feel in the air that winter is certainly close behind! Being a big online shopper, I have scoured the internet in search of a great coat for my little man that will keep him warm during the chilly New York City winter, but is also something that he is attracted to and excited to wear. These two details that I was looking for aren't too hard to come by, right? Wrong! After an exhausting afternoon, I was finally introduced to Strawberry Kids and a wave of panic finally released me as the vibrant colors washed over my computer screen! I had the pleasure of speaking with the company founder, Manjiri Kharkar, I quickly found out that this Mama was having the same problem that I was! She said: "I am a mom of two wonderful boys. For my little boys, I was always looking for something cute, some vibrant colored clothes, especially for the dull months of winter, but all I ever found were blue and gray. The little ones shouldn't have to settle for those stereotypical dull colors. In my quest to find something fun and vibrant for my … [Read more...]